I thought I’d rented a room in Italy with a ‘sea view’ — I’ve never felt so scammed

Don’t believe everything you sea.

An Argentinian woman who paid a fortune for an idyllic “seaside” hotel room in Italy was horrified after discovering that she’d been epically duped.

“I feel scammed, guys,” the alleged victim, Clarisa Murgia, captioned the clip, which boasts more than 3.1 million views on TikTok.

She shelled out extra cash for the bungle-low after seeing photos of a picturesque “sea view” in the bed and breakfast’s online advertisement, Newsflash reported.

The resort — whose exact location she did not disclose — was billed as a vacation of a lifetime.

However, when the content creator checked in, she discovered that the so-called ocean vista was actually just a picture of one.

The POV video, titled “expectation versus reality,” depicts the “marine vista” from the perspective of the influencer and her friends gazing out from the room’s deck.

However, when the camera pans closer, it becomes clear that the sea is actually just a poster on a grimy-looking building opposite the inn.

“No one has ever deceived me like this before, hahaha,” she declared in the clip.

TikTok commenters were amused by Murgia’s vacation catfishing, with one writing, “I am sorry, but this is hilarious.”

“I believed it for a moment,” confessed another.

A third wrote that the ad was technically “not lying” as she did get an “ocean view” — just not in the way she intended.

This isn’t the first time someone has been epically deceived by a vacation listing.

Last summer, a US professor’s UK vacation went down the toilet after he arrived at his Airbnb accommodation to discover that the bedroom and bathroom were one and the same — an “Airbnpee,” if you will.

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