Top 16 French Luxury Brands Bags


Have you yearned to purchase a bag and are willing to spend but have not found the quality of what you want to buy? It can be frustrating, I know. Are you looking for an amazing and tangible gift for your partner? but do not seem to have found any option as the qualities out there are not good enough. Here, we will show you some French luxury brand bags you can spend a bit on and never regret it.

One of the most popular items from these brands are their beautiful handbags. These brands have made a name over the years in products like Chanel 2.55 Flap Bag, Hermès Birkin, or the Saint Laurent Sac de Jour. These brands have dominated the world of fashion for years and are worth considering.

French luxury brands bags have long been associated with elegance, craftsmanship and perfectness. In this article, we will see 16 of the most known and bought French luxury brands bags and where you can buy them around you.

Top 16 French Luxury Brands Bags

Over time, the production of handbags has taken an evolutionary twist and these brands have been  recognized for making amazing handbags. These bags have intertwined luxury with longevity, which has made them worthwhile investments for fashion lovers.

Additionally, these brands have earned their spot at the top of the ladder of quality production and hence, their reputation has led them to our list of the top 17 French luxury brands bags brands. These bags are often made in limited quantities and due to that, the demand and resale values attached to these brands.

1. Chanel

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The first on our list is Chanel, a brand founded by Gabrielle Chanel ‘Coco’ in 1910. Chanel has become one of the most iconic global French fashion brands. The brand made quality bags, until 1955, when it produced the exceptional Chanel bag (2.55 Flap Bag), which paved the way for the brand name globally.

This bag has a double flap, sometimes a double chain strap, and the signature double CC logo facing the opposite direction.

Where to purchase them

Chanel has boutiques of their own in various countries, where you can buy their bags at their original prices. You can also visit the selected department stores that they are registered with in your neighborhood or through their official website.

2. Louis Vuitton

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The next on our list was established in 1854 by a man named Louis Vuitton. Since two centuries ago, the brand has been famous for its monogrammed luggage and accessories.

  1. The Speedy bag
  2. The Alma bag

Although they are involved in numerous products, these two bags are among the most popular Louis Vuitton designs today.

Where to buy them

You can get a life-long Louis Vuitton bag at any of their stores around the world.

3. Hermès

Hermès was founded by Thierry Hermès. And although the brand was initially specializing in equestrian accessories, today, it is best known for their amazing bags. Like;

  1. Birkin bag
  2. Kelly bag

Despite the fame these brands have in the fashion industry, the most uncommon fact about them is their craftsmanship and limited availability globally.

Where to buy them

The easiest place to purchase Hermès bags is at one of their boutiques worldwide. Or through their invitation-only appointment system, which can be asked for on their official website.

4. Dior

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Yet another milestone brand, Christian Dior. He established the company and named it after himself in 1946. The company’s first and most famous Lady Dior handbag was originally created for Princess Diana. But today, the brand is a household name for elegance and quality.

Where to buy them

Dior bags can be bought at any of their boutiques worldwide. Check around your neighborhood for any well-established stores or through their official website.

5. Givenchy

The next is Givenchy, a French product that was founded by Hubert de Givenchy in 1952. This brand is popular amongst freaks of sophisticated items, as this French luxury brand is known for its amazing and sophisticated designs. There are some other popular bags making waves, too, like:

  1. The Antigona
  2. Nightingale

Where to buy them

To get a Givenchy bag, you can visit any of their multiple official boutiques around the world or through their official website.

6. Balenciaga

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Cristóbal Balenciaga founded the brand Balenciaga in 1917. Although the brand has changed its creative management team over the years, it is still on top of its game. The creative director Demna Gvasalia has introduced sets of new designs like;

  1. The Motorcycle bag
  2. The Arena bag

Where to buy them

You can purchase Balenciaga bags at their stores around the world or on their official website.

7. Saint Laurent

This bag was made by a French founder called Yves Saint Laurent and his partner Pierre Bergé 63 years ago. This brand is now valued as a must-have for Parisian style. A style that is all about mixing classic and timeless pieces with more sophisticated and dressy items.

  1. The Sac de Jour bag
  2. And the Classic Flap bags

Are popular choices among those who prefer  Saint Laurent to any other brand.

Where to buy them

Their products are scattered all around, at their boutiques worldwide, at selected unique bag stores and even at their official website.

8. Valentino

Valentino Garavani started this brand in Rome 64 years ago. This brand is among the top three of our 16 French luxury brand bags because of their iconic bags, which were made with both Italian and French ideas. Bags like;

  1. The Rockstud bag
  2. The Vintage bag

Where to buy them

To buy a Valentino bag, you can visit their boutiques in France or through their official website.

9. Céline

The brand Céline was founded by Céline Vipiana in 1945 but is now led by creative director Hedi Slimane. And many celebrities use their products, especially their Celine Luggage Tote bag. The Trio and luggage bags are among the most sought-after designs from this brand.

Where to buy them

You can purchase Céline bags at their international boutiques scattered around major cities. You can also get them through their official website.

10. Roger Vivier

Roger Vivier is next on our list and was founded in 1937. Although they initially specialized in producing high-end shoes and accessories alone. But the brand has expanded and hence ventured into bag production, with breakthroughs like:

  1. The iconic Viv’Bag
  2. The Buckle bag

Where to buy them

If you want to purchase a Roger Vivier bag, you can place an order online through their official website. Or search online for the nearest store selling it.

11. Maison Margiela

Maison Margiela is a brand that was established in Paris by Belgian designer Martin Margiela. The brand is known for its legacy in ‘Haute Couture’, holding the official Haute Couture appellation from the Federation Francaise de la Couture since 2012. The Artisan Collection’s bags are the most distinctive products they have

Where to buy them

You can purchase a Maison Margiela bag at any international online vendor, their boutiques worldwide or through their official website.

12. Balmain

Another is Balmain, which was founded by Pierre Balmain in 1945. This French brand is known for its glamorous and sophisticated designs. The brand has collections of other accessories but has made a name for making bags. Some bags include;

  1. The Mademoiselle bag
  2. The City bag

Where to buy them

You can buy a Balmain bag at 2 Lansdowne Row, Berkeley St., London, W1J 6HL, United Kingdom or at any fashion store around the world. Or visit the website:

13. Alexandre Vauthier

Alexandre Vauthier launched his brand’s bag in 2001. He made the leather bag more glamorous to fit in with any official yet seductive evening wear. The bag was made with professional metallic finishing and a chain strap; an example includes:

  • The Couture bag

Where to buy them

You can purchase Alexandre Vauthier bags at the Alexandre Vauthier’s boutiques in Paris or their official website.

14. Sonia Rykiel

Founded by Sonia Rykiel in 1968, it is famous for its knitwear and playful designs despite combining elegance and originality, focusing on handbags, tote bags and clutches alone. With popular products like:

  1. The Tricolore
  2. The Mini Bag Rykiel
  3. Daisy Bag Sonia

Where to buy them

To acquire a Sonia Rykiel bag, you can visit or Vestiaire Collective. You can visit their official website as well.

15. Azzaro

Lorenzo Azzaro founded his brand in 1967, and the brand specialized in easy-going bags, fragrances and accessories. But recently, sportsmen started using the bag to travel because it offers ample space for their essentials while also giving them fashion vibes. Some of the popular brands include:

  1. The Belle de Soirée bag
  2. The Sensuelle bag

Where to buy them

You can purchase Azzaro bags at their boutiques worldwide or on the eBay website, jumia and Vestiaire Collective. You can also visit their official website.

16. Lanvin

This brand was founded by Jeanne Lanvin in 1889. And over the past two centuries, this French brand, which is one of the oldest in the world today, still produces bags worth every bit of the hype. Famous luxury bags include;

  1. The Lanvin Le Trunk bag
  2. The Roma bag

Where to buy them

You can buy Lanvin bags at their boutiques worldwide, in select department stores, or through their official website.

The Price Range For French Luxury Bag Brands

We will talk about a few very expensive French luxury brand bags. It is very important to note that these prices are mostly estimations and, hence, subject to change.

1. Louis Vuitton

Prices range from:

$1,290 to $21,000 for new bags

$300 to $25,500 for vintage ones.

2. Chanel

This season’s styles range from:

$4,400 to $6,200 for new leather bags.

3. Hermès

The price ranges from:

$3,700 to $10,900 for new bags

$545 to $479,000 for vintage ones.

4. Céline

The price ranges from

$560 to $7,500 for new bags

$235 to $23,000 for vintage ones.


French luxury brands bags have long been known for being extraordinarily attractive and, hence, have been appreciated by fashion enthusiasts worldwide. These French luxury brands bags are everywhere and are mostly affordable.

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