How to Get Unlimited Free Traffic to Any Affiliate Link: 6 Simple Steps


Are you an affiliate marketer and you’re looking for how to get unlimited free traffic to any affiliate link?  Then, this article is for you. Affiliate marketing is one of the most common online businesses that a lot of people are venturing into and the way affiliate marketing works is quite simple.

Affiliate marketing is a type of online business that is based on the performance of the affiliate marketers, where the owner of the business rewards the affiliates for each sale made through the affiliate marketer. The work of an affiliate could include advertising or promoting the products and services of the business on their blog,  social media account and website.

When the affiliate advertises on any of their platforms with their affiliate link and any of the customers click on the affiliate link and make a purchase, the affiliate earns a commission. The commission could be a fixed amount or it could be based on the percentage of the sales.

As an affiliate marketer, to be successful in your affiliate marketing business, you need a lot of traffic. The more traffic you have on your website, the higher your chances are of converting those visitors into customers. In this article, we’ll be looking at how to get unlimited free traffic to any affiliate link.

Steps On How to Get Unlimited Free Traffic to Any Affiliate Link

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways for people to monetize their websites and make passive income. There are lots of affiliate networks like FlexOffers, Awin, ShareASale, ClickBank, Amazon Associates, etc. that give commissions on goods that are being sold through their website.

The most interesting thing about affiliate marketing is that it is very easy to start; you don’t need any capital to start up, training or previous experience. With just one click, you can create an account and start marketing different products and services.

There are a lot of ways that affiliate marketers can use to get unlimited free traffic to their affiliate links. In this article, we’ll be looking at some of the ways on how to get unlimited free traffic to any affiliate link.

1. Create Contents On Content Sharing Website

One of the ways on how to get unlimited free traffic to any affiliate link is to create content on a content-sharing website.  This is one of the ways to get visitors to visit your website by clicking your affiliate link.

In case you don’t know,  a content-sharing website is an online website that allows users to generate,  consume and share a lot of different content.  It could be in video format, text format,  images and audio.  Some common examples of popular content-sharing websites are YouTube, Medium and Reddit.

I’m sure you may be wondering how to get unlimited free traffic to any affiliate link using any of these content-sharing websites. Now this is it, the easiest way to do this is by writing interesting and engaging articles and then inserting your affiliate link.

2. Create Blog Posts For Different Websites and Blogs

The next step here on how to get unlimited free traffic to any affiliate link is to start creating posts for blogs and different websites and these posts that you’re generating should be done strategically. They should be in line with the goods and services you’re trying to sell.

For this to be very effective, you have to look out for keywords that have been trending in your industry and it should be keywords related to your product or service. Write an article or a blog post making use of those keywords.

Your article should be very explanatory and informative. You should try to answer every possible question your readers may want to ask when reading the article. After reading your article, readers will probably want to find more information about the same subject because the article was engaging and informative and this is where you insert your affiliate links.

After creating your content, you can now reach out to these websites and make your submissions. If the blogs and websites are satisfied with the quality of your content, then they will accept it and give you feedback.

3. Create Your Blog

The next step on how to get unlimited free traffic on any affiliate link is for you to create your own blog. Instead of going through the stress of creating content for other blogs and getting rejected, you can create your own blog and start advertising your goods and services there.

The importance of blogging when it comes to affiliate marketing cannot be overlooked. When you create interesting and engaging content with your affiliate link attached and post it on your blog, visitors who visit your blog to read your blog post can come across your affiliate link and click on it, thus leading them to your website.

There are lots of blogging platforms out there like WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, and Joomla. You can create an account and start blogging. You can leverage it to improve traffic to your website, generate more leads for sales, raise brand awareness and increase revenue.

Starting your own blog will give you the visibility you need. There’s a high probability that readers who visit your webpage will likely click on any affiliate links you present when they visit your website.

4. Make Use of YouTube As A Means Of Getting Unlimited Free Traffic

The fourth on the list of how to get unlimited free traffic on any affiliate link is to make good use of YouTube.  YouTube is one of the most popular and widely used video-sharing platforms.

You can start posting high-quality videos that are very engaging and quite informative. When you post these videos and they go viral very quickly, you’ll get a lot of views. The more popular your video becomes, the more likely it is that someone will click on your affiliate link and try to purchase the product you are marketing through it.

You can use YouTube, a video-sharing platform, to advertise your affiliate links. All you need to do is get your YouTube app installed on your device,  create an account, and start making video posts. The most important aspect of this is that making use of YouTube doesn’t require any technical experience or training.

5. Build An Email List Of Promising Customers

The next step on how to get unlimited free traffic on any affiliate link is by building an email list of potential clients.  This is another easy way to obtain free traffic to your affiliates’ websites. This involves getting all the emails of your potential customers and making a list of them. You can send them emails from time to time about your various products and services. This process is also known as email marketing.

Email marketing is very effective. It is one of the most effective direct marketing strategies. Getting the email of your potential clients might not be a very easy process but there are different ways you can obtain their email.

You can try to offer free resources like a free webinar, free ebook, or courses in exchange for their email addresses. This can help increase the number of subscribers. You can also promote your email list on social media platforms and encourage followers to subscribe for valuable content.  You can also make your email list very effective by sending valuable content and promotions to your customers to keep them engaged.

You can also create separate email lists for those who have made a purchase or those who are still considering. This would help you send targeted messages. You have to create and design a landing page that states the value that subscribers will get when they subscribe to your email list.

6. Create A Landing Page For Your Affiliate Links

The last step here on the list of how to get unlimited free traffic on any affiliate link is to create a great landing page for your affiliate links.

Landing pages are very useful when trying to get money from your affiliate links because they are the first point of contact that potential customers come across. A great landing page can bring in more sales because it also helps to clearly explain the benefits of your product or service and provides a clear call-to-action (CTA) for visitors to click on your affiliate link.

A good landing page also helps you gather information about customer opinions as well as highlight certain product details and it also helps in targeting a message to a specific audience, which can improve your click-through rate and sales rate.


In conclusion, in this article, we’ve looked at how to get unlimited free traffic to any affiliate link. The process of generating traffic is quite easier than most digital marketers believe.  All you need to be successful in your affiliate marketing is the right information,  good time management, and patience.

In summary, to get unlimited free traffic to your affiliate link, you can follow any of the steps we’ve listed above.  From creating content on content sharing websites, to making contents for blogs and websites,  to creating an email list of potential clients, to creating a compelling landing page. The list goes on and on.  By following these steps, you’ll be on the right track to getting unlimited free traffic to your affiliate link and earning more money from affiliate marketing.



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