Different Types of Durags


In this article, we’ll be looking at the different types of durags,  but before we do so, let’s have a good understanding of what durags are. Durags are a type of headwear that was originally seen in African American culture.

The durag has been designed to be worn around the head, completely covering the hair.  Apart from being a fashionable item, the main purpose of a durag is to protect the hair from being tangled during sleep and also to help maintain the hairstyle to help it last longer.

It’s commonly used among Africans and African Americans and also with people who have textured hair, like Afros, braids and dreadlocks. Wearing the durag helps to maintain the look,  shape and smoothness of the hairstyle.

There are different types of durags and they all come in different styles and patterns and can be worn in different ways. In this article, we’ll be looking at the different types of durags.

10 Different Types of Durags

1. Wave cap Durags

In looking at the different types of durags, the first we have on our list is the wave cap.  The Wave Cap Durag is also called the 360 Durag. The reason it is called that is because it is widely used by people who want to get 360 waves. So when the Wave cap Durag is worn on the head,  it holds the hair tightly and flat, which helps to form the waves. The “360 Durag” is available in different types of colors and patterns so you can choose the one that best suits your style.

2. Satin Durags

Satin durag gives a soft and gentle feel to the head. This is due to the silky material it is made from. Satin Durag is a great choice among Durag lovers because they help to retain moisture in the hair, keeping the hair moisturizer and they are also great protective wear for your hair since they don’t rub or pull on your hair as much as other fabrics. This helps in hair length retention, which helps your hair grow longer. Satin durags are very stylish as they come in different types of colors and patterns, and they can be tight or loose on the head, depending on your preference.

3. Silk Durags

Silk durags are another type of Durag that is similar to satin durags. The Silk Durag is named after the material it is made from. It is made from silk fabric. The difference between the Satin and the Silk durag is that the silk durag is made from a natural fiber, while satin is a synthetic fiber.

Silk durags are quite more expensive than Satin durags but they are a great option for protecting the hair because silk is a smooth material and it won’t rub or pull on your hair. If it rubs on or pulls on your hair, it could lead to hair loss. Just like the satin durag,  it helps to retain moisture, thus keeping the hair moisturized, which helps to prevent damage and frizz.

4. Velvet Durags

We’re still on the list of the different types of Durags and the fourth on the list is Velvet durags.  Velvet Durags are very different from satin and silk durags because they are made from a soft but very thick fabric. The softness of the fabric gives a gentle feel to the head and the thickness helps to keep the hair warm.

Velvet durags come in different types of colors and styles. They are often worn for fashion instead of hair protection.  They are commonly worn as a part of hip-hop fashion,  although they can still help protect the hair.

5. Reversible Durags

The next type of durag on the list of different types of durag is the reversible Durag. Just as the name indicates, the reversible durags have two different colors or patterns on each side. This means you can choose to wear one side with its own unique color and style and then turn it over to the other side and wear it the other way.

Reversible durags are a great choice among durag lovers, especially those who love simple fashion, because they give you two looks in one durag. You can wear one color or style one day, then switch to a different look the next day by simply changing the sides of the durag.

Reversible durags are a popular choice because they are very stylish, easy to use and maintain because they can be washed easily and they also dry quickly. Reversible durags are either made from satin, silk, or velvet.

6. Fishnet Durag

There are different types of durags, each with their own unique style and shape. The next item on our list is the Fishnet durag. Just as the name implies,  fishnet durags are a type of durag that has a fishnet-like pattern on the top of the durag. The pattern usually has small holes that look like a fishnet.

Fishnet durags are tight-fitting, unlike the other types of durags that you can choose to wear tight or loose.  They are usually made from mesh-like fabric or a stretchy fabric like spandex. When you wear a fishnet durag your hair can be seen through the holes in the net. Fishnet durags are a popular choice in hip-hop and street fashion because of their unique and stylish look.

7. Tie-Dye Durags

The Tie-dye durag is a popular choice among lovers of tie-dye since tie-dye durags have been styled and colored using the tie-dye technique. The tie-dye durag is unique, colorful, and eye-catching since it has a swirly pattern that looks like it was created by hand. This swirly pattern is common among tie-dye products.

Tie-dye durags are very popular in hippie and boho fashion. They are very stylish and colorful and they can add a lot of style and color to your outfit. Unlike Fishnet durags, Tie-dye durags can be worn tight or loose, depending on your choice.

8. Knitted Durags

Knitted durags are durags that are made from wool or acrylic yarn.  The way a shirt or sweater can be knitted is the same way knitted durags are made. Because they are made from wool, as expected, knitted durags have a very soft and fluffy texture.

Knitted durags are usually worn during winters and cold weather since they help to keep the head and hair warm and cozy. They also have their own style and they make your outfit stand out.

Since they have a handmade look, they can be worn as a fashion statement along with other comfortable winter or cold-weather accessories like sweaters, jackets, and beanies.

9. Leopard Print Durag

Just looking at the name of this durag, you can imagine what it looks like.  The Leopard print durags are durags that have a leopard print pattern on them. Just like leopard skin, the Leopard print durag is made up of dark brown or black spots and rosettes on a yellow or tan background.

Leopard print durags are very stylish and are very bold and eye-catching. They can be styled with other leopard print accessories like leopard print shoes, shirts, bags, or jackets. Leopard print durags can be worn tight or loose, depending on the choice you make.

10. Sequin Durags

The best and easiest way to draw attention to yourself is by wearing the Sequin durag.  Sequin durags are a very popular choice among people who love attention since they are very flashy and eye-catching. Sequin durags have small, shiny, circular shiny pieces of material that are sewn onto them. These Sequins reflect light,  making your outfit look flashy as they add a touch of sparkle to it.

Sequin durags can come in different forms as they can be made from different materials like satin, silk or velvet. They can also be worn tight or loose, depending on the preference of the wearer and they can be styled with other flashy accessories like chains or sunglasses.


In this article, we’ve looked at 10 different types of durags. The types of durags we mentioned here are just a few of the many types of durags that are available.  Durags are the perfect headpiece that helps to keep the hair nice and intact. Durags come in different types,  forms, and styles and we’ve looked at some of the amazing and unique durag styles.

Durags were originally created to keep the hair protected, especially for African and African-American hair types but they have long evolved into a stylish piece of fashion. They can be styled in different ways and also help to add some color to one’s outfits.

Wearing a durag can help improve hair health, as it can help prevent breakage of the hair and also keep hairstyles looking fresh. You can also customize your durag, you can choose to add your favorite words or logo to make it unique. So if you’re a lover of attention, the sequin durag is there for you,  or you just want a simple durag to protect your hair and keep your hair in style while you sleep at night. There are lots of options that you can choose from.



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