Good Paying Jobs in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Good-Paying-Job- in-Myrtle-Beach-South-Carolina

Myrtle Beach attracts many people due to its beautiful beaches and ideal climate. If you are looking to relocate, learning about the city’s economy is essential before relocating. Myrtle Beach has something for everyone; it’s just a matter of moving there and discovering it.

Despite the potential variations in living costs based on personal circumstances, Myrtle Beach is generally considered affordable compared to other coastal cities. As we go further, we will look at a brief history of Myrtle Beach, its location, the cost of living and some good-paying jobs you can consider based on your career.

About Myrtle Beach

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According to Wikipedia, Myrtle Beach is a popular tourist destination in South Carolina and the US, known for its beaches, golf courses and restaurants. Historically, it was home to the Waccamaw people and settled by the Whither family. The city was developed by Franklin Burroughs and named after wax-myrtle shrubs. The metropolitan area has seen rapid growth, with a population of 551,126 in 2020.

Myrtle Beach, SC, has experienced fast development, with an increase in population in 2020. The region features a wealthy history dating back centuries, with local American tribes living there before European pioneers arrived. Europeans, as they were for all time, settled within the late 17th and 18th centuries, setting up ranches along the Waccamaw Waterway.

By the late 19th century, Myrtle Shoreline had gotten to be a prevalent travel spot, with the Atlantic Coast Railroad amplifying its availability. The city formally became a city in 1957, with the title chosen in a naming challenge motivated by the wax myrtle bush. All through the 20th century, Myrtle Shoreline developed in popularity as a visitor goal, particularly after World War II. Nowadays, the city is known for its golf courses, shopping, resorts and attractions and remains well known among inhabitants and visitors alike.

Good Paying Jobs in Myrtle Beach

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Myrtle Beach offers a bunch of good paying jobs in any career of your choice. There are various work openings within the healthcare division, the hospitality industry, the tech industry and many more.

Myrtle Beach features a robust economy, exquisite excellence, a dynamic culture and beautiful individuals that can guarantee you a satisfying, proficient journey both financially and personally. Let us take a look at a few of these good-paying occupations and what they involve.

1. Cyber Security

Salary range: $99,900-$135,000 per year

The work description of cyber-security staff is to oversee your employer’s servers by remaining ahead of security dangers that will put your boss at risk. You’re mindful of hazard appraisal and relief, security framework administration, occurrence reaction and investigation, security checking and investigation. Cybersecurity may be a ceaseless errand and you have to guarantee that you are one step ahead at all times.

2. Nurse Practitioner or Registered nurse

Salary range: $97,200-$135,000 per year

For the most part, the demand for skilled healthcare experts, particularly medical attendants, is high and Myrtle Beach has various hospitals, healthcare offices, and clinics and offers extraordinary pay rates and openings for development.

The nurse specialists are responsible for looking at patients, diagnosing illnesses and prescribing solutions similar to those of doctors. They are usually taught and well prepared to supply healthcare administrations.

3. Data Scientist

Salary range: $88,600-$122,400 per year

As a data scientist in Myrtle Beach, depending on the size of the organization and commerce targets, you are expected to play a crucial role in leveraging data-driven bits of knowledge to drive commerce choices and illuminate complex issues.

Your work depiction includes information investigation and modeling, predictive investigation and forecasting, information visualization and reporting, persistent learning and development, etc.

Information researchers are exceedingly taught and most of them have masters and doctorate degrees. They can work in different organizations, like banking, pharmaceutical and manufacturing businesses.

4. Construction Work

Salary range: $63,900-$103,900 per year

In construction, your obligations and work depiction depend on the sort of project and the part you play within the development industry. Construction employment extends from circuit repairmen and carpenters to civil engineers and project directors.

In Myrtle Beach, there are a lot of projects, such as residential projects like flat buildings, commercial projects such as office buildings and mechanical offices or infrastructure projects such as bridge development or public transit development. Since Myrtle Beach is advancing, this is an incredible work opportunity for individuals in development.

5. Bus Driver

Salary range: $30,600-$41,800 per year

As a bus driver, you’re responsible for inviting travelers on board the vehicle and guaranteeing that everybody is securely transported to their destination. There are school transport drivers, city transport drivers, and drivers for chartered trips or touring trips.

6. Babysitting

Salary range: $28,300-$36,900 per year

A babysitter essentially takes care of a child temporarily until the guardians get back. They are to perform obligations like feeding, cleaning, engaging and caring for a child in the absence of their guardians.

Other good-paying jobs in Myrtle Beach, SC, are:

  • Power Lineman: $62,100-$122,400 per year
  • Occupational therapist: $72,400-$95,400 per year
  • Pharmaceutical sales representative: $39,600-$73,300 per year
  • Paralegal: $43,200-$61,600 per year
  • Golf: $27,000-$49,500/year
  • Flight attendant: $31,900-$45,000/year
  • Dog walker: $27,000-$36,900/year

 Cost of Living in Myrtle Beach

The cost of living in any city or nation may vary depending on your career, yearly compensation and the real estate market in your chosen area. As a traveler, a vacationer or a career individual seeking work in another city, you ought to consider the cost of living expenses before you even make plans to arrive in the city.

In this context, which is job-related, finding out the cost of living will assist you in choosing the most excellent job to take so as to suit your way of life and career objectives. Let us take a look at the components contributing to the cost of living in Myrtle Beach:

  • Housing: based on your preferences, such as area, estimate and conveniences, the cost of housing in Myrtle Beach varies. There are reasonable housing frameworks, such as lofts and condos, whereas beachfront properties and upscale neighborhoods may be very costly. For example, a one-bedroom flat within the city may run from $800–$1200 month to month, whereas the ones outside the city may be $600-$900 month to month.
  • Utilities: in Myrtle Beach, utilities as a rule incorporate water, power, sewer, internet, and waste disposal. These utility costs are cheaper in Myrtle Beach compared to other cities. Utility costs may vary based on energy utilization, family estimate and how regularly you remain at home. Essential utilities may cost around $100–$200 per month, whereas the internet may cost $50–$100 per month, depending on utilization.
  • Groceries: in Myrtle Beach, there’s a wide range of grocery stores, basic needs stores and retail outlets where you can effectively shop for your basics. Basic supply costs within the city are by and large reasonable and at the same prices as in other cities nationally. For example, a single person’s basic supply bills may be $200–$300 per month.
  • Transportation: in Myrtle Beach, the essential mode of transportation is driving, which implies you have to purchase gas. There’s also vehicle support and protection. Public transportation is uncommon but the city has made accessible a transport framework operated by the Coast RTA with reasonable admissions for guests and inhabitants. The cost of gasoline is $2.50–$3 per gallon, whereas the open transportation pass for coastal RTA is $40–$60 per month.
  • Healthcare: Myrtle Beach city has hospitals, clinics and healthcare offices to suit the wants of inhabitants and guests alike. Components like the scope of wellbeing protections and the medical administrations required can determine the cost of healthcare. You might pay up to $100–$200 for a doctor’s visit without insurance per arrangement. Additionally, you will be prescribed a few medicines that your insurance does not cover.
  • Entertainment: To see a movie, you might get a movie ticket for $8–$12. To visit local attractions, just like the historical center, entertainment parks may cost $10–$20.
  • Eating out: to eat at an ordinary eatery for one individual costs around $10–$20, but that of a fancy or high-course restaurant will cost more. For fast-food eateries, you ought to spend $6–$8.

In general, the cost of living in Myrtle Beach is said to be reasonable compared to other coastal cities within the United States. Costs such as utility bills may either increase or decrease based on person utilization or family estimates. Moreover, the cost gauges, as seen above, may be subject to change based on inflation and other variables. The best thing to do is to arrange and budget according to the costs you have inquired about and affirmed based on the range of Myrtle Beach you are staying at.


In summary, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina offers a wide range of good paying work openings and may be a perfect goal for career-driven experts trying to find monetary stability and balanced social life in a coastal city.

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