9 Leading European Travel Agencies in US


Many people love to travel and who wouldn’t want to go to Europe, with its ancient historical sites, various ethnicities and lovely scenery? Across Europe and particularly in the United States of America, several travel agencies have positioned themselves to offer customers some of the best European experiences. These different agencies provide numerous services depending on the traveler’s needs.

Getting to Europe is easy for anyone who approaches an agency that deals in European travel.

Let’s look at some of the most acclaimed European travel agencies present in the US to see where their strengths lie.

European Travel Agencies in US

1. Europe Express

Europe Express is known for Europe-arranged vacations; however, the company offers services to create any European package. They have been in operation for over 25 years, offering solutions concerning travel and tours ranging from flight coupons to accommodations and rail passes.

This company is highly experienced in giving attention to each client’s needs and developing unique travel itineraries for them. They accommodate group travelers as well as those who choose to travel independently, making them perfect for different travel scenarios.

It is also important to recognize that they have good connections with local vendors so they can provide quality service and exclusive experiences rather than mere vacation deals.

Website: https://www.europeexpress.com/

2. Avanti Destinations

Avanti Destinations can be pointed to as a company that meets the needs of independent travelers and offers them customized European tours.

It is active in the sale of several destination packages that are connected and cover several destinations in one package, with connection, pace and interest points covered by the traveler being personalized.

Travelers can sign up for lesser-known activities like learning local home cooking in Tuscany or wine tasting in Bordeaux. It offers partners and guests elaborate planning tools that help create multiple-leg journeys in the shortest time.

Avanti Destinations has provided an exemplary focus on delivering quality and engaging travel experiences. For that reason, they can develop various travel packages in which different destinations and activities are integrated into one trip, which is useful to those who wish to travel to Europe but do not wish to follow the usual route.

Website: https://www.avantidestinations.com/home

Email Address: info@avantidestinations.com

Phone Number: 800-422-5053

3. Rick Steves’ Europe

Rick Steves’ Europe is a tour operating company that was founded by the travel-writer Rick Steves. This company is known to operate small group tours and sightseeing services that expose their clients to local cultures and traditions. At the moment, it has several of its tours for those who are looking for closer contact with other people because the company’s policy is focused on working with small groups of tourists.

Website: https://www.ricksteves.com/

Email Address: contact@ricksteves.com

Phone Number: 425-771-8303

4. Go Ahead Tours

Go Ahead Tours offers group tours to Europe and potential schedules may include tours with possible themes of difference for anyone interested. Predominantly, they have included various historical and even gastronomic experiences, thus providing diverse travel opportunities. It has several special interests that they present as choices for tours. They plan lectures, guided tours and practical exercises that may be useful to improve the tourists’ trip.

Based on their services, Go Ahead Tours is notable for its sufficiently diversified and oriented educational tourism. All of their major tours are culturally and historically themed and therefore aimed at understanding the different cities in Europe, which would appeal to the explorer.

Website: https://www.goaheadtours.com/

Email Address: ontourhelp@goaheadtours.com

Phone Number: 1-800-597-0350, 1-800-590-1161

5. G Adventures

A tour operator promoting adventure and responsible travel and providing small group tours to various destinations is G Adventures. They offer customers a range of day-by-day vacations that are sustainable and that you will not find if you are exploring conventional tourist destinations.

Tours may encompass general tourism and tourism of an area’s site of interest at the same time, such as ascending the Alps for mountaineering or cycling in the Netherlands. This way, tourists can learn more about the people of the desired community’s destination, enhance the aspect of inter-cultural exchange and also help enhance the economic stability of the people.

The values of responsible and sustainable tourism are felt in every vein of G Adventures and these adventurous appeals make it even more suited for the eco-conscious adventurer. This leads to small operations that are mostly local in nature, which makes the experience authentic and serves the purpose at the same time.

Website: https://www.gadventures.com/

Phone Number: 1 888 800 4100 (Toll-Free)

6. Trafalgar

Founded several years ago and well known for providing guided tourist packages within Europe, Trafalgar is a tour company. After gaining experience for many years, they offer well-thought-out, progressively developed tours that introduce the stranger to the main features of chosen cultural destinations and also offer the right conditions for a traveler.

It then arranges for guests to have actual home-cooked meals with hosts, tours of real working farms, and other things no tourist would be allowed to do. They can also, in many cases, encompass transport and/or accommodation as well, making the tourist oblivious to any ulterior motives.

Focusing on Europe, Trafalgar navigates small-scale local interactions and ensures sound travel plans; they are the perfect travel partners for those with a dream of experiencing Europe’s iconic attractions without the stress of planning. More so, they have been active in the industry for a long time, and they offer many types of tours that can suit the interests of different individuals.

Website: https://www.trafalgar.com/en-us

Phone Number: 1-800-352-4444

7. Globus

Globus has been providing escorted travel for more than 90 years, It is an authentic entity which provides tours across Europe that highlight the company’s sightseeing and traveling experiences.

Programs offered by Globus tours may encompass special entrances into key attractions. They offer their clients professional tour guides who share historical and cultural information about the places to be toured. When choosing the best tours, it presents travelers with numerous eligible services, from budget to luxury all-inclusive tours.

A common characteristic of Globus is its huge experience and the high standards of the tours it offers. Due to its features, VIP access and expert guides provide a comfortable and interesting travel experience. Their wide range of options to accommodate their guests or clients means that no matter the kind of traveler, they will always be served.

Website: https://www.globusjourneys.com/

Email Address: info@globusjourneys.com

Phone Number: 1-866-755-8581 (toll-free for US and Canada)

8. Intrepid Travel

Intrepid Travel operates within the spheres of small group adventures; the company values responsible tourism. Its European tours focus on travel experience and being responsible to the environment. It has a clear vision of becoming a low-impact operator and encouraging its clients to practice responsible tourism. It specializes in exploration, active and wildlife adventures, from hiking and biking to culture and food tours.

One essential aspect that makes Intrepid Travel stand out from other tour operators is that they adhere strictly to responsible tourism practices. The fact that they are small groups and center their education around personal experiences makes the endeavors genuine and appealing for exploring Europe. For travelers who enjoy traveling sustainably, Intrepid is the perfect one-stop travel company for adventurers.

Website: https://www.intrepidtravel.com/en

Email Address: ask@intrepidtravel.com

Phone Number: 1-855-299-1211 (for US residents)

9. Expat Explore Travel

Expat Explore Travel is providing numerous concentrated and cheap guided tours in Europe for everybody who wants to travel. They target offering customers more for less while maintaining the quality of their offerings.

There are several cheap options for European travel, which Expat Explore makes affordable to as many people as possible. Their tours are available for popular sites, places and other hidden spots and prove to be a complete travel package. Due to the flexible cancellation policies available in the services, travelers can make bookings with ease while making changes in case of unfavorable conditions.

Exploiting the specific aspects of Expat Explore Travel’s characteristics is possible, and it is crucial to focus on its affordability and high quality. This is because their itineraries offer full coverage and their pricing is relatively affordable, making sure people of all statuses can embrace the beauty of Europe.

Website: https://expatexplore.com/

Email Address: info@expatexplore.com

Phone Number: 44 (0) 207-620-8963 (for international callers)


All of these European travel agencies have their own specialty, which is targeting clients with different kinds of preferences and ways of traveling. Whether it is the Europe Express that provides detailed itineraries, Avanti Destinations offering the actual exposure to history, European Tours covering education trips, Go Ahead Tours offering a variety of themes, or that free-spirited G Adventures. These agencies do not only provide a way to travel to Europe , but a way that can add depth, honesty, and fun to the trip.

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