Styling a Trench Coat: 5 Ways to Style a Trench Coat


When we talk about coats, we think about Peacoats, Double Breasted Coats, Short Coats, Duffle, Blazer Coat, Tailcoat, Tuxedo, Duster, Raincoats, and the most famous Trench Coat. Long Coat is another name for Trench Coat.

It is not only a fashionable coat, but it is also highly popular outerwear that is extremely warm in chilly winter climates.

Today’s topic is this fantastic outwear, and we’ll go over practically everything you need to know about it. We will explain how to style a trench coat outfit, what a trench coat is, when to wear it, and so on. So, let’s get this party started.

Things You Need To Know About Trench Coat


Why is it known as a trench coat? The term trench coat comes from the trenches of World War I, where troops wore trench coats to protect themselves from the elements.

Trench coats are designed to keep people dry. As previously stated, the trench coating is a true raincoat. They are lightweight, making them ideal for wearing in the fall and spring.

A trench coat is a coat that is worn in the spring and fall. It gives some warmth while also providing excellent protection from rain and wind—the higher the price, the higher the quality. When Queen Elizabeth II went outside in cooler weather, we used to see her wearing a Trench Coat.

When it comes to when the trench coat was invented, historians say it was well before World War I; the fashion became well known as a private purchase addition to British officers’ uniforms during that war and has remained constant as a fashion staple since then. I believe several characteristics (such as epaulets) were introduced for military purposes.

You’re probably wondering who, according to our knowledge, invented trench coats. Thomas Burberry invented trench coats in 1879. Burberry is a British opulent fashion brand founded in 1856 by Thomas Burberry and headquartered in London.

When to Wear Trench Coat

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Trench coats can be worn on a variety of occasions; the transitional seasons, such as fall and spring, are ideal for wearing a trench coat. Trench coats are typically composed of gabardine, strong canvas, or cotton, and while they can keep rain out, they do nothing to keep a harsh winter chill out.

It’s stylish enough to be one of the few types of outerwear that goes with formal attire and suits; nevertheless, their length and relative largeness make them appear unsuitable for summertime heat.

When wearing a trench coat in the fall or spring, layer it with lightweight pieces such as long-sleeved cotton t-shirts, cotton-wool mix sweaters, button-down shirts, and slacks or jeans for an extra layer of warmth.

Ladies who wish to wear this trench coat with skirts are welcome to do so, but make sure the skirt is high enough to touch the hem of the trench coat so it doesn’t look like you’re not wearing anything underneath, and you’ll be wearing it in cold weather, so you’ll need to cover your legs.

You can wear your trench coat over a dinner jacket to a black tie event, with your work or wedding guest courtship, as a date night outfit, or as an off-duty weekend style. Because there are so many alternatives.

The trench coat looks great in any cool weather, and it’s also water repellent, so it’s a win-win situation.

A General Guide on What to Wear with Trench Coat

A trench coat is a stretched coat with a few features, such as being single or double-breasted, with or without a belt waist, and epaulets.

These characteristics give the trench coat its distinct appearance, which we adore. Gaberdine was the material utilized by the designer. Gaberdine is a tightly woven fabric that is designed to withstand rain and other weather factors.

Many people believe that only creeps wear trench coats, such as an antagonist in a season, some investigator in an ABC movie, or some journalist, such as Lois Lane in a Superman movie, but this is all nonsense.

Trench coats can be worn by everyone, and top fashion designers have stated that trench coats are “IN” in every season and atmosphere around the world. The only difference, in my opinion, is that most individuals don’t know how to style trench coat outfits or what to wear with a trench coat. Trench coats can be worn by a variety of persons in a variety of fashions.

 Trench coat styles that different people can wear

1. Wearing The Trench Coat with Short Dress

Style your trench coat with a short dress for a sexy coffee date or brunch with the girls. Suede boots and a camel cross body bag complete the ultra-sophisticated appearance. Keep your jewelry simple and tasteful. Apply your favorite aroma and you’re ready to head outside.

This is one of the simplest and most modest ways to wear a trench coat.

  • Looks edgy and new:

Dress down your trench with wide-leg denim culottes for an edgier appearance. For maximum impact, pair with a slouchy sweater and chunky-soled boots. To complete your outfit, experiment with a unique tote or hobo. Keep your makeup simple and natural.

  • Classic and Elegant look:

Make a statement with your trench coat, crop top, and black cigarette trousers. Pair your trench coat with black, high-waisted cigarette trousers and a bodysuit or crop top if you’re comfortable showing a little skin. Put on your best black ankle boots and a classy leather belt.  To add interest to your look, choose a lux, statement purse. This full attire with red lipstick is the icing on the cake.

2. Wear a Long Dress with Your Coat

Trench coats, especially knee-length trench coats, look amazing with long dresses. Depending on how you wear it, a long dress can seem elegant. The dress should be ankle-length, and the coat should fall just below your knees.

Wear a long black dress with raised heels or ballerina flats for a more formal style, and a flower-patterned dress with chunky black boots for a more edgy vibe.

3. Belt with a Trench

This is a subtle technique to dress up your clothes and make them appear more formal. Keep the coat and lapels unbuttoned, and fasten the belt. A collared shirt with tie and dress slacks might also look good with a trench coat. Wearing stilettos might make one appear more feminine.

4. Turtleneck Sweater With Your Trench Coat

Adding layers beneath your trench coat is another method to make your ensemble fashionable but dressy.

This would be an excellent attire to wear to work. Underneath a Trench Coat, layer a long-sleeved Turtleneck Sweater. Wear dress pants and pointy-toed shoes to complete the appearance.

For a more sophisticated look, pair a patterned turtleneck sweater with printed slacks and bright shoes.

5. Put on with a Suit and Tie

This is an extremely stylish and seductive style for males. Dress in a medium-length trench coat, a suit, a tie, and dress shoes. You may dress in a two- or three-piece suit. A dark gray or black coat looks better with a dark suit, whereas a beige coat looks better with a brown or black suit.

A beige coat with a gray suit is a great way to look like an alpha guy while remaining fashionable and serious. For a winter wedding, a dark gray trench coat with a dark black suit is a good option.

How to Style a Trench Coat Like Men

It’s fantastic to be weatherproof, but we all want to look attractive while doing it. Fortunately, you can wear a coat with almost any outfit. Wear an ensemble with splashes of color or maybe some glittering components for an attractive evening appearance.

The trench coat in its traditional beige color looks wonderful with a bright outfit; add some heels to the mix, and you’re ready for a fabulous night out.

If you want to go for a more casual day appearance, any sneakers will do – because the garment isn’t too eye-catching, there’s plenty of space for experimentation. Denim also works well with a casual style, providing the impression of having ‘just leaped out of bed and thrown on my trench coat, but I look wonderful’.

Though the coat is English, the entire ‘thrown together’ cliché is French. For the ultimate look, pair with a messy bun and eyeliner. The one thing to avoid is wearing a lot of beige with a beige coat since it will all mix together and produce a blocky effect.


Trench coats have been and will continue to be fashionable. Trench coats have become so stigmatized that only Handsome Hulk men and Entrepreneur ladies may wear them, but this is not the case. Anyone can wear it, and we fully support it.

We have provided you with all of the most stylish Trench coats that will satisfy your desire to wear one, and the best part is that no work is required; we have combined all of the relevant info into one spot, and you only need to make a few clicks.

The trench coat has been through it all, from battlefields to runways and bayonets to blogs. Officers, accountants, princes, and artists have worn it both casually and officially. It has evolved from its initial gabardine fabric to materials such as suede, patent leather, and even plastic as time and fashion have developed.

Despite our constant fashion advancements, the trench coat remains a timeless piece that we will never abandon. I hope you enjoyed my advice on Trench Coat Outfits. Please share with your close ones.

Everyone in the world should have a trench coat, and everyone in the world should have a trench coat. It doesn’t matter what your age or gender is.


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