Emily Blunt and John Krasinski Say His Film “IF” Got ‘Two Thumbs Up’ from Daughters

On Monday, John Krasinski and Emily Blunt stepped out for the NYC premiere of their new movie, “IF.”

“Extra’s” Tommy DiDario spoke with John and Emily separately about the movie, which got “two thumbs up” from their daughters.

John said there was added pressure “because I made it for them, completely and entirely about their magical world, so this is one I can’t screw up.”

Image Credit: @sagawards, Instagram

He shared of watching it together, “It was amazing, it was unbelievable. I don’t even know about ‘cool dad,’ it was emotional dad for sure. It was so beautiful.”

John also said that Emily was the “first person to jump on” to the project, adding, “She just came in and made me laugh.”

He gushed, “She was so good and so funny,” and added, “For our kids to have their mom in the movie too was so massive. It was a family affair.”

The two have worked together before, starring in the hit film “A Quiet Place,” though that’s definitely not one for the kids!

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Krasinski also reacted to Emily’s “The Fall Guy” co-star Ryan Gosling nicknaming her “Stunty Blunty,” saying, “I love it.”

John worked with Ryan Reynolds on “IF,” so he affirmed that he’s Team Reynolds in the battle of the Ryans. He joked, “I can be team Reynolds, and she can be team Gosling, and we’ll fight it out.”

Tommy also chatted with Emily, who spoke about that “IF” being John’s “love letter” to their daughters.

She said, “It’s just heart-stopping watching them, watch a love letter to them, and they know it. I think they can feel his beating heart in this movie.”

It didn’t take too much convincing from John for her to sign on. Emily said, “You want to be part of the magic.” 


Emily also praised John as a director, saying, “He’s a big cheerleader behind the camera… He’ll enthuse, whoop and cheer you on… I don’t know how he exudes so much energy cheering everyone on, but I think he just understands the process.”

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