Dunkin’ Donuts worker slams rude drive-thru customers, lists their worst behaviors: ‘Use your eyes to read’

America runs on Dunkin’, but these patrons have one employee running for the hills.

Keanna Hlavacek, who works for the coffee giant at an undisclosed location, has gone viral on TikTok after sharing what she hates about her drive-thru customers.

Hlavacek, who goes by @KeoshaKraze on the app, posted a three-part series sharing her grievances with her 70,900 followers.

In the first video, which has clocked up more than 2.5 million views, the Dunkin’ employee declared that she despises when she’s splashed with water from a motor vehicle.

“Number one, when it’s raining, can y’all turn the windshield wipers off? I can’t swim,” she quipped.

Next, she said it “really makes [her] booty itch real bad” when someone gets to the window and simply holds their phone out.

“Is it Apple Pay? Are you trying to scan your app? Do you want my phone number? What do you want?” she exclaimed. “Can we use our words, please?”

She continued: “How you gonna get mad at us when you made your own order wrong?”

Additionally, hater Hlavacek is none-too-pleased when people ask to add something to their order when they get up to the window, when they know that the entire line is “wrapped around the entire city — exaggerating but legit.”

The service worker also loathes when customers repeat their order by talking really loud and slow and treating her like she’s “stupid.”

In a follow-up video with 120,700 views, she expresses how frustrating it is when customers point to the donut they want rather than saying the name of the item.

“Please use your eyes to read so you can use your mouth to speak,” she urged.

It also pushes her buttons when she tells people what Munchkin flavors are available and they immediately respond asking about a flavor she did not mention.

She added that customers who cut off the workers when they’re reading back the order gets on her nerves — and the ones who respond to “Hi, how are you?” with “EXTRA LARGE CREAM ANND SUGAR.”

However, the despite the drive-thru displeasure, the dutiful Dunkin’ employee isn’t want to quit her role.

She told viewers not to tell her to look for a new job — because she doesn’t want one.

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