15 Horror Movie Villains That Folks Online Think They Would Survive 24 Hours With

Horror movies have given us many scary villains over the years. From ghosts to crazed killers, these characters scare us and keep us on the edge of our seats. But what if you had to face one of these famous horror villains? Could you survive a whole day in their world?

One Redditor had a wild but interesting idea to make money: survive 24 hours with a horror movie villain of your choice to win $3 billion. Many people shared their thoughts on which villains they could outlast.

Here’s a list of over 10 horror movie villains that people think they could outlast.


1. I’ll go with Candyman. I can avoid saying Candyman three times in 24 hours. How hard can it be to not say Candyman? 

Image Source: ©TriStar Pictures


2. I’ll take the aliens from Signs. Catch me in the lazy river with a super soaker.


Image Source: Villains Wiki


3. Freddy. We came to an understanding long ago when I was laying in my bed after watching A Nightmare on Elm Street when I was a kid. I just said “you know Freddy, we cool, you’re not bad, in fact I just think you’re misunderstood, please don’t invade my dreams and kill me.” I haven’t died yet so I’m still working under the assumption the we cool.

Image Source: nizzoball, Rotten Tomatoes Classic Trailers


4. Easy, the mummy. He can’t bend his legs, so he’s definitely gonna run slowly.

Image Source: Image source: preacher5571, Movieclips


5. The Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man. I’ll just catch a flight somewhere, he’ll never catch me. Also, he’s easy to see.

Image Source: Ghostbusters


6. Selma hayak in From dusk to dawn. If she catches me I’m not sure that ends badly…. I mean it’s Selma hayak…..

Image Source: Pinterest


7. I have actually thought about this a lot ever since I read Christine way too young. I think it will be quite easy to stay safe from a possessed car.

Image Source: Guzz15, Park Circus


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8. Zombies. I can hide from a Zombie for 24hrs.

Image Source: Adobe Stock


9. Dracula. My skin is so pale and I eat so much garlic all I need to do is flash him and say hello and he’ll disintegrate.

Image Source: Rotten Tomatoes


10. How about Gremlins? 

They’re basically a cute Furby unless you give them water. And even if, they’re mostly annoying and I could definitely take one of them for 24 hours but also chilling with the “cute” version doesn’t sound so bad either. 


Okay okay, I meant Mogwai you nitpicky basterds 😆😘.

Image Source: Screen Rant


11. The predator. I’m weak and a woman no predator would risk being made fun of for killing such a pathetic prey.

Image Source: Empire Magazine


12. The killer from scream bc it’s literally just a guy in a mask. Get some pepper spray and I’m golden.

Image Source: Paramount Pictures


13. Graboids. I can sit on a boulder for 24 hours.

Image Source: Boo-Gleech


14. Tempted to say the babadook bc i could just buy and feed him worms, so I not only get the money, but also an insanely awesome and relatively cheap pet.

Image Source: Rotten Tomatoes


15. Chucky

Image Credit: Chucky Official