Diddy’s Sean John Frames Pulled From America’s Best Contacts and Eyeglasses

Diddy’s checkbook is set to take a hit… since his famous Sean John frames are no longer available at a major eyewear retailer as his legal difficulties escalate.

TMZ has learned that America’s Best Contacts & Eyeglasses has ceased sales of Diddy’s company’s frames, with a corporate representative also confirming the action.

Diddy's Sean John Frames Pulled From America's Best Contacts and Eyeglasses
Image Credit: NBC, GettyImages

On Tuesday, stores were instructed to remove all Sean Johns from the frame boards and replace them with frames priced appropriately from understock.

They halted sales of the frames and instructed retailers to await further instructions. It’s unclear what the firm plans to do with the products.

According to sources familiar with the incident, they began withdrawing the frames online last month and in-store early this week.

While the corporation declined to identify the exact reason for the change, it is certainly related to the public outcry over the awful video of Diddy hitting Cassie in a hotel hallway.

Diddy has apologized, but many celebrities and ordinary people have publicly criticized him, with many others keeping their distance.

Lawsuits against Diddy continue to pile up… another girl claims Diddy raped her several times. She’s represented by the same lawyer as Rodney Jones and Liza Gardner.

The future of Diddy’s empire appears dismal.

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