Dad who allegedly drugged 12-year-old girls’ smoothies attempts suicide: He’s ‘more dangerous than ever’

Michael Meyden — the Oregon dad who allegedly fed three girls drug-laced mango smoothies at a slumber party — attempted suicide in March, worrying the families of his alleged victims, who now fear he is more dangerous than ever.

Photo credit :Clackamas County District Attorney’s Office)

“We’re terrified,” says a close relative of one of the three 12-year-old victims, whose identities are being protected by authorities.

“He has absolutely nothing to lose. What’s to keep him from coming to the house? He’s a desperate man who lost everything, and that makes him very dangerous.”

According to court documents filed by Clackamas County Senior Deputy District Attorney Bryan Brock, 57-year-old Meyden was hospitalized in March after overdosing on the sedative lorazepam.

The apparent suicide attempt spooked the families of the victims, who see Meyden’s desperate act as a threat to the girls’ well-being.

They urged the district attorney’s office to petition the court to enforce GPS monitoring on Meyden, who now lives in Washington state.

It’s an added level of security so the victims know that Mr. Meyden is not coming anywhere near them,” Brock argued to Circuit Judge Katherine Weber, who later approved the motion.

Defense attorney Jeff Turnoy argued there was no reason to enforce GPS monitoring on Meyden, who he claims is “fostering stable relationships” with his ex-wife and estranged children.

He is also allegedly seeking counseling.

Turnoy did not return The Post’s messages for comment.

After the August 2023 incident, Meyden’s wife,Yukiko Ishida, filed for divorce. She now has custody of their two children.

The family home has been sold.

Meyden faces multiple felony charges stemming from the Aug. 26 sleepover last year at his $1.3 million home in Lake Oswego, Oregon.

According to a probable cause affidavit obtained by The Post, Meyden’s 12-year-old daughter had three friends spending the night.

Authorities say Meyden served mango smoothies to the girls, causing two of them to fall into a “thick, deep sleep.”

A third girl frantically texted her parents and friends after she began to feel weird.

In the heartbreaking texts, she pleaded for someone to rescue her from the terrifying sleepover.

The girls’ families descended on Meyden’s home in the middle of the night to collect their girls. Police say that the smoothies were laced with benzodiazepine, a depressant that slows the nervous system.

According to a statement from the Lake Oswego Police Department, officers later determined Meyden “was responsible for the drugs detected in the girls’ bloodstreams.”

Meyden faces felony charges of causing another person to ingest a controlled substance and application of a controlled substance to the body of another person.

He is free on $50,000 bond.His next court appearance is in June.Authorities have not speculated on Meyden’s motive.

But the victim’s relative tells The Post that the motive is unimportant. “I can tell you his motive was pure evil,” says the relative, who didn’t want to be identified to protect their family member.

Can you give me one motive that isn’t the most horrible thing you’ve ever heard? You can’t. Anyone with half a brain knows that he wanted to do something awful.”

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