Can Men Wear Shorts in Italy?


Italy is well-known for its fashion statements and sense of style. When visiting Italy, one of the most frequently asked questions is, “Do men wear shorts in Italy?” Let’s go more into this subject and learn about the Italian summer style.

According to, the popular misconception that Italians do not wear shorts is not totally correct. Many Italians are seen wearing professional attire, such as suits or slacks, to work.

However, off-duty Italians wear shorts on a variety of occasions, particularly during the summer months. Style preferences may also differ depending on the region within Italy. Coastal areas, for example, are more relaxed and casual than urban areas like Milan or Florence.

The Quick Answer

Yes, Italian men wear shorts, but there are times and locations when they are suitable. Shorts are typically worn for casual occasions such as going to the beach or wandering around town. According to, Italian guys do wear shorts when they are not working. A widespread myth is that they do not wear shorts.

However, the context in which shorts are worn is important. For business, Italian men often wear suits or slacks, but for casual occasions like going to the beach or wandering around town, they wear shorts.

When to Wear Shorts in Italy

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According to, Italian men do wear shorts, especially during the hottest months of June to August and when participating in outdoor activities such as hiking or cycling. It should be noted, however, that dressier shorts or pants are favored for formal events or business meetings.

Also, when visiting cathedrals, visitors are permitted to wear shorts as long as they reach past the knees, as specified by a sign at the entry. It’s also worth mentioning that fashion norms fluctuate across Italy and may be impacted by local culture, so observe the locals to get a better sense of what’s proper to wear.

Why Do People Believe Italian Men Don’t Wear Shorts?

The misconception that Italian men do not wear shorts stems from their inclination for more formal and fitted attire. Even for casual occasions, Italian guys stress style and convey a put-together appearance.

However, saying that Italian men never wear shorts is not totally correct. They do, in fact, wear shorts, but they do so in more elegant and sophisticated ways. Italian guys, for example, may choose tailored shorts or pair casual shorts with more elevated pieces such as a jacket or dress shirt.

The essential conclusion is that, while Italian men have a unique style preference, they are open to wearing comfortable and practical attire as long as it complements their overall aesthetic.

Which Places Restrict the Wearing of Shorts in Italy?

As a primarily Catholic country, Italy has various religious sites where shorts are not permitted. Churches, cathedrals, and other religious structures are included.

Some more upscale restaurants and pubs may also have dress standards that prohibit shorts, particularly in the evening. Shorts are allowed in most other public settings, especially during the summer months, when temperatures can soar.

Where Can You Wear Your Shorts in Italy?

Shorts are appropriate to wear in outdoor situations like beaches, parks, and roaming about town, according to Shorts are also ideal for casual restaurants and pubs.

However, shorts should not be worn at affluent or fancy venues. Surprisingly, shorts are permitted in churches as long as they cover the knees.

So, do Italian men wear shorts? Yes, in proper situations, Italian men do wear shorts.

What to Wear in an Italian Church

Men should wear slacks or shorts that protect the knees when visiting Italian churches, according to It is also advisable to wear clothes that cover the shoulders.

Tank tops, above-the-knee shorts, and anything overly revealing or showy should be avoided. Being presentable and polished is vital to demonstrating respect for the holy site you are visiting.

Keep in mind that “when in Rome, do as the Romans do.”

What to Wear in an Italian Restaurant

Men are often expected to dress up when dining at an expensive Italian restaurant in Italy. Wearing a button-down shirt with either fine slacks or fancy shorts is OK.

If the restaurant is more informal, dressier shorts are still appropriate. Athletic shorts or board shorts should be avoided, as they may not be considered proper eating dress in Italy. The idea is to dress modestly and respectfully, as is customary in Italian culture.

Are There Any Rules or Laws About Wearing Shorts?

According to, there are no formal laws or restrictions governing the wearing of shorts in Italy. It is, however, critical to observe cultural standards and dress appropriately for the occasion.

According to the same source, the author noticed many males wearing shorts while seeing the Vatican.

In conclusion, there are no particular regulations in Italy that prevent men from wearing shorts, but it is vital to dress correctly for the occasion and adhere to cultural standards.

Does Wearing Shorts in Italy Make You Stand Out as a Tourist?

Locals wear shorts throughout the hot summer months or when going swimming, according to Wearing shorts in Italy, on the other hand, can immediately identify you as a visitor, especially if the shorts are excessively informal or revealing.

Also, certain cathedrals may refuse access to people wearing shorts, so be cautious while selecting your clothes. It is widely assumed that Italian males do not wear shorts. According to, Italian guys wear shorts outside of work.

However, it is critical to dress appropriately for the occasion in order to prevent unwanted attention and to demonstrate cultural respect. Italian men are frequently seen wearing suits or slacks to work; however, this does not imply that they do not wear other clothing.


Following a thorough web search, it is safe to assume that males wear shorts in Italy, especially during the summer months. It is crucial to remember, however, that Italians dress more conservatively than what is deemed fashionable in other nations.

As a result, in public places, it is advisable to wear dressier shorts that are knee-length or longer rather than sports shorts or beachwear.


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