Gypsy Rose Blanchard reveals recipe for ‘prison-style energy drink’: ‘Homemade Red Bull’

This jailbird’s beverage has fans thirsting for more.

Gypsy Rose Blanchard — the criminal-cum-social media star who served 7 years for the murder of her mom — has shared the “prison-style energy drink” she and her fellow felons concocted while behind bars.

The 32-year-old posted a video to TikTok on Tuesday revealing the recipe for the sugar and caffeine-fueled drink, described as “homemade Red Bull.”

“Everyone in prison usually makes these drinks because nobody gets Red Bull in prison,” Blanchard said in the clip, which has clocked up 27.2 million views.

The brunette begins by listing the ingredients needed for the fizzy drink: a bag of Jolly Ranchers, Kool-Aid Hawaiian Punch singles, strawberry Fanta and Folgers instant coffee.

But there’s no getting tipsy with Gypsy.

Blanchard clarified that there is absolutely no access to alcohol in prison, so the drink is suitable for teetotalers.

Staring out, she notes that it’s “kind of important” for the Jolly Ranchers to be crushed up before moving on to make the drink.

Taking viewers along step-by-step, Blanchard takes a “nice heaping scoop” of the instant coffee and puts it into a cup of water to allow it to dissolve.

She subsequently pours the coffee into a mixing bowl and adds in a single packet of the Kool-Aid.

For the next step: “You want to use a strawberry Fanta, because the whole point is to make it kind of juicy flavored, like very fruity.”

The former felon then mixes all the ingredients together, warning that it “will foam up and that’s completely OK.”

After giving it a “good mix,” she goes ahead and adds her pre-crushed Jolly Ranchers for an added sugar kick.

“You will want to serve it in a cup of ice,” she said. “Do not try to drink this warm. That would be absolutely disgusting.”

Blanchard gives the mixture one final swirl before pouring it over a glass of ice and taking a sip for herself.

The beverage appeared to be popular among prisoners at Blanchard’s facility, giving them some added energy while stuck in the slammer.

The unlikely influencer relayed a story about a time her “roommate” in prison came back to their shared cell to find her on her hands and knees cleaning the walls with a toothbrush.

“She’s like, ‘Oh, there Gypsy goes on the racks again,’” Blanchard laughed. “Because that’s what we call it in prison. We call this drink ‘the rack.’ I don’t know why it’s called that.”

According to a glossary of prison jargon from The Prison Journalism Project, a “rack” is defined as: “A prison-style energy drink. A combination of a caffeinated beverage such as soda, coffee or tea mixed with an enormous amount of sugar that is boiled down.”

Blanchard admits that she still drinks the prison-style drink to this day, even though she’s no longer behind bars.

She encouraged her followers to try the drink “if you’re brave enough” — and “if you’re super brave, instead of using the Fanta, use a Red Bull.”

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