Billie Jean King talks about her struggle with binge eating and why she’s giving Ozempic a try.

Billie Jean King, the famous tennis player, hopes to quiet the thoughts in her head about food.

Billie Jean King, who made history in tennis, recently talked about her struggles with food in a new interview.

She said, “I have a problem with eating. I eat too much at once,” during a chat with Julia Louis-Dreyfus for the podcast Wiser Than Me. She added, “Every day, I remind myself that I have this problem. I still talk to a therapist about it. It’s always on my mind.”

She’s not alone in dealing with this issue. Many people in the U.S. struggle with their eating habits, including famous people like Katie Couric.

In the interview, King talked about the voices in her head when it comes to food. She explained, “Sometimes, I have two voices arguing in my head. One says, ‘Go ahead, eat that big ice cream!’ The other says, ‘No, don’t do it. It’s not good for you.'”

This constant struggle is exhausting for her, but she’s hopeful. She’s trying a new medicine called Ozempic, which helps with weight loss. Celebrities like Oprah Winfrey have also used it.

King is hopeful that this medicine will help her silence the voices that make her worry about what she eats. She’s already started taking the injections, but she wants to see how it works over time.

She’s not looking to lose weight quickly, though. She wants to take it slow and steady because she thinks rapid weight loss isn’t healthy or attractive.

Food isn’t the only thing on King’s mind. She’s also worried about getting older and possibly experiencing memory loss, especially since her parents had it.

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Despite these concerns, King says she’s happier now than she was when she was younger. She’s worked hard on herself through therapy and tough times, and now she feels emotionally stronger than ever.

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