How To Travel To Kuwait From Nigeria: 5 Important Tips to Consider


Why would anyone want to know how to travel to Kuwait from Nigeria?  There are so many reasons why someone would want to travel to Kuwait from Nigeria.  It could be that you’re going on a vacation with friends, families or loved ones; it could also be that you’re traveling for business purposes or for leisure to see, explore and learn about the culture and people of Kuwait. Whatever your reason for wanting to know how to travel to Kuwait from Nigeria, you’re in the right place.

Kuwait is quite a distance from Nigeria and for people who love traveling, this could be another adventurous and exciting trip. But for those who are on the other side of the table, this could be quite stressful and draining for them. But with the right information on how to travel to Kuwait from Nigeria,  the journey would be more enjoyable.

In this article, we’ll be looking at in detail how to travel to Kuwait from Nigeria.  We’ll be looking at the different transportation methods available, all the necessary requirements you need to have and the important information you need to have that will help you prepare for your trip. Whether you’re going for business or vacation, Kuwait is a very beautiful place with lots of beautiful attractions like Museums, mosques,  towers, etc. With the right preparation and information, you’re sure to have the best travel experience as you undertake the long journey from Kuwait to Nigeria.

Tips on How To Travel To Kuwait From Nigeria

1. Apply For A Travel Visa

The first thing you need to know if you’re asking questions on how to travel to Kuwait from Nigeria is that you need to apply for a travel visa. This shouldn’t be a strange thing to you because, without your travel visa, you won’t be able to leave the shores of Nigeria or even enter Kuwait.

The first thing you need to know is to inquire about the visa requirements for Kuwait, because the requirements for Kuwait aren’t fixed but vary based on important factors like your nationality, the purpose of your visit and the length of your stay. Some of the visa requirements include a valid passport, two passport-sized photographs, completing a visa application form, proof of financial ability or sufficient funds that can sustain you through your stay in Kuwait, and many others.

It is very important that you start the visa application process early because the process usually takes a lot of time. Providing all the necessary documents and correct information will help speed up the process. You can also choose to visit the Kuwaiti embassy or consulate in Nigeria to get first-hand information about the visa application process and to submit your application.

To apply for your visa, you can also make use of a visa service that will guide you and assist you through the application process. This would help you a lot and prevent you from making mistakes, especially when you are not so familiar with the requirements needed and how to go about the application.

2. Find out About The Different Modes Of Transportation from Nigeria To Kuwait and choose the Best

The second step here on how to travel to Kuwait from Nigeria is to find out the different modes of transportation and choose the best. The distance from Kuwait to Nigeria is like two worlds apart, choosing the best mode of transportation would go a long way in making your journey less stress.

There are different modes of transportation you can use to travel to Kuwait from Nigeria. You can choose to go by air, land or sea. Most people prefer traveling by air because it is very quick and convenient.  You can get direct flights to Kuwait from major cities in Nigeria like Abuja, Port Harcourt, and Lagos.

You can also choose to travel by land by going through neighboring countries, such as Saudi Arabia or Iran. Traveling by land is quite slow, but it would give you the opportunity to stop by and enjoy the view of different countries and learn about their culture and food as you journey to Kuwait.

The last option here is traveling by sea, which is quite risky. Well,  there is no direct sea route from Nigeria to Kuwait. This can only be possible if you travel by ferry or ship to other neighboring countries and then continue your journey by land or air. As you decide to choose any of these transportation modes, you should consider your budget, safety, time, comfort and convenience. Traveling by air is one of the most common and safe choices, though costly, that you can use to travel to Kuwait from Nigeria.

3. Choose Your Date Of Departure

After getting your visa and choosing the method you wish to use to travel from Nigeria to Kuwait,  you have to choose your date of departure. When choosing a date of departure, it’s best that you consider your budget, your schedules and some other factors that we’ll be looking at.

You have to consider the season before traveling. Most people prefer traveling during the summer months (June to August), while the low season is during the winter months (November to March). Traveling during the summer months is quite cheaper than traveling during the winter months.

You would also consider ongoing events and activities in Kuwait because traveling during major holidays and festivals can increase the flight fee and also affect availability. The weather in Kuwait is very hot, especially during the summer, You have to consider the weather when planning your trip. If you prefer cooler weather, plan your trip during the winter months. You must book your flight in advance to get a more affordable and cheaper rate.

4. Choose A Travel Insurance

If you’re traveling from Nigeria to Kuwait, you’ll need travel insurance.  Travel insurance helps cover the cost of medical expenses if you become ill or injured during your journey when you arrive in Kuwait. Travel insurance can also help cover the cost of replacing your belongings that may be lost or stolen during your trip.

In cases where circumstances are beyond your control and you miss your flight or your flight delays,  travel insurance can provide compensation for flight cancellations and also allow you to rebook your flight without incurring additional costs.

The benefits of having travel insurance when traveling to Kuwait from Nigeria are many. It is also very beneficial if you employ the services of reliable travel insurance.  Do your research and ask questions on the different types of travel insurance that are available. Ask questions about them and check reviews too.  Ensure you choose travel insurance that is affordable, in line with your budget and best meets your needs. Make sure you read through their policy, ensure you have a good understanding of the terms and conditions of the policy and ask questions about any possible exclusion or insurance.

5. Find Out Information About Laws,  Rules and Regulations and Customs of Kuwait Before Departure


The next thing you need to know on how to travel to Kuwait from Nigeria is you have to get to know about the existing laws of the country that affect you as a visitor or tourist. One thing you need to know is that Kuwait is a beautiful country that has a rich cultural heritage and there are laws and customs that must be followed by all, including visitors in the country.

The first thing you need to know about Kuwait is their dressing style. The people of Kuwait have a very conservative dress code, especially for women. As a lady in Kuwait, it is expected that you wear dresses that properly cover your body, covering your shoulders, knees and arms when in public. Indecent dressing or exposing of sensitive parts of the body is not allowed. It is against their dressing culture. For lovers of Alcoholic drinks  Alcohol is illegal in Kuwait and possession or consumption of alcohol is punishable by fines and imprisonment.

For the time you stay in Kuwait, you can substitute your alcoholic drinks for fruit drinks and other drinks that are legal in Kuwait. For tourists and especially for those who love taking pictures for memory’s sake, taking photographs in public in Kuwait without permission from authorities can be viewed as a violation of privacy and is punishable by law. It could lead to imprisonment or payment of fines. You must find out more about the laws and ensure you obey them to avoid getting into trouble.


In conclusion, in this article, we’ve looked at five things you need to know on how to travel to Kuwait from Nigeria. Traveling from Nigeria to Kuwait is quite a distance, it takes about 9 hours and 52 minutes to get to Kuwait from Nigeria by air.

Traveling to Kuwait from Nigeria is an exciting journey as it allows you to experience a new culture, explore new places, and try new things. If you follow all the tips listed above, you’ll have a successful and stress-free trip to Kuwait. You must also choose a mode of transportation that suits your budget, preferences and safety.



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