Alexander ‘Ae’ Edwards Says He’s All Good with Trav after Cannes Brawl…

Alexander “AE” Edwards is assuring everyone that things are well with Travis Scott following their heated exchange at a Cannes Film Festival after-party last week.

While catching up with Cher’s BF at LAX on Wednesday, and although he didn’t reveal what prompted the argument between his bestie Tyga and Travis, he’s dismissing it as nothing serious and is ready to move on.

Alexander 'Ae' Edwards Says He’s All Good with Trav after Cannes Brawl...
Photo Credit: ae4president/Instagram

AE was careful about digging into the details, indicating a desire to avoid causing further drama and making it plain that he did not want to create any more battles.

But he does inform us that, in the end, he is just concerned with safeguarding himself and his crew.

Regarding his girlfriend Cher’s take on the melee, AE merely cited Future’s remark from “GTA”… “Whatever I’m with, my bitch is with it,” implying she’ll have his back no matter what.

In the video that was captured, you’ll hear AE sing and he softened the lyrics to make them more, um, appropriate for Cher.

Cher and AE were completely infatuated last week, kissing when they arrived at the annual amfAR Gala in Cannes, just hours before the battle.

As previously reported, the battle broke out during Richie Akiva’s bash, with Travis and Tyga’s entourage, including AE, throwing blows and shoving each other off stage.

For the record, Tyga and Cher did not participate in the brawl.

Despite the turmoil, no one was seriously harmed on either side, and security was able to intervene and break things up.


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