“Dorit and PK from ‘RHOBH’ decides to go separate ways after nine years together.”

Dorit and PK from “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” are taking a break from their marriage after nine years. They’re working through their problems and focusing on their kids. Their struggles were talked about on the show, and they clarified they’re still living together despite rumors. They’ve had a tough time after experiencing two robberies, especially the one in 2021 when armed men broke into their home while Dorit was with their kids.

The problems in the Kemsleys’ marriage were a big deal on the latest season of “RHOBH,” which started airing last fall.Photo credit : Getty images

In their joint social media statement, they explained that they’ve faced challenges recently and need some time apart to focus on their children and reevaluate their relationship. Dorit expressed feeling disconnected from PK for the first time in their 13 years together during the latest season of the show. Despite rumors, she clarified that they’re still living together and took steps to address the gossip to prevent it from spreading. She also mentioned that enduring two robberies within two years put a strain on their relationship, particularly the one in 2021 when armed men broke into their home while she was with their children.

About a year later, in December 2022, she endured another robbery. She recounted how three men followed her and forcefully took $10,000 she had set aside for Christmas gifts.

Despite our hardships, we never parted ways. We faced our challenges together, working through them, and gradually becoming stronger. It wasn’t an instant process, but we mainted 


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