Ben Affleck & J Lo Holding Hands in Public Again

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez continue to present a unified face, now holding hands in public… although their relationship appears tight, at first impression.

They were spotted displaying some PDA Thursday while exiting Ben’s daughter Violet’s high school graduation ceremony in Los Angeles.  However, the duo appears to be rather uncomfortable… at least in a few of these photos.

Ben Affleck & J Lo Holding Hands in Public Again
Photo Credit: Backgrid

As you can see, Jen was looking at Ben with a serious expression at one point — and if a photo is worth a thousand words, this one seemed to spell out an essay.

Of course, it’s likely that Ben and Jen, who are currently living apart, were merely attempting to keep things nice and calm… as they were joined by their respective children for the outing. Ben’s mother, Chris, and Jennifer Garner’s ex-wife, Pat, were also present.

Despite the physical contact, both exited in different vehicles, returning to their own homes. In other words, Ben slept in his cot, and she returned to their Los Angeles house.

Ben and Jen have not publicly addressed the state of their marriage at this time, and they have recently sent confusing messages.

Ben has removed his wedding ring several times amid the separation rumors, while Jen was spotted house-searching earlier this month.

Nonetheless, the pair continues to spend time together, demonstrating that they can at least tolerate being in one other’s company. We’re now seeing them exhibit some affection.

We’ll see what happens next, but right now, things feel a little unstable.

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