What To Wear In Lisbon In May


Do you know what to wear in Lisbon in May? So, don’t worry, our Lisbon Spring Packing List will cover all you need for the weather, sightseeing, and more.

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Spring is an excellent time to visit the Portuguese capital. Indeed, May is frequently cited as the ideal time to visit Lisbon due to the pleasant temperatures and stunning spring blooms.

In other words, May is ideal for sightseeing!

Please keep in mind that the weather in Lisbon fluctuates considerably between months, so if your vacation spans several months, make sure to check out our other monthly:

How hot is Lisbon in May?

The typical high temperature in May in Lisbon is around 72F / c.22C and the low temperature is around 13C, which is ideal for sightseeing in Lisbon.

As you might expect, the beginning of May is much cooler than the end of the month, but it is still pleasant for people strolling around the city.

Does it rain a lot in May in Lisbon?

In May, rain is uncommon in Lisbon. It is so unusual that on average, only 13mm of rain falls in May, most of which falls in the form of a thunderstorm.

Is it warm enough in Lisbon in May to swim?

In May, it is not warm enough for me to swim in Lisbon. In late May, however, you may be able to sunbathe.

Best Shoes for Lisbon in May

Wesley Davi, Pexels

1. Sneakers

In my opinion, the best shoe for Lisbon at any time of year is a sneaker.

Lisbon is a mountainous city, and it is famed for having seven hills.

It is also a city with cobblestone streets and uneven sidewalks, so having a shoe like a sneaker is the safest option for doing a lot of walking.

For traveling around Barcelona, I recommend footwear that I feel most comfortable walking in, such as Hoka, Sketchers Go Walks, or All Birds. However, wear whatever makes you feel the most at ease.

2. Sandals

The weather in Lisbon in May is ideal for sandals. While I recommend wearing sneakers when roaming around the city, a pair of sandals is preferable when heading out to dinner in Lisbon.

If you don’t want to stroll in your sandals and prefer a heel, I recommend a wedge, which works well on cobblestones.

3. Flip Flops (optional)

Although there are beaches in and around Lisbon, the water is not warm enough to swim in. However, if you intend to spend time at the beach, a flip-flop should be on your packing list.

If you’re not going to the beach, you might want to leave the flip-flops at home.

What to Wear in Lisbon in May for Women

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Even though it is May, it is worthwhile to bring a pair of jeans to Lisbon, especially at the start of the month.

Because Lisbon is a laid-back city, there is a wide range of clothing and styles on the city’s streets.


In addition to jeans, I would include some lightweight trousers in your Lisbon spring packing list for hotter days.

Chinos are the best-weight trousers for traveling in May, although linen trousers are an option if you are traveling near the end of the month.

Skirts and dresses

As previously stated, anything goes in Lisbon, so wear skirts and dresses that you are most comfortable with. However, there is one area where you need to be more cautious. Visitors to Lisbon Cathedral, like those to the Sagrada Familia and the Vatican, must cover their shoulders and knees.

Remember to dress more conservatively on days when you expect to visit religious settings.

What to wear in Lisbon in May

A flowy blouse is ideal for the warmer days and cooler nights that Lisbon has to offer.

T-Shirt Because Lisbon is a casual city, short-sleeved t-shirts are an excellent addition to your packing list in May.

One of the things I appreciate about Lisbon is that it is a really lively city. As a result, you can be a little more daring with the color palette of your capsule wardrobe. Blue, on the other hand, is one of my favorite colors to wear in Lisbon in the spring.


Although a coat is unlikely to be required when visiting Lisbon in May, a jacket or blazer is recommended for evenings and chilly days.

A good blazer, along with blouses and slacks, is also appropriate for restaurants.


No matter what month I travel to Europe, a pashmina is always on my packing list. They are ideal for cooler days as an extra layer and can also make ensembles more modest if your top does not fulfill the dress code guidelines of your church.

PJs or Nightie

Lightweight pyjamas and nightgowns are ideal for the end of the month.


Sunglasses are required in Lisbon at all times, but especially in May and summer.


I always recommend bringing a sun hat if you visit Lisbon in the summer, but the light is intense enough in May to justify one.

FAQs about the May Lisbon Packing List

What should you wear to a dinner in Lisbon?

Restaurants in Lisbon have a smart casual dress code.

For supper, we propose dresses or trousers/skirts with a blouse for women and a shirt with a pair of chinos for men.

On cooler nights, a jacket or blazer is the ideal finishing touch.

What should you wear to Sintra in May?

Sintra is a popular day excursion from Lisbon that should not be missed. Its vibrantly colored structures and breathtaking views are a must-see.

But, in May, what should you wear to Sintra? 

Sintra is near Lisbon, yet it is normally a little cooler.

Sintra may get rather breezy, so bring a top layer, such as a jacket or hoodie, with you in May.

Because of the uneven ground, sneakers are the best shoes for this day’s excursion.

What do the locals dress in Lisbon in May?

As the weather in Lisbon begins to warm up in May, you will notice people wearing items from their summer capsule wardrobe, but with the addition of a jacket or blazer.

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