Cashbuddy: Everything You Need to Know About Cashbuddy


With the help of CashBuddy (formerly known as Databuddy), an Android software, you may download apps, watch videos, get cashback and make offers to earn money.

CashBuddy can be downloaded from the Play Store. Android 4.1 and later smartphones can download the app.

How to Get Started on Cashbuddy

With just your phone number needed, you may quickly create an account with Cash Buddy.

  1. Install the Cash Buddy app.
  2. Select Sign up when the app opens.
  3. Enter your phone number and use an OTP to confirm it.
  4. It will create your account.

Specification: Cashbuddy Reviews

  1. Cashbuddy: Earn Wallet Cash is the name of the app.
  2. Key Features: Find the Best Trending Offers and Coupons; Find the Highest Cashback offers. Shop and, upon a successful transaction, receive cashback in your wallet—more savings in addition to the sale.
  3. Coupons: Amazon Prime Day Sales, the Great Indian Festival Sale, Flipkart Big Billion Days, Snapdeal Unbox Sale, Myntra EORS, and Ajio: Everything on Sale are all eligible for Cashbuddy coupons.
  4. Video Earning: By watching brief video advertisements, viewers can earn between Rs. 0.10 and Rs. 0.20. There are four ads available each day, with two paying Rs. 0.10 and two Rs. 0.20.
  5. Referral program: Friends will receive an instant Rs. 10 for each friend who installs Cash Buddy using the invite link and registers. Participants in the Cash Buddy referral program might earn up to Rs. 220.
  6. Withdrawal Method: To make a withdrawal to a Paytm account, a person must first surpass the Rs. 50 minimum withdrawal threshold.
  7. Data Security: No information is collected, shared, or transferred to other parties; information is encrypted while in transit; information cannot be erased—the developer does not offer a mechanism for you to ask for the deletion of your data.
  8. Email address:
  9. Address: Extension Road, Magnum Tower-1, 3rd Floor, Unit Nos. 302-A, 302-B, and 302-C, 303-A and 303-B, Haryana, India, 122011.

How to Earn with Cashbuddy App

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1. Offers

To get paid, you can fulfill several sign-ups and other kinds of offers.

However, be cautious—some advertisements are not real. I attempted to finish an offer that called for a payment of about Rs. 115. Despite my evident suspicions about the incentive, I went forward. I had to answer a few questions to finish the offer and then I had to send the link to my ten friends. This was a blatant red flag, so I left right away.

Offers that seem too good to be true are, therefore, most likely not. This is one of the app’s main shortcomings. Before releasing their advertisements, they ought to confirm their sponsors.

2. Download Apps

Simply downloading promoted apps will earn you money. Certain apps cost extra and normally require you to complete additional steps, such as registering and maintaining the app. Only apps that you haven’t previously installed on your phone will earn you money.

3. Viral Stoies

You can get money by sharing images and videos in this section.

However, you must sign in with your Google or Facebook account to share. After logging in, you can share your content and see what others have shared. Each 100 likes will reward you with 5 rupees.

4. Videos

You can earn Rs. 0.10 to Rs. 0.20 by viewing short video ads. You will get 4 ads every day: 2 for Rs. 0.10 and 2 for Rs. 0.20.

5. Refer & Earn

You will receive Rs. 10 right now for each friend who downloads Cash Buddy using your invite link and registers. With the Cash Buddy referral program, you can make up to Rs. 220.

Methods of Payment

Your Paytm wallet can be used to redeem your cash. To begin a withdrawal, you must have at least Rs. 50.

Is Cashbuddy Secure?

According to the Cashbuddy App’s description on Google Play, no data is collected. However, they have made it quite evident in their unwritten privacy policy that they gather mobile, financial and personal information from their users. They need to resolve this kind of disparity because it is not good. Thus, don’t think of it as a secure app.


How can I use the Cash Buddy app to withdraw money?

Go to the Buddy Rewards portion of the Buddy Loan app. Connect your bank account and UPI information to get the money.

What’s the deal with the CashBuddy app?

One of the biggest platforms for cashback and cash earning is Cashbuddy, which enables you to make money by completing easy offers and earning cashback by using deal links and coupons to spend on over 1000 popular websites.

What is the virtual CashBuddy card’s limit?

To create a CashBuddy virtual dollar card, you must have at least $3 in your CashBuddy account. After that, you can use the card without worrying about any unexpected or obvious fees but the platform can only load a maximum of $10,000 on your virtual card each month.


With Cash Buddy, you may download apps, view videos, and share images and videos to earn money. The share & earn idea was a great one.

The fact that they don’t check the legitimacy of their ads is the sole and biggest disappointment. It could be risky and time-consuming.

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