Can You Use Expired ID to Fly? Everything You Need to Know


Imagine that you already planned a trip and shortly before you began your journey, you reviewed your ID only to discover it was expired. At that point, you will feel frustrated and the next question is: can you use an expired ID to fly?

Fortunately, you may be able to use an expired ID to fly but it can be restricted. Depending on the ID, the year it expired and the country you are flying to,. It’s also important to take along other forms of identification that are still valid.

However, there are some basic updates you need to input online before flying with an expired ID. In this article, we’ll give clarity to your question, “Can you use expired ID to fly?”.

Can You Use An Expired ID To Fly?

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When embarking on a flight, an ID is requested from you; this is to prove the authentication of your details online. However, there are many types of ID that you can use to fly (when you get to the transportation security administration point); they include national ID, international passport, Ecowas travel certificate, student ID, work permit ID, driver’s license, permanent resident ID and lots more.

Additionally, the most commonly used IDs are the international passport, driver’s license or state-issued ID. Of course, when traveling internationally, your passport is very essential but when traveling locally, there will be no need for your international passport; your driver’s license will be essential.

Now back to the question, “Can you use an expired ID to fly?” According to the TSA(Transportation Security Administration), you can use your expired driver’s license or state-issued ID for up to one year after the expiration date.

However, it was stated that from next year, precisely May 7, 2025, when flying within the U.S., your license or state-issued ID must be REAL ID compliant. Also, any misplaced or lost ID will not be tolerated in substitution, You will be asked to provide two secondary forms of ID. It should include your name, photo, date of birth, address, phone number and social security number.

Moreso, you should provide verifiable details to prevent further delay, suspicion from the TSA, and additional alternative identity verification processes. Also, you must carry along other IDs, as there’s no assurance that the TSA will grant you a flight with just an expired driver’s license.

Furthermore, you might also ask if you can fly with an expired ID (passport ID) on an international flight. You cannot use an expired passport to travel internationally. The reason is that a passport is a major ID on an international flight. You should always check your expiration date to renew it as early as possible. Some countries won’t permit you to enter their country when your passport is 3-6 months close to expiration, unless it’s a temporary visit.

However, you may also have a chance to fly with an expired ID but your chances are slim.

We’ll also encourage you to be at the airport for at least three hours before your flight time to settle any frustration that might come along with your expired ID.

Why You Shouldn’t Use An Expired ID To Fly

There are several reasons why you shouldn’t use an expired ID to fly. Have you ever encountered an emergency trip where you’d have to book the next available flight only to realize that your ID was expired? If you have, you would value all your documents being updated.

However, there are certain reasons why you shouldn’t use your expired ID to fly and they include:

  1. There may be denial; your expired ID may not be accepted by the TSA or airline, although there is a permission period of 12 months after the expiration date. However, it is advisable to renew it as soon as possible.
  2. There would be delays and inconveniences when you chose to travel with an expired ID.
  3. There would be an additional out-of-budget financial expense because of your expired ID.
  4. There would be restrictions from flying to some countries because of your expired passport.
  5. There would be a secondary verification—an identity verification process—which may involve a background check and additional screening measures

How To Renew Your Expired ID

The time it will take for you to renew your expired ID is dependent on the country, state and the method used for renewal.

Furthermore, to renew your driver’s license ID, you must do the following:

  • Visit any DMV (department of motor vehicles) office nearest to you.
  • Confirm the specific requirements and processes
  • Submit all necessary applications and fees
  • Wait for your renewed license.

Thankfully, some states have provisions for online renewal options, which will be faster and more convenient.

Additionally, to renew your expired international passport ID, there are certain requirements that are mandatory, which include your national identity number, old passport number, birth certificate, local government certificate of indigeneship and passport photograph that meets ICAO standards.

Furthermore, the renewal of an international passport can be done online and the steps required to apply for the renewal of an international passport are as follows:

  • Firstly, you will visit in order to gain access to the application portal. Then you
  • Enter your national identification number (NIN) to auto-fill your data from NIMC.
  • Ensure to accurately complete other data fields as required
  • Upload your passport photograph and other required documents. This is the last phase of the online application.
  • Visit the immigration office for biometric capture (applicants outside Nigeria are to visit the mission in their processing country for biometric capture).
  • Lastly, you have to be patient for two to three weeks for the completion and collection of your renewed passport. Although a message would be sent to you for pick-up when your passport is ready.

There are two types of passport pages: the 32-page passport, which will be due for 5 years and the cost of 30,000 or $140. And for the 64-page passport, which will be due in 10 years, the cost is 80,000 or $240.

Final Words

It is normal to panic when your ID is expired or close to expiration. However, you need to go through this article over and over again so that you will be clear on the question, “Can you fly with expired ID?”. Always review your ID to know which one is close to expiration so as to renew it before the actual date.

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