‘Entitled’ dad blasted for sending kids to hug mom just before she reaches marathon finish line: ‘I’d have a divorce lawyer on phone’

He crossed the line by nearly preventing his wife from crossing hers.

A father has been labeled “entitled” online after he reportedly sent his kids out to hug their mom while she was running a race — nearly spoiling her chances of winning.

A video of the appalling act currently boasts over 9 million views on TikTok.

The viral clip, taken at an undisclosed race, starts with the woman sprinting toward the finish line ahead of the rest of pack as her alleged partner and two kids watch from the sidelines.

Then, in a twist, the man appears to push his kids out to greet their preoccupied mother right before the finish.

They run out in the middle of her path to hug her as she tries to wave them away.

Fortunately, the competitor manages to run around her tots and blast through the tape to win the race. After she crosses, her alleged soulmate can be seen shrugging his shoulders.

The internet commentariat ripped into the seemingly self-centered father, with many accusing him of trying to steal his wife’s spotlight.

I can just hear him say, ‘I had to ‘babysit the kids’ for an hour and forty minutes, and you couldn’t even stop to give them a hug?’” another wrote,

“This is a reallllly good example of the subtle way that some husbands treat their wives’ serious commitments outside of family life, like a joke or not serious, or just ‘for fun,’” declared a third.

Others accused the dad of potentially jeopardizing his purported paramour’s safety in addition to her win.

“This man shoves his kids out into the middle of a race: safety hazard!” fumed X user Virginia Brasch in a repost with 4 million views. “To derail his wife’s time and chance at winning. Then after she crosses the finish, he gestures to the side like ‘Hello? The kids?’ Reader, I hate him.”

She added, “She’s clearly a serious runner, tracking her time, and winning the race. And he couldn’t let her have that moment? She’s clearly worked hard for it. I’d have a divorce lawyer on the phone before the car got home. Blech.”

“I bet he proposed at her college graduation,” quipped one wit.

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