Fans are surprised by Shania Twain’s new pink hair look as she prepares for her Vegas shows, with some saying, “Is that really her?”

Fans were taken by Shania Twain’s unexpected change in appearance when she revealed her new pink hair on Instagram ahead of her Las Vegas residency, “Come On Over.” The country singer, aged 58, shared a close-up shot from a cover shoot with @hauteliving, expressing her joy and anticipation for the upcoming concerts at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino’s Bakkt Theater, which start this Friday.

While Twain seems happy about her vibrant new look, Some were confused and showed some sign of been disappointed in the comments, one asking, “Who is she?” Another fan, who claimed to have been a supporter for years, admitted they didn’t recognize her in the photo. Others echoed similar sentiments, saying  that the picture didn’t resemble the Shania Twain they know.

The reaction to Twain’s new hairstyle has brought up a lively discussion among her followers, with many contemplating about the reasons behind her drastic change and sharing their opinions on whether or not it fits her. Despite the mixed reactions, Twain remains happy about her upcoming performances and continues to welcoming her daring new look with confidence.

Some people on social media think Shania Twain might have changed more than just her hair. They wonder if she got new teeth too. Others say she’s not aging gracefully and has become too focused on her looks.

Fans deemed the singer-songwriter unrecognizable.

But not everyone feels that way. Some fans love her new pink hair and are excited to see her perform. They support her choice to do things her own way.

It seems Shania’s new look is part of her new Las Vegas show. She said in an interview that the show will have a fresh look, different from anything she’s done before.

She’s planning to focus on fashion for the upcoming shows, with a wardrobe unlike anything she’s worn before. And yes, she plans to wear her pink headpiece during the performances.

Shania explained that she tried the pink hair because she’s starting to get grey hair. She’s thinking that when she’s completely grey, she might dye her hair pink and embrace the look.

She said, “Pink hair makes me feel youthful and refreshed. I don’t need to look younger, but I like feeling good, and pink hair does that. It’s fun.” She also shared that as she gets older, she’s feeling more brave and less worried about what others think. “I’m not afraid to try new things,” she said. “Experimenting with hair colors is fun. It’s all about having a good time and feeling young.”

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