Hudson Bergen Light Rail (HBLR)

Hoboken to Bayonne

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North refers to trains to Hoboken Terminal

South refers to trains to Bayonne

* denotes station under construction or planned





Hoboken Terminal is described on the Hoboken Terminal Page

Leaving Hoboken we pass through the massive interlock which allows any train on any track to go North, South or to bypass Hoboken.




Pavonia Newport has two tracks and an island platform featuring etched glass artwork of fallen heralds (logos of railroads which are now history) as well as current heralds (railroad Logos). The namesake mall is to the East. The artwork was done by the students and teachers of Jersey City Visual Arts High School.




Harsimus Cove has two tracks and two wall platforms. Art work is a jungle theme. Leaving here is a sharp 8 mph curve.




Harborside has two tracks and an island platform. No artwork was found.




Exchange Place has two tracks and an island platform plus a wall platform on the East side. Artwork consists of a map of Jersey City on the platform floor (including the rail). Other art includes tortoise and hare weather vanes by June Wilson (1999)




 Essex Street has two tracks and two wall platforms and features a plaque in memory of Susan Kirk (1952-1996) “For her many contributions to public transit and her are and concern for the customer. Any further information on Susan is appreciated. Artwork consists of Copper and brass weather vanes by Giorgio Atzori is entitled “Age of Transit” (1999).




Marin Boulevard (Originally called Henderson Street) has two wall platforms. Art consists of painted steel weather vanes by Tom Nussbaum entitled Wheel Wrights (2000).




Jersey Avenue has two tracks and two wall platforms. Art work features a mosaic map of Jersey City including HBLR on the platform and abolitionist theme etched glass and end walls. Colored ceramic tiles with Chemical Element symbols (such as He, Ar, etc) were found on the platform




Liberty state Park has two tracks and two wall platforms. Bus service is to the West and the Jersey Turnpike and the Park are to the East. Leaving here Bayonne trains bear East and West Side train bear west. Access to the yard is in the center. There is an employee stop for both lines. Artwork is in the ramps to the street level and features locomotive wheels. Rail theme art is also in the etched glass entitled “Riding the Rails” by Arlene Slovin (1999). It features rail logos past and present as well as “tracks” and rail cars and locomotives on the platform floor. This is the last station served by both Southern Branches.




Richard Street Has an island platform. Artwork is etched glass entitled “Coming and Going” by Anne Dushanko-Dober (1999) and features things found in a pond such as insects, birds, trees frogs. Wheel Way 3 by Tom Nussbaum (2000) is also here. A plaque commemorates the Morris Canal, a branch of which was located 400 feet North of here from 1824-1924




Danforth Avenue Has an island platform is my favorite Bayonne Station and features Anne Dushanko-Dober’s artwork entitled “Immigration” and features whimsical artwork detailing the migration of the Monarch Butterfly including “Where are you going”, “wait for me” “When did you arrive”, “Where did you come from”, etc. A plaque explains “Late summer the skies over the marshes of New Jersey are filled with migrating birds and butterflies. As they fly south along the east coast. Monarch Butterflies stop to feed in the meadows during the days, roost at night in pine trees. Their perilous journey takes them to Florida, then across Georgia and Texas. Finally the survivors descend into the forests of Northern Mexico.” A personal aside- Monterey, California has a festival each year commemorating their arrival in December.




45th Street Has an island platform and features etched glass artwork entitled “Historic Bayonne” by Franc Pacaia (1996-1999). The south end of the southbound track wall and entrance area feature tile artwork by the Children of Bayonne Public Schools and Katherine Hackl (2000) entitled “A Day in the Park”. Tiles include Mammals, Insects, Boats, Trees, Sky, The Park, etc.




34th Street Has an island platform. Etched glass artwork features the Bayonne Bridge by Franc Pacaia (1996-1999) “1931.1675 feet long parabolic arch, the longest in the world, Engineer Otmar Amman. The North end elevator shaft east pylon features “Bayonne Today, Tonight, Tomorrow”




22nd Street Has two side platforms and features “Bayonne Time and Tides” (2003) by J Kenneth Leap of Runnemede, New Jersey. The northbound platform features of architectural features of doors, lintels, windows, etc. while the southbound features Bayonne today. South of the station the northbound track merges with the southbound track and ends at a bumping block




8th Street is on a viaduct and has two tracks and an island platform . There is a massive station house at street level.

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