20 funny pics European posted to confuse Americans

Let’s take a trip around the world and see all the different ways people live from strange foods to interesting rules, there’s a lot to learn. Every place is special in its own way. Let’s enjoy our differences and learn from each other

1. Vatican city is something from a movie

Oh it’s still impressive, just horrifically impressive

2. Only because Kei Cars and Kei Trucks are illegal

Really it’s lobbism from the Big 3 keeping them out. I’d love a tiny little truck or car.

3. Many Europeans have a washing machine but no dryer


4. This European mind can’t grasp what’s going on either

Is that an accident or normal traffic? You’re right, no idea what’s happening here.

5. Don’t know how to break it to the Europeans… mugs are illegal in North America’s

Another one where I do not see anything unusual. Its a coffee shop….. isn’t it? Now I am starting to doubt everything I know…. what does my American brain miss…..I MUST KNOW…TELL ME TELL ME!!!!

6. Guns are fine, chocolate eggs.. The horror!

Well the Kinder Surprise eggs are only “banned” because a technicality. They are still sold here, just with the toy not being encased in chocolate

7. LOL I learned how to drive stick when I was 10yo

Granted it was on a tractor. There isn’t a gearbox invented I can’t handle.

8. Trains that go 320 miles per hour

How many bananas per hour is that?

9. US bathrooms are so awkward with all the gaps

The stalls go all the way to the ground and quite a few of the toilets are bidets. But yeah, our toilet stalls kind of suck

10. Mmmm sandy sandwich and sandy tea…sounds amazing

Mmmm sandy sandwich and sandy tea…sounds amazing! /s

11. Heart attack on a plate

Well I’m British & I find it horrifying. Quite disgusting the lot of it. I do like eggs&beans on toast for supper sometimes but the rest is just horribly greasy.

12.Having cap stuck to lid so it pokes you in the face while trying to drink

Great if you’re prone to losing your cap. I’m responsible enough to remember where the cap is. I would just twist it off.

13. The Swiss Alps? A lake in Northern Italy?

I am quite aware of these places

14. Workers in Europe: I will be taking the summer off

What’s a paid vacation day. Kidding. Kind

15. Dressers and wardrobes like civilized people


Is this for one person???????????????

16. Bar food? Granted that is some seriously looking delicious bar food

Honestly I’m starting to think most Europeans are just as ignorant of America as most Americans are ignorant of Europe at this point. This thread is ridiculous.

17. I hate that we don’t don’t Easter holidays here

You got us there. It used to be that in the US you could count on being off around the holidays of a few different religions. Now you just work every day until you die.

18. Epic Sax Guy is the only comprehendable thing to have come from Eurovision XD

Why have they stolen all the grandma’s doilies, just to drape over their drums?

19. US here. Our sodewalks are narrow. You can fit a bike OR 2 ppl not both like this

I overheard the news earlier, apparently there is a dangerous cyclepath on the loose.


20. What’s to comprehend in this picture?

Yellow on a plane. Never seen that in the U.S.

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