10 Best Place In Athens To Stay


Athens, the capital of Greece, is a place surrounded by a beautiful and cozy environment where one can stay. The best place to stay in Athens depends on preference, budget and duration of stay. The level at which historical records have documented the history of Athens cannot be overemphasized due to how big the land is and its geographical location.

In my view, Athens is one of the largest cities in Greece. It is the capital of Greece. It is described as the heart of ancient Greece, in which civilization and Aristotelian knowledge originated. However, the best places in Athens to stay are numerous; some include Syntagma Square, Plaka, psyri and lots more.

In this article, we will delve into what Athens is about, the best place in Athens to stay and factors to consider when deciding where to stay in Athens.

Athens: Meaning

Athens is a city and also the capital of Greece; it happens to be the largest city in Greece. It was a small community before it grew into a city. They are known for civilization and art. The land is the birthplace of democracy, which has improved their culture, modern civilization, innovation, etc.

Furthermore, Athens is a place where a combination of different things is available depending on where you wish to stay or visit. Places like museums, shopping, restaurants, beaches, historical sites, clubs, bars, archaeological sites, etc.—with these various beautiful places, it is certain that you will enjoy your stay in Athens.

Athens, which is the capital of Greece, has its basic features as a place one can stay. The features include:

The Parthenon is an ancient Greek structure that still exists to date. It is called the Temple of Athena, which is for the purpose of honoring the goddess of Athens.

The acropolis: acropolis means city by the edge. They are places used for shelter and defense against various enemies, which gives even visitors a feeling of safety.

The Agora: The agora is a particular place where people gather. It is the birthplace of democracy, which is located in the central area of the town.

The Best Place In Athens To Stay

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When considering the best place to stay, you need to put something into consideration pending your preference of where and what you like most from the numerous places in Athens. The following are the best places to stay in Athens:

1. Syntagma Square

Syntagma Square happens to be the center of Athens. It is a public area to lock the capital. It is very close to the parliament building; it is an area full of archeological and plant sites.

2. Plaka

This is another great place to stay in Athens; it is located close to the Acropolis. It is full of traditional Greek architecture and historical events or sites like the theater of Dionysus, the odeon of Herodes, Atticus and Aeropaus Hill.  All these characteristics of plaka have brought about more uniqueness and attraction to that particular. If you are a lover of historical sites, then Plaka is for you.

3. Psyri

This is an area located north of Plaka; it is known for nightlife and is a place where clubs and bars are easily found. It is also a place full of social activities. If your life falls on this definitely, psyri is for you to enjoy the wonderful experience.

4. Monastiraki

This is an area in Athens where you can be comfortable. It is very close to the southern area of Plaka. It is known for shopping, especially at the Monastiraki Flea Market. There are many restaurants located there where different traditional dishes are prepared.

5. Koukaki

Koukali is a place close to Acropolis, which is between Acropolis and Plaka. It is known for local experiences where no attractions are found because it is a residential area. For you to stay in an environment like this, you must be a person who enjoys staying in a cool, quiet environment.

6. Kolonaki

It is a peaceful and safe place where you can stay with your family. It is known for its art gallery and stylish café. In this area, you can easily locate museums where you can go for a visit with your family. We have museums like the Christian Museum and the Byzantine Museum,  but the major attraction is Lycabettus Hill. It is a place you shouldn’t miss during your stay in Kolonaki.

7. Gaze

It is an area not far from the acropolis. It is where to stay on a budget. You can easily plan a visit to the nearby neighborhood because it is a place where you can move around so as to see how Athens lives its day-to-day life.

8. Athens Coast

This is a place close to the beach. You can go on a vacation. You can book a hotel on the coast. For those who are lovers of water or the beach environment, Athens is the best place to stay.

9. Glyfada

This area is very close to the sea. It is known for its beautiful beaches, vibrant nightlife and upscale shopping options. It is one of the best places in Athens that you can stay.

10. Exarchia

This particular place in Athens is known for culture, street art and budget travelers. You can consider staying here to have a peaceful and memorable experience.

Factors To Consider When Deciding Where To Stay In Athens

When you consider staying in Athens based on your choice, there is a need to consider some other factors first before making a decision. These factors will help you navigate what you should be getting based on the place you have chosen to stay in Athens. The following are factors you need to consider, which include:

1. Location

Location is one of the major factors when considering the best place to stay in Athens. Your needs, preferences, and daily activities will determine how well and quickly you can adapt to the environment.

More so, the essence of considering your location as a factor is based on the distance of your job, the nearest market to access things, the shopping center, etc. This is important so as to ensure a perfect and pleasant location to stay in Athens.

2. Safety

Your safety should be your priority when doing research on a place to stay in Athens. Also, do research on the rate of safety in the environment. Check if they have security, gates and fences around the house. Ask how often people experience stealing or robbery in their environment. When all this information is gathered, you can now know the best place to stay for yourself.

3. Cost Of Living

Consider the cost of living, which is an important factor in deciding the best place to stay in Athens. This will help you stay within your budget so as to avoid financial breakdowns during your stay in Athens. The cost of living is a crucial part of utilizing finance properly and accurately.

4. Climate

Climate is a factor to be considered when determining where to stay. Consider whether you are comfortable with the climate changes in the place you wish to stay. The climate conditions include the rainy season, the sunny season, the dry season, etc.

5. Culture And Lifestyle

You must be ready to regard the culture and lifestyle of Athens; in fact, you can learn how to respect and appreciate their culture. This is a basic factor you must consider so that you can be valuable and respectable in Athens.

6. Language

In Athens, the English language is the most spoken language used for communication with each other. You can learn some of their basic language so that you can freely communicate with them. You can learn this language by enrolling in it.

7. Health Care

Make research on their health care facilities so as to know their abilities in the aspect of healthcare. As you know, health is life; therefore, healthcare is an important factor you need to consider before staying in Athens so as to be sure you are safe in this aspect of your health.

8. Attractions And Activities

This is another factor you need to consider before you decide where to stay in Athens. Activities like exploring historical sites, mediums, places for adventures, etc. involve staying in a place that engages you in one activity after another.

9. Transportation

The means of transportation are very important to consider. In Athens, there are different public transportation options, which you need to know before staying in Athens. We have public transportation like buses, metros, and taxis.

10. Numbers Of People

The number of people staying together must also be considered. Ensuring you are all comfortable. That is, your number as a family or group will help determine the kind of place to stay in Athens.

Final Word

You can prepare to choose the right place for your trip in order to have a wonderful and memorable experience; therefore, to achieve this, you can read this article all over again so as to know the best place to stay in Athens.


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