20 Of The Best Posts That Have Ever Been Shared On Tumblr

When Tumblr was launched in 2007, it revolutionized the social media scene. Not only could users share text, but they could also anonymously post photos, and videos, reblog other users’ content, and customize their home pages to their liking. Lucky for us, this platform has been the breeding ground for endless hilarious content. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and revisit some of the funniest and most clever interactions that took place on Tumblr.

#1. Victory Dog

User LexaraTheMakara shared a post featuring a dog with an expression of pure triumph. It’s the kind of victory face we all aspire to have! 😄

Image Credit: Tumblr/ LexaraTheMakara


#2. They’re Learning

User cestrumnocturnum posted a humorous interaction where young gorillas in Rwanda were observed intelligently dismantling poachers’ traps. The subtlety is both clever and amusing.

Image Credit: Tumblr/ Cestrumnocturnum

#3. Dad’s First Meme

User enchanting-ravenclaw shared a delightful moment when their dad created his first meme. It’s a reminder that even parents can embrace internet humor!

Image Credit: Tumblr/ alliandoalice

#4. This Was A Ride

AngryKoala_FT took us on a rollercoaster of emotions with a post that started innocently and then took an unexpected turn. The comments section is equally entertaining.

Image Credit: Tumblr/ AngryKoala


#5. Thank You Goths

The internet users are expressing a humorous take on the holiday season. Kvitoya is commenting on how Halloween serves as a barrier that prevents the Christmas season from starting too early, likening the early onset of Christmas to an unwanted expansion.

Image Credit: Tumblr/ Enframed


#6. Dinner?

User Thememedaddy sparked a heated discussion by sharing insights on the lasting impact of parents’ actions on children. 

Image Credit: Tumblr/ Justthisdudeyaknow

#7. Insulin

Mat Johnson shares a personal incident where his insulin was accidentally frozen, rendering it unusable, and his insurance won’t cover the replacement cost. The response from another user points out the historical context where Frederick Banting, who discovered insulin, sold the patent for a nominal amount to ensure its widespread availability.

Image Credit: Tumblr/ ExpertAccident

#8. Kids 😒

The post describes a humorous situation where a babysitter jokingly tells a 6-year-old that they are the child from the future, leading to tears. 😅

Image Credit: Tumblr/ eukaryote37

#9. Dad Of The Year

A user shares a quirky memory: their dad refused to sign a school form, instead teaching them the art of signature forgery. The user jests, wondering if this qualifies their dad for an award or not. It’s a brief tale of unconventional parental wisdom.

Image Credit: Tumblr/ TheLiveLabyrinth


#10. Manners

A post by lochnessie calls for millennials and Gen Z to dismiss the old-school rule against elbows on the table, while another user insists that chewing with your mouth open is still a no-no.

Image Credit: Tumblr/ ExpertAccident


#11. They Lose. Their. Minds

Two internet users shared the surprising influence a girl’s voice can have in online gaming, with an anecdote of a girl’s voice causing frustration among male players in a Call of Duty match.

Image Credit: Tumblr/ lurkerunlurked99


#12. You’re All Trespassing

A witty online exchange about a cat surprised to find a crowd at a stadium it frequented when it was empty.

Image Credit: Tumblr/ Grillos


#13. Kinda True

The conversation is a funny take on Sam Bartram, a goalkeeper in 1937. He stayed on the field even after the match was stopped due to fog.

Image Credit: Tumblr/ madcastic


#14. Exactly The Type Of Thing That Will Happen When Schools Open

You know how kids are, right? They’re always up for a game. So, this post is joking that if you think kids will keep their distance at school, you might be surprised. Instead of staying apart, they’re likely to turn it into a game, chasing each other around and pretending to spread germs, all in good fun. It’s just a funny way of saying that kids will always find a way to play, no matter the rules.

Image Credit: Tumblr/ PlayfulYetBored


#15. Should Have Seen That Coming

In a playful online exchange, nasfera2 champions the idea that music doesn’t need translation, urging Americans to embrace tunes from around the globe. Another internet user humorously declines the invitation to join the K-pop fandom, preferring to stick to familiar songs.

Image Credit: Tumblr/ My_Memes_Will_Cure_U

#16. Gor-Ridiulous

A playful internet post features a gorilla humorously claiming to be ‘quiet’ after supposedly escaping from the zoo, followed by a comment praising the timeless humor of the joke as being ahead of its time.

Image Credit: Tumblr/ My_Memes_Will_Cure_U

#17. Enough Chaotic Good Examples, It’s Time For Lawful Evil

A user shares a funny story about their brother discarding his anime pillow at 18 because the character is underage, humorously highlighting a strict but playful adherence to age appropriateness.

Image Credit: reddit.com


#18. Possibly

In a light-hearted online exchange, a user’s query about teen interests sparked a witty comment, suggesting the humor in picturing a CEO seriously debating youth trends with executives.

Image Credit: Tumblr/ contra_spem__spero


#19. Sick Burns


In a delightful twist, a 4-year-old’s inventive food critiques have taken the internet by storm. After being told not to call dinner “gross,” the child has responded with phrases like “this tastes…unlucky to me” and “this sends my mouth into outer space. (that’s bad).” Social media users are loving the unintentional mastery of cleverly disguised insults.

Image Credit: Tumblr/ Yeet2006

#20. Harmless Yet Wholesome

A student’s campaign to include a senior photo with a cat in the yearbook went viral online. Following the buzz, the principal joined the student in a new photo.

Image Credit: reddit


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