16 Best Perfumes Advertisement Ideas


Smelling nice and looking sweet is what most humans want. To satisfy this human want, there are a lot of perfumes in the market. Perfume is simple, lovely, and timeless. To stand out in this competitive world, you must master the art of marketing and advertising.

Great perfume advertisement ideas are concepts or strategies that are creatively designed to boost and market a specific scent. Any advertisement idea should be able to appeal to the senses of humans. It should be able to conjure the feelings and emotions of your ideal customers. Perfume advertisement ideas include storytelling, videos and music, elegance and luxury.

Perfume advertisement ideas must be unique and magical. Stay connected with us throughout this article and learn some perfume advertisement ideas that will blow your mind.

Perfume Advertisement Ideas: Basic Things That Will Help Create Good Ads

1. Identify Target Audience

These are people who are ready to buy from you. Know their detailed age, gender, education levels and social status.

Don’t rush into creating or using any perfume advertisement ideas when you do not know your target audience. Are they men, women, youths or children, wealthy, poor, or middle class? This will help you create content that will appeal to their target user preferences.

2. Identify Your Brand Message

Before making or choosing any perfume advertisement idea, you must know what problem your product intends to solve. What type of emotions will you invoke in people? Youthfulness, independence, beauty, rebellion, etc.

Perfume Advertisement Ideas

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Here are some powerful perfume advertisement ideas you can try out.

1. Storytelling

This is one of the great perfume advertisement ideas. Storytelling is a powerful tool for advertising; never underestimate what it can do. Create a beautiful scenario that connects the perfume and the consumer. Make use of romance, adventure, or mystery to create stories that your customers can relate to.

A story that will create an everlasting memory and make them love and patronize you. Once you tell people what they want to hear, they do not mind spending their last kobo.

2. Compelling Videos

This is one of the most effective perfume advertisement ideas. Craft a cinematic story or image of the products or models. Create it in a  way that will elicit the emotions related to the fragrance in your audience.

3. Celebrity And Influencers Collaboration

Mehn, this perfume advertisement idea is top-notch. It will enable you to make more sales. Collaborate with a famous personality or influencer like Funke Akindele to promote your perfume.

In your advertisement, feature the personality against an elegant background, showcasing their connection with the perfume. Trust me, people seeing the celebrity alone with the product or using it will elicit the desirability of the product.

4. Use Of Background Music And Imagery transitions

You can make use of certain music to play in the background while showcasing images or creative transitions that reveal each layer of the products. This might look similar to the use of videos, but it is in a more twisted way.

Here, you might not use models. The right music can elicit powerful emotions and create memories in the viewer’s mind. This type of perfume advertisement idea is a feast for the eyes. It catches the attention of the audience, as it is detailed.

5. Use Of Simple Gestures

It is great to minimize distractions in your perfume advertisement. Hence, the idea of using simple features or what is known as a minimalistic approach. Jumbled visuals or excess distractions in your advertisement can diminish the influence of your advertisement. Make use of a modest color palette, neat visuals, and a concise but descriptive message that conveys the nature of the perfume.

6. Use Of Charm And Extravagance

This is one of the good perfume advertisement ideas you should try out. The packaging, branding, and overall aesthetic of the perfume should be able to communicate intricacy and exclusivity.  Choose a black-and-white theme with an elegant and well-dressed model in a luxurious setting. This will increase the ability of people to desire it more, especially those who love elegance.

7. Online Customizable Fragrance

This sounds pleasant to the ear. Formulate an online platform or mobile app where users can customize their scent varieties. This will improve how consumers connect with the product.

8. Accentuate Eco-friendly Packaging

This is why you should know your ideal customers before making use of any perfume advertisement ideas. Make use of packaging that is eco-friendly, the use of natural ingredients and production that is free of viciousness. Positioning the fragrance as one that is both luxurious and eco-friendly while advertising will appeal to people who love natural things.

9. Use Of The Brand’s Heritage Or Legacy

Consumers tend to buy those products with a brand legacy in the industry. Bring out your heritage and history in the perfume industry. Tell the story of the evolution of perfume and how it has been able to last throughout these years in the industry.

10. Use Of Catchy Slogans

One of the most productive perfume advertisement ideas you can incorporate is the use of a slogan. A perfume advertisement Slogan can be referred to as an assertion formed to get the attention of potential customers. Descriptive and persuasive words are combined to appeal to the target audience.

11. Use Of Email

Indeed, most people do not open their emails often, but it is a good advertisement idea. It enables one to share and promote perfume to the audience directly at any time. All you need to do is craft a compelling email, personalize it, and send it. With this, you make connections while expanding leads.

12. Use of Billboard

This is another perfume advertisement idea. Promote the fragrance by using Billboard. Choose either the color of the sky or the bird to modify your imagery and make it catchy. Then, post the billboard in strategic places in a city. Position it in a place where drivers and pedestrians can view it as they ply the road. This is one of the perfume advertisement ideas you can adopt.

13. Feedback and Testimonials

Make use of the testimonials or feedback from customers who have used the fragrance.  Creatively craft a copy or a video showing benefactors. This will elicit the desirability of the fragrance from the target audience. People trust a brand when other users make a review about it.

14. Use Of Contest and Giveaways

People love freebies. You can give free perfumes to people. You can also create contests; for instance, you can tell those involved in the contest to make videos of them using the perfume and post them on the company’s social media page. Then, the person with the most votes or comments wins. It can also be a referral contest, etc. There are so many ways to do this. This will boost fragrance sales and brand visibility.

15. Promotional Product

Make use of promotional products like bags, mugs, and hats. Buy them and print the brand’s logo on them. Give them as a prize or gift at special events or conferences. It is a way of increasing the fragrance’s visibility.

16. Use Of Social Media Stories And Live Streams

Social media is the new gold mine, especially in the area of business. Make use of the stories feature on Facebook, Instagram, and Telegram. You can also go live with the audience in real life as a way of boosting fragrance sales. It helps to reach a wider target audience and generate more leads.

Final Words

Fragrance is a competitive business and to stand out, master the art of marketing. Create stories, use videos, music, e-mails, etc., and adopt any perfume advertisement ideas. They create a long-lasting effect on the target audience and elicit their feelings to take action.


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