9 Beautiful Yoruba Boy Names


Are you looking for yoruba boy names for your child? Or you just heard about the beautiful culture of the Yorubas and you’d love to see some Yoruba boy names, then this article is for you.

The Yorubas are one of the major ethnic groups in Nigeria and they have a very beautiful culture. They name their children one week after birth, Not only is this a tradition but it is also to give time to important members of the family to pick a name for their child.

Why would anyone want to know about Yoruba boy names?  There are a lot of reasons, one of which is that Yoruba boy names are very beautiful and easy to pronounce. The names are not just being randomly given to the child; a child is named based on the circumstances around his birth, his position in the family and what kind of future he has.

Also, giving your boy child any of the Yoruba boy names is a very easy way to identify your child according to his or her ethnic group. Having a native Yoruba name is one way to show your cultural pride and heritage wherever you go in the world and it serves as a constant reminder of your roots. In this article, we’ll be looking at some Yoruba boy names and their meanings.

List of Yoruba Boy Names

1. Adebayo

Adebayo is one of the very popular Yoruba boy names that has a very deep meaning and significance in Yoruba culture. The name Adebayo is composed of two words: “Ade,” which means “crown,” and “bayo,” which means “greetings” or “joy”.  The name Adebayo simply means crown meets joy.

The meaning behind the name reflects the joy and gratitude that families feel when a child is born. The name Adebayo simply gives a glimpse into the future of the child and the wishes and expectations of the parents that the boy child will bring honor, wealth and success to the family.

2. Adewale

Adewale is the next Yoruba boy name on our list. The name Adewale consists of two words: “Ade,” which means “crown,” and “wale,” which means “enter” or “come in.”  The name Adewale simply means the crown or royalty has come home. The name signifies honor, wealth, respect, and prosperity.

3. Idowu

The next name on our list of Yoruba boy names is Idowu. The name Idowu consists of two words: “I,” which means “the first” or “the only,” and “Owu,” which means  “plenty.” The name Idowu is also a unique name given to children who are born after twins.  The name Idowu simply means to increase or plenty. The meaning behind the name shows future prosperity and abundance for the child and the family as a whole.

4. Babatunde

Babatunde is one of the powerful Yoruba boy names that has a rich meaning attached to it.  The name Babatunde is derived from two words: “Baba,” which means “father,” and “Tunde,” which means “return” or “come back.”

This name is usually given to children who are born after the death of their father,  grandfather, or great-grandfather. It is also given to boys born after a long period of childlessness or after the loss of a previous child. This helps to symbolize the  “return” of life,  hope and joy. The name Babatunde is most often shortened to Tunde but they both mean the same.

5. Olusegun

Olusegun is the next popular Yoruba boy name here.  The name Oluwsegun simply means God is victorious; the name is derived from three words that have powerful and significant meanings. The first word is “Oluwa,” which has been shortened to “Olu,”  which means “God” in Yoruba.  This helps to point out the presence and blessing of God that accompany the birth of a son. The second word is “Se” which means “has” or “has done,” This is to show that something has happened and the last word is “gun,” which means to “conquer,” “win,” or “victory.”. This is to point out that the birth of a son in the family is a victorious thing and this is also like a prophecy over the life of the child that all through the life of that child on earth, God will be by him, giving him victory over life challenges.

6. Abiodun

The next Yoruba boy name is Abiodun. The name is gotten from “Ayo,” which means “joy” or “happiness,” and “Odun,” which means “time” or “season.” The name Abiodun simply means  “born in a time of joy” or “born in a joyful season,”. This name is often given to children born during the festive period. This is used to describe the circumstances around their birth.

7. Ayomide

The name Ayomide is sometimes shortened to Ayo and is also called Ayomi,  Ayomidele and Ayomidu. The name is quite common and popular and is given to boys that were given birth to during a very trying time or after a period of difficulty, signifying the joy and hope that a son brings to his family.

The name Ayomide simply means “Joy has come” or “My Joy has arrived”. The name signifies the presence of resilience during difficult times and the hope that even during those times, joy and hope are just close by.

8. Olugbenga

The name Olugbenga simply means “God has lifted me” or “God has raised me up”.  The name  “Olu” in Olugbenga is the shortened form of “Oluwa” which means “God” or “Lord, “Gbenga” in Olugbenga means “return of wealth” or “wealth returns,”.  The name Olugbenga is given to boys whose births are seen as signs of the return of riches, good fortune or prosperity for the family.

9. Ademola

The name Ademola simply means Crown is added to my wealth. The name is usually given to the first male child in the family, displaying the expectation that they will carry the family name and lineage with honor. The name is built around a strong character and good behavior and it is also common among members of the royal family or respectable families in the communities or villages.


In conclusion, in this article, we’ve looked at 9 Yoruba boy names and their meaning and significance. The Yoruba culture is a very rich one that has a rich history and cultural heritage that reflects the traditions and values of the Yorubas. All the Yoruba boy names listed above are just a few of the many rich, powerful and meaningful Yoruba names that exist.

The Yoruba boy names are chosen carefully by parents because these names tell a lot about the child, the circumstances around his birth, his position and the family he’s from. In conclusion, Yoruba boy names show the  rich cultural, historical and religious traditions of the Yoruba people.



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