Instacart driver says she attempted food delivery to prison for ‘death row inmate feast’

It’s a feast worth dying over.

Chrishalea Farley, 39, received an Instacart order from a prison inmate and the delivery worker immediately believed the customer was ordering his last supper

In a 56-second clip, posted on her TikTok account @chrishaleafarley, she revealed the chicken wings meal the man ordered through the food delivery app.

It’s the inmate ordering through Instacart for me,” the video caption read with over 619,000 views.

Farley, an Instacart delivery worker, received a Publix order from an inmate inside a Georgia Diagnostic and Classification State Prison near Jackson, Georgia.

This man from prison done ordered him a whole platter of wings [with potato wedges] and these folks told me to turn right back around because he’s not suppose to have this,” she chuckled.

Farley panned the camera to the large Publix platter with at least four flavored saucy wings, a dipping sauce and a bag of seasoned potato wedges.

The Instacart order read, “See chaplain Miller for death row inmate… feast,” Farley told FOX News the receipt came to $15.66, plus a $3.23 tip.

When she initially received the order Farley admitted she was “feeling some type of way” delivering what she thought was the prisoner’s last meal before execution.

“He done sat there and ordered a meal on Instacart,” she laughed. “That man was [going to] eat good in this prison.”

Authorities at the Georgia Department of Corrections notified Farley she couldn’t complete the delivery and instructed her to donate it.

“I can’t make this stuff up but man let me tell you something God may not come when you want it but he’s right on time, because guess what me and my kids are eating for dinner tonight? Some wings and potato wedges,” Farley cackled.

The clip had viewers laughing over the criminal’s food delivery bust.

“Not death row inmate feast,” laughed one person.

“Ordered a meal with an illegal phone that he don’t suppose to have!” added another.

“[Man] in his cell watching this [right now] wondering why he never got it,” joked a woman.

“I had an inmate’s mama order 60 pizzas before!!. My Sgt called me and was like “Ms D, did you order 60 pizzas” laaaaawd. They put it under MY name. Sent them pizzas right on back to Pizza Hut!” admitted a prison worker.

In a follow-up video, the Georgia woman revealed she ended up donating the wings to herself.

“We cleared those wings,” she heckled while chowing down on the chicken. “I don’t know what kind of wings they were but they were good.”

Many people don’t blame Farley for taking the rejected meal for herself.

“Nah them wings look good af though,” commented a watcher.

And [I] would of took it back to my house,” another confessed.

“Enjoy your dinner! Blessed and highly favored,” praised one woman.

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