Lovely Filipino Girl Names 


 Let’s say you happen to be delivered of a baby girl in Filipino and you’re searching for a name that would quite suit your girl to grow up in Filipino, or you’re not even in Filipino, but then you’re in search of a Filipino name to give your female child. 

                                                                                                                                                                             Here is a run through, of  beautiful Filipino names that would suit a female child.  For three hundred years, the Philippines was a colony of Spain. Despite speaking several different languages, 90 percent of the population shares a common way of life and practices Christianity. The remaining 10 percent consists of many small groups, none of whom are Christians. 

 After conquering the country in 1898, the Americans introduced English as the language of government and education. So there actually exist some Filipino names which are English. Whereas, most Filipino names are Christian versions of Spanish names. 

 Sometimes, a Filipino child is named from the combination of the baby’s parent’s name. For example, Samuel and Brenda could give Sabrenda. They really have an interesting naming culture. 

Common Filipino Girl Names And Meanings 

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  1. Althea:  This is a Greek name but is used in Filipino. It is from the Greek word althos, which means “healing.”  
  2.  Andrea: This is the feminine form of the name Andrew; Andrea simply means “man,” as in a “person.” It is a common Spanish and English name.  
  3. Angela:  Just as it sounds, it means Angel.  
  4. Isa: Isa, is a proper traditional name, and it means “one”. It is a good option for a first daughter. 
  5. Jasmine: It comes from a flowering plant; it is a perfect flower-related name.
  6.  Kristine: This is the same as the name Christian but it’s spelling differs among the Filipinos’: It is a Biblical name, as it means “a Christian”. 
  7.  Nathalie: Nathalie is an excellent choice among French girl names, as it’s the French form of Natalie and it means “Christmas Day”.  
  8.  Princess: In the Philippines, common words are often used as names, like Honey and Rain. Princess is the female version of prince. It is good for a royal baby girl. 
  9.  Samantha: It is the feminine form of Samuel; it’s a Hebrew name meaning “God has heard” or “name of God”. 
  10.  Sofia: This spelling is a variant of the name Sophia. It is also a Greek word; it means “wisdom”. 

Traditional Filipino Girl Names 

  1. Bernila: Spanish in origin, the name Bernila means “blessed” and comes from the  German name Bernihilde. 
  2. Carmelita: This name means “garden” in Spanish. It specifically refers to the Garden of Eden. 
  3.  Christina: Similar to Kristine above. It means “follower of Christ”.  
  4.  Dolores: This Latin moniker is one of many names associated with the Virgin Mary. 
  5.  Evangeline: Another Greek name. It has a sweet meaning: “bringer of good news.”
  6.  Liezel: It is a Tagalog form of Elizabeth, a biblical name that is found in many cultures and countries.  
  7. Maria: Maria follows the theme of the country’s Christian roots. Maria means “beloved” or “love.” 
  8.  Odesa: This is a name with a deep meaning, “long journey.” Life is all about a journey.  
  9.  Perlah: Meaning “pearl,” this is traditional but has Spanish roots. This name is mostly chosen as it is believed to bring health and wisdom to children. 
  10.  Reyna: A moniker with Spanish origins meaning “queen.” It is a common Filipino name. 
  11.   Adhika: A unique and ancient Filipino female name. It means “honorable.” 
  12.  Bulawan: If your little girl glitters, Bulawan is a good option for her, as it means “gold, golden skin.” 
  13.  Dalisay: You can find someone in nearly every generation with this unique name, which means “pure.” 
  14.   Diwata: I don’t know if you entertain the idea of choosing a name from Filipino’s mythology, Diwata was taken from this. It refers to the fairies and spirits that live in nature. 
  15. Himig: This Filipino female name translates to the word “tune.” It might be perfect for a musical family! 
  16.   Hiraya: This is an incredible name, which means “may your dreams come true.” 
  17.  Ligaya: This would give your girl a little intellectual boost with the name Ligaya, which means “brilliance” in Filipino. 
  18.  Luzviminda: This is one of those combined names popular in the Philippines. It combines Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, the three principal geographical divisions of the Philippines. 
  19.   Mayumi: A sweet choice for your girl, Mayumi means “tender.” 
  20.  Tala: Like Dalisay above, this is another unique, timeless name. It means “star.” In Filipina mythology, Tala is actually the goddess of the evening and morning stars. 
  21.   Aurora: Aurora is quite a popular Filipino girls’ name. It means “dawn” in Latin; Aurora was the Roman goddess of the morning. A truly beautiful image. 
  22.   Chesa: Another moniker that would take you to the skies, Chesa is a beautiful Filipino girls’ name meaning “celestial.” 
  23. Charmaine: A favorite name in the Philippines, Charmaine simply connects to the English word “charm”.  
  24. Diwa;  is an excellent option for a beautiful and traditional Filipino girls’ name, as it’s Tagalog and means “spirit, soul, essence.” 
  25. Elmarie: This name actually comes from the Afrikaans language and means “nice” or “gentle”. 
  26.  Estrellita: You might recognize this name as a diminutive of Estrella, the Spanish word for “star.” It’s also the Spanish form of Stella, a Latin name that also means “star.” 
  27. Flordeliza: As the Filipino Spanish form of Fleurdelys, it is a rare French Cajun moniker—the name Flordeliza means “flower.” If you’ve been to New Orleans, the fleur de lys symbol is a popular symbol seen around the city.  
  28. Marikit: If you’re interested in a more literal translation of the word beautiful, consider the Tagalog name Marikit, meaning “beautiful, pretty.” 
  29.  Rizalina: This pretty name is the feminine form of the Filipino boys’ name Rizalino, a diminutive of Rizal, meaning “green field” or “rice field.” 
  30.  Cherry: Pronounced CHER-ee or SHER-ee, this cute baby girl name is a popular Filipino option and simply refers to the cherry fruit. 
  31. Cielo: In Spanish, the word cielo means “sky,” and as a name, it comes from María del Cielo, “Mary of the Sky.” It could also be connected to the moniker Araceli, a Spanish name meaning “altar of the sky.” Either way, it’s pretty cute! 
  32.  Dulce: It is both a cute and sweet Filipino girls’ name, it is simply the Spanish word dulce, meaning “sweet” or “candy.” 
  33. Elenita: This is a Filipino diminutive of Elena; this name is a form of Helen, which means “torch” or “light”. 
  34.  Fortuna: In Latin, the name Fortuna means “luck,” and in Roman mythology, Fortuna was the personification of luck. What a great name to give your baby girl!  
  35. Gemma: Once, I had a school daughter who bore this name. Gemma is the medieval Italian nickname meaning “gem, precious stone.” 
  36. Hazel: This is a Filipino American girls’ name. You might like Hazel. It’s a cute American name from the English word for the light color or tree, and it’s popular in the Philippines. It’s a cute country girl name! 
  37.  Mirasol: In Filipino Spanish, the name Mirasol has the cute, beautiful meaning of “sunflower.” 
  38. Rosaflor: This is a great example of combining two names. Here, you have Rosa, meaning “rose,” and Flor, meaning “flower.”  
  39. Tea: A very cute Filipino girls’ name, Tea (sometimes is spelled Thea), is the short form of Dorotha or Theodora. Both names mean “gift of God.” 

Strong Filipino Girl Names 

These names, convey a sense of strength in their sound or meanings.  

  1. Bayani:This means “hero or heroine”. 
  2. Concepción:Is simply the Spanish word for “conception,” referring to the Conception of the Virgin Mary. 
  3.   Gabby:As a diminutive of Gabrielle, the French feminine form of Gabriel, Gabby means “God is my strong man.”  
  4.   Guadalupe:This name comes from a Spanish title for the Virgin Mary, Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, meaning “Our Lady of Guadalupe” 
  5.  Honorata:This is the feminine form of Honoratus, a Late Latin name, Honorata, it means “esteemed, distinguished.” 
  6.  Leilani: This is a Hawaiian girls’ name, Leilani means “heavenly flowers” or “royal child”.
  7.  Lotlot: This is the Filipino diminutive of Charlotte. It means “human kind”. 
  8. Miriam: This is popular Filipino girls’ name Miriam, which is the Hebrew form of Mary, means “beloved” or “love”.  
  9. Nilda: It is the short form of Brunilda, Nilda is the Spanish and Portuguese form of the German name Brünhild, which means “armor”. 
  10.  Pia: This is the feminine form of Pius, a name borne by 12 popes. Of course, it means “pious, dutiful”, it could also mean, “Cute and strong”. 

 We’ve looked at a wide range of beautiful Filipino female names that you can give your baby girl with explicit insights into these names to help us to be properly informed, on which name to give our baby girl, as they say that names follow a child. And yes, you’re welcome. 



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