What to Wear for An Art Exhibition: Best Outfit Ideas


When going for an art exhibition, dressing in an appropriate way can be a bit of a balancing act. You definitely want to look good and presentable but you don’t want to overdo or underdress; you just need to look casual and formal at same time, depending on the kind of art exhibition you are attending.

What to Wear for An Art Exhibition as A Woman

The first thing to consider as a lady or woman attending an art exhibition before choosing an attire or outfit is the kind of event and where it is being held. If the art event you would be attending has no dress code, then you are free to wear whatever you like as long as it is presentable and comfortable to you, like a pair of jeans and a shirt or a dress and sneakers. But if there is a dress code, then you need to abide by the rules and dress according to the dress code.

Art exhibitions done in places like an upscale gallery or museum are strictly by dress code. Here are suggestions on what to wear for an art exhibition as a woman.

1. Black Dress

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This is a very excellent and cool choice for an art show. An elegant black dress could be either a black lace, a pinafore or a black flare dress; whichever one you love and makes you comfortable, go for it.

You may not limit the dress to just black; you can use different colors, print and designs for example a cool floral design dress is okay for such events. Depending on the art show you are attending you can wear a denim jacket on the black dress for a casual dress code event or a beautiful suit jacket for a formal event.

2. Jumpsuits


As a woman or lady attending an art exhibition, a jump suit is not a bad idea for a not-too-formal gathering. It has a casual and formal look to it; you can wear a pair of sneakers, flat shoes or boots and a crossed bag with it to look cool and comfortable.

You need to wear stylish but comfortable shoes, as you might be doing a lot of standing and moving around, so that you won’t get blisters.

3. Pantsuits

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For a professional look, a well-tailored pantsuit with a shirt will be a great option. A silk blouse or top with well-tailored black or navy pantsuits will be a suitable choice for an art event.

4. Midi Skirt

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As a lady attending an art show, a midi skirt is more appropriate than a mini or short skirt. It can be worn with a shirt and a denim jacket to give a casual look. A pair of short heeled boots or a pair of flat shoes will be more fitting for such an event.

5. Trousers and Silk Top

A pair of trousers with a beautiful silk top can be a good outfit with a casual look fit for an art show. Wearing a silk top with trousers gives a casual and fashionable look. Also, a mini handbag and a necklace will be a good fit for this outfit, which makes it suitable for an art exhibition event.

What to Wear for an Art Exhibition as a Man

Men have limited choices when it comes to what to wear for an art exhibition. Unlike the women who have a variety of choices on outfits for an art exhibition,. However, here are some outfits to wear to an art exhibition. They include:

1. Suits

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when attending an art exhibition, the most common attire is wearing a suit and tie to have a more formal and professional look but if the event’s dress code is a casual look, you can do without the tie.

2. Pants and Shirt

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A pair of pants and buttoned-down shirt with a pair of boots or shoes will be a great choice of outfit to wear to an art exhibition. It gives off a casual and comfortable look, which can be appropriate for an art exhibition.

3. Jeans and Shirt/Sweaters

For an art exhibition, a pair of jeans and a well-buttoned shirt or sweater are not bad at all. Just ensure that the jeans are not ripped and are in good shape so that you don’t look too casual for the art event.

4. Jeans and blazer

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As a guy choosing what to wear for an art exhibition, jeans with a well buttoned shirt and blazer would be the perfect fit for you; it would look not too formal yet not too casual, just moderate.

5. Wearing Accessories

when attending an art exhibition as a guy, to look classic and presentable, you can add a wrist watch, a nice belt can also go well with your outfit. This accessories makes you look professional and is fitting for an art exhibition event.

Tips to Consider

1. Consider the Location and Venue

Firstly, when choosing what to wear for an art exhibition, you would have to consider the location and the kind of art exhibition you are attending, as well as the guests that would be attending the art exhibition. If it is a high-profile event, you know you have to look more formal than when you are attending a local street art gallery or festival.

2. Know the Type of Guests Attending

Next, when choosing what to wear for an art exhibition, you should check if it’s an art fair or a gallery opening. It will help you know what kind of outfit to wear. For example for a guy, you can wear formal shirt but without tie, a pair of jeans and suit jacket and for a lady, an elegant dress would be a good choice for such an event.

3. Choose an Appropriate Attire

If you are attending a more casual art event, like an outdoor art festival or outdoor gallery opening, you can opt for a more relaxed look, like a nice blouse or shirt with a pair of jeans, and a cool, comfortable yet stylish pair of sneakers or pair of shoes would go well for such events.

4. Choose  Suitable Accessories

A pair of simple earrings and a delicate necklace can add a touch of elegance to your outfit without being too much.

To add a bit of sophistication to your look, a stylish bag and a sleek watch would do. When it comes to accessories, less is always more.

5. Comfortable Footwear to Walk around Freely

It is important to wear comfortable yet stylish footwear to enable your comfort; it helps you move freely around the art gallery. A pair of flats, low heeled boots or loafers can be great choices for such events.

6. Don’t Steal the Attention From The Art Exhibition

Another thing to consider when choosing what to wear for an art exhibition is keeping in mind that you should not steal people’s attention from the artwork. That’s the reason you should dress stylishly and moderately.

Art exhibitions are put in place to promote certain artworks that make the artwork the center of attention, and so wearing something too flashy or overdressing will take the invitees attention from the main course of coming to the art exhibition event. Some art events might have a dress code, depending on the kind of art exhibition you are attending. Some will require you to come in formal attire, some in a casual look, depending.

Note that while there are general guidelines for what to wear for an art exhibition, the dress code may vary depending on the culture and location of the event.

In some parts of Europe, a more formal dress code is expected at an art exhibition, unlike in the United States, where a casual look is expected. That is why you should do good research about the specific event and the location. In the end, all that matters is that you look presentable and comfortable in whatever you choose or are asked to wear.

In this article, we are set to help you find what to wear for an art exhibition. That’s why we would make sure to provide you with every necessary piece of information you would need as regards the topic of discussion.

Final Words

Choosing what to wear for an art exhibition has a few things it entails and that’s why in this article we have initially provided you with the necessary information. Before choosing an outfit for an art show, make sure to know the kind, location, dress code and culture of that exhibition, so as to know what to wear for such an event.


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