I’m pregnant and looking for baby names — so I went to a cemetery

She was dying to find a great name.

A pregnant mom went viral online for parading her children through a cemetery as the family perused tombstones to decide the moniker of their sibling-to-be — filming the kids touching graves and all.

“When cemeteries hold the prettiest names, so you take the family to look for baby girl’s name,” mom of three Haley Brooks Hodge, known on TikTok as hodgehouse, said in a clip viewed over two million times.

Although the family field trip was to find ideas for a girl — Hodge bragged her sister’s name came from a graveyard — she couldn’t help but take mighty inspiration from namesakes like James or Julian.

As for female names found within the Old Smithville Cemetery in Southport, North Carolina, the real-life Addams family was drawn to plots inscribed with Salem, Winnie, Vienna, Olympus and Bunny.

Hodge also panned over one gravestone that simply read “gay.”

Other footage showed one of her children pushing up against another tombstone. She also showed former picnic tables where people would eat as they visited loved ones.

Photo credit: Ngan/AFP via Getty Images

Although some were supportive and thought filming children galivanting through a cemetery was “beautiful,” others ripped the mom for the seemingly tone-deaf antic to record.

Your name? Yeah it was just some dead woman’s name,” one person commented.

“Omg not on my alive body,” wrote another.

In a separate clip, Hodge alluded that a ghost from the graveyard had followed her family since they left.

“The Pacific Ocean is the largest mass grave on Earth but yet we still swim in it,” she captioned another video justifying her actions, also noting that people die at Disney World, too.

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