I run a nude resort — this is the sick behavior that will get you kicked out

She’s sharing the naked truth about running a nude resort.

A British woman who relocated to Fuerteventura, Spain to open a beach retreat for nudists says there’s several boorish behaviors that guarantee guests get booted by their bare backsides.

Karie Jane, 57, says most clothing-averse vacationers are impeccably behaved at her BHH Naturist Resort, but any lewd conduct is not tolerated.

For instance, pervs who obviously display their erections will face stiff punishment by being escorted off the premises.

‘If you see someone with an obvious erection and is purposely drawing attention, let a lifeguard or authorities know about this and in most cases, they will be kicked out and banned from coming back again,” Karie’s website states, per the Daily Mail.

The resort owner and her team understand that erections may occur, especially among nudists who are new to the game.

Those who accidentally engorge will not be punished, so long as they cover up and are subtle about their bulging member.

Photo credit:Naturist Canaries

“The best way to deal with this is to either turn over on your towel, or if you are at a beach, you can stay in the water until your situation comes more under control,” Karie claims.

Meanwhile, any horny holiday-makers who engage in public sex will also be evicted — and possibly prosecuted.

“It’s not only offensive, but illegal,” Karie declares on her website, saying there is zero tolerance for such conduct.

While cameras are not banned from BHH Naturist Resort, you’ll be asked to leave if you’re caught snapping images of other nudists without their permission.

Visitors must also be extremely mindful while taking photos to make sure no other nudists are included in any background.

“If you are going to take a photo it’s best you make sure that everyone that is in the shot, you have their permission, or you might just see yourself kicked out,” Karie stated.

The same goes for guests who gawk at other nude patrons.

Etiquette in every situation, not just naturism, is about respect and thoughtfulness to others about our own conduct,” Karie says.

“With a bare bottom you should always sit on a towel out of politeness and hygiene to others. This is one example of etiquette that then promotes kindness, consideration, and humility.”

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