What Countries Celebrate Halloween? 18 Top Countries that Celebrate Halloween


Halloween can also be called All Hallows Eve. It is usually celebrated yearly on October 31st. It is highly popular in the United States.

Furthermore, during this period,  customers in the USA await spending an extra 10 billion US dollars on costumes, decorations, numerous Halloween-themed fees and treats. Despite this anticipation, Halloween has never been a solely American festival.  What Countries Celebrate Halloween? They are the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Germany Greece, and many others. Halloween emerged from Europe.

Right now, it is rapidly increasing in popularity among a vast range of people with enormous spiritual backgrounds and nations worldwide. However, the specific form the expedition takes varies notably from one United States to the next.  All Souls Day and Da De Los Muertos Fall are celebrated together with Halloween. Sit back and get a glimpse of everything you need to know in this article.

What Countries Celebrate Halloween?

1. Canada

What countries celebrate Halloween? Canada is one of the countries. Halloween is popular and widely celebrated here, just as it is in the United States of America. It is a pleasant and jolly nighttime stuffed with costume events.

2. United Kingdom

The Americanized Model of Halloween was once in no way huge in the U.K. The distinct Halloween traditions in this country are baking soul cake and apple bobbing. These small, seasoned cakes were traditionally given to those who were gone. This is an exercise where children and the poor went door to door singing and receiving food in return for prayers for the dead.

Furthermore, apple bobbing is a capricious game. In this game, players catch these fruits with their teeth and their hands held behind their backs. The victorious capture of an apple is joined together with jubilation and the sweet reward of a cherished tradition that surpasses ages.

3. United States

Halloween has become increasingly popular in the United States. It is celebrated on October 31 and is admired for the potential of all children and adults.  The most popular Halloween activities in the United States include dressing up in costumes and carving pumpkins to make jack-o-lanterns.

Other events include trick-or-treating, which entails going door to door, knocking and saying “trick or treat” in exchange for candy. Spooky events include telling horror stories and going to horror movies or haunted houses.

4. Mexico

This is another country that celebrates Halloween. In this country, this celebration is known as Dia de los Muertos, as depicted in the film Coco. There are some incredibly intriguing Halloween customs to try out here.

Calaveras de Azúcar is one of them; here, sugar skulls adorned with colorful icing bearing the names of departed family members are elaborately displayed. The Graveyard Festival is another event. During this festival, families visit cemeteries to clean and decorate the graves of their loved ones. They spend the evening sharing tales, reflecting and honoring the departed with food and music.

5. Brazil

What countries celebrate Halloween? Even though there is no official holiday, expatriates in Brazil have a fun-filled Halloween and many locals are always happy to join them. Colorful parades with drum music and caipirinhas batunda are what give the area its unique flavor! It is convenient to find it at Halloween birthday parties as well as at most bars, restaurants and golf courses in Rio de Janeiro. Unique Halloween nights and spooky festivals are organized, particularly in the Lapa district, so join in the fun!

6. Spain

In Spain, Halloween has a special, common atmosphere that makes it different from most European countries. It is a celebration that lasts for three days, beginning on October 31 with Witches Day (Dia de las Brujas), continuing on November 1 with All Saints’ Day (de Todos Los Santos), and ending on November 2 with the Day of the Dead (Dia De Los Muertos). During this period, families travel to the graves of their deceased loved ones on day 2 with food, flowers, holy water, and beverages while they interact and celebrate together.

7. Italy

This celebration is gaining popularity in this country. However, All Saints Day (La Festa di Ognissanti) and All Souls’ Day (Giorno dei Morti) on November 1 and 2 are subsequently greatly commemorated with numerous occasions and festivities.

On All Souls’ Day, humans have a good time on the island of Sardinia. On this day, they carve pumpkins referred to as Concas de Mortu, which implies the head of the dead. This excursion begins on October 31 and ends on the second of November.

8. Poland

What countries celebrate Halloween? Despite the possibility of Halloween shop window decorations and costume parties organized by Polish organizations, many Polish people are largely insulated from these customs. As a result, Poland’s Americanized version of Halloween has lost its footing. In Poland, people celebrate Father’s Eve in a way that combines a traditional Slavic tradition with the Christian holiday of All Souls’ Day, which falls on November 2. A silent procession to the graves of ancestors that includes partners, kids, and friends may also take place on Father’s Eve. On this night, more prominent locations are also set at dinner tables, allowing the spirit of the deceased to enter. Leftover food is taken to the cemetery after dinner.

9. Sardinia

What countries celebrate Halloween? This celebration is similar to the Celtic tradition. The Catholic Church also observes the Memorial Day celebration of November 2, which is associated with harvesting and is believed to be the moment when the worlds of the living and the dead collide.

10. Philippines

In the Philippines, All Saints’ Day and All Souls Day are combined with Halloween celebrations. On October 31st, kids take part in pangangaluluwa, where they sing songs and go door-to-door in exchange for candy. However, the country’s traditional celebration occurs on November 1 and 2. These days are spent holding reunions at the cemetery, where tombstones are cleaned and repaired and prayers are offered before feasts and merriment.

11. China

The locals do not participate in this celebration. Pumpkins and a few storefronts decorated for Halloween can be found in cities with expatriate communities. However, unlike in other countries, children will not be knocking on doors for treats. The feast of hungry ghosts, held during the fall harvest season, takes precedence over this celebration.

At this time, according to Chinese belief, the gates of hell open, allowing the spirits of those who were killed, ignored, or did not receive a proper burial to be appeased with food offerings and fictitious cash that is burned.

12. Indian

Halloween celebrations in this country may occur in large cities like Delhi and Mumbai. People in these large cities are seen during the day wearing clothes like ghosts in scary make-up. Bars, clubs, and hotels also organize parties that are scary-themed to attract customers.

However, there have been some criticisms concerning Halloween in India. Most Indians do not accept celebrating dead souls and saints by emphasizing horror and ghosts.

13. Japan

This celebration is gradually increasing in vogue in Japan. It started in 2000 during the first Halloween event hosted by Tokyo Disneyland. Despite this being a huge event, there is still no trick-or-treating like in other countries.

However, this celebration is enjoyed mostly by adults who adore creating and dressing up in costumes to visit such occasions as street parties and Zombie runs. Children and young people embrace it as well. Tokyo hosts the Shibuya Halloween Procession as one of its Halloween events. It is well-known for its joyful and bustling aura.

14. Thailand

What Countries Celebrate Halloween? This country is one of them. This celebration takes on a distinct personality, foregoing traditional customs such as trick-or-treating and elaborate displays of spooky decorations. Instead, the holiday spirit pervades public spaces, where vibrant orange-themed decorations and an indulgent candy extravaganza add a capricious touch to the street.

15. Hong Kong

Halloween has grown in popularity in this country in recent years. They use this celebration to promote their theme parks, such as Disneyland and Ocean Park. Here, residents decorate their shopping centers to add to the eerie atmosphere during this season.

16. South Korea

During Halloween, the Itaewon district in central Seoul closes its streets to automobile traffic. In addition, various booths are set up to prepare for a wide range of festivities, such as live music, costume contests, and plenty of drinking.

Furthermore, most of the bars, clubs, and restaurants in this area host various events that draw Koreans and expats together for late-night dancing and partying. The end of August and the beginning of September are when the Koreans celebrate Chuseok, a parallel Halloween celebration. During this time, families gather to thank relatives who have passed away by setting up altars with fruits, rice, and prayers.

17. Chile

This celebration is becoming increasingly popular here, especially in major cities like Santiago where shops, supermarkets, and malls break out unique decorations. Additionally, kids wear costumes and knock on the doors of their neighbors, asking for candy.

Furthermore, the clubs, pubs, and bars organize a variety of colorful parties and events, including costume contests and masquerade parties. On November 1st, many families mark All Saints Day by visiting the cemetery to place flowers on graves and also balloons or teddy bears to decorate the tombs of children. It is a time for reconnecting with and remembering those who have passed away.

18. Ireland

Halloween is considered to have originated in Ireland. The way Ireland celebrates Halloween is similar to that of the US. However, the Irish still have their own unique traditions. Aside, from trick-or-treating, children also play a trick called knock-a-dolly. This involves children knocking on their neighbors’ doors and running away before they answer them. Furthermore, the Irish play a card game whereby kids will select a card and receive whatever prize is specified on it.

Final Word

Many countries celebrate Halloween on October 31st. It marks the beginning of Allhallowtide, the liturgical season dedicated to remembering the dead, including saints, martyrs, and all the faithful departed. What Countries Celebrate Halloween?  Countries such as Australia, Greece, the United States of America, Spain, and many more.

Each country has its own way of celebrating life and death. Furthermore, attending Halloween costume parties, trick-or-treating, divination games, and watching horror/Halloween-themed films are all popular Halloween activities, among others.

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