International Agricultural Grants: Types, Benefits ad How to Access Grants


In a world where agriculture is the order of the day, there is no doubt that suitable and recognized provisions will be offered in order to ensure productivity and consistency. International agricultural grants have played a crucial role in the growth of the agricultural sector worldwide to date.

When talking about international agricultural grants, there is a need to understand what grant means in this context. A grant is the sum of money given by a government or other organization for a particular purpose.

In this article, we will gain insight on what international agriculture means, types, benefits, and how you can be eligible for an international agricultural grant.

International Agricultural Grant: Meaning

An international agricultural grant is a kind of fund issued or offered by the government or non-governmental organization to support the agricultural sector in developing countries.

This initiative has brought about collaboration between different countries around the world. In the sense that they now seek out each other’s needs based on the agricultural capacity of that particular country. The aims of this international agricultural grant are:

  1. Provision of food: This is one of the major aims of this organization. They tend to ensure provision for enough food in diverse countries through agricultural production.
  2. To ensure consistency, another idea of the international agricultural grant is to obtain a continuous practice of agricultural production to sustain the livelihoods of different countries.
  3. To provide solutions to challenges, the organization aims to provide solutions to the challenges facing different countries. These challenges include poverty, climate change, health issues, inadequate agricultural equipment, etc.
  4. Livelihood: Agriculture is a source of livelihood that the organization desires to maintain so as to ensure a suitable means of survival.

Types Of International Agricultural Grant

This grant on international agriculture, which deals with the funding of developing countries, can be in different forms depending on where your organization intends to apply for it.

The international agricultural grant can be of different types or forms. There is a need to know the types so as to guide you on the type of grant your business needs.

The following are the types of international agricultural grants:

1. NGOs And Donation Organizations

This organization is a combination of grants from Shell Petroleum Development Company, the Tony Elumelu Foundation and international funds for agricultural development that offer support and funds for agricultural development.

2. Research Institute And University

Projects relating to agriculture are being offered by the research institute and university for the purpose of offering grants to the agricultural sector.

3. Private Sector Initiatives

This has to do with agricultural business companies that are financially and well established to offer support or funds to farmers for effective agricultural production.

4. Cooperative And Farmer Associations

These are groups of farmers that form an association or cooperative. They are also types of international agriculture grants that can provide funds to those interested in setting up an agricultural business. They also assist their members in need of funds.

5. Government Schemes

There are different schemes or programs involved in the act of offering grants to farmers interested in boosting their businesses compared to before. This type of grant has been benefited by many farmers up to date.

6. International Agency And Development Partner

Those involved in this type of grant are the United Nations Development Program and the World Bank. They offer grants by funding agricultural projects.

The funds offered in international agricultural grants have to do with the funding of developing countries in agriculture. This grant can be in different forms based on the one you desire to apply for.

Benefits Of International Agricultural Grant

The following are the benefits of international agricultural grants:

1. Provision Of Food

Provision of food is one of the benefits of international agriculture grants .It provides food for both humans and animals in the sense that the grant issued for agriculture becomes more effective by ensuring food is made available in various countries.

2. Provision Of Cotton

Through the grants offered by international agricultural grants, there are provisions for cotton. These cottons can be used to make different types of cloth we wear today.

3. Provision Of Medicine

Through this grant, there are enough funds for the provision of medicine or drugs through the conversion of herbal substances. Efforts and resources have been made so as to get agricultural products to be used for medicine.

4. It Creates Job opportunities

Another benefit of agricultural international grants is that they create jobs for the citizens in the sense that the funds offered by the organization will be used for agricultural activities. As a result, more laborers and workers are needed.

5. It Contributes To The Wealth Of The Country

It seems agriculture is a profitable business; definitely, the country will profit more from this and be able to generate more wealth through the grant offered by the international agricultural grant.

6. Provision Of Technological Tools

Through this fund, technologies used to make our agricultural production fast and easy are made available for the purpose of effectiveness in agricultural production.

Moreover, the world keeps advancing on technology so that the agricultural sector is not left behind. To meet such standards, the program ensures the provision of technological tools.

7. It Helps To Manage Climate Change

As long as there are funds for agricultural production, therefore, managing and sustaining their product even in this climate will be easy and possible. For example, during the dry season, when there is no consistent rainfall, there are other measures employed in order to water the farm, which are a result of the funds offered.

8. It Eradicates Poverty

The poverty experience is a result of a lack of finance. As a result of this, the organization has made funds available so as to eradicate or reduce the level of poverty in different countries.

9. Citizens Become More Health

Consuming more agricultural products has been proven to be medically advisable to maintain good health. The funds offered by the organization help produce more, and as a result, as we consume more, we become healthier.

10. It Encourages More Agricultural Sectors

Due to the effectiveness of this grant program, others have also become interested in applying as a result of what they have seen. Remember, seeing is believing.

11. It Affects Educational Sectors

The program has been able to affect our education positively as long as there is enough provision for livelihood. The interest in education increases even to the level of providing means of education for adults, as you know no one wants to be accepted when it comes to acquiring knowledge.

How To Access An International Agricultural Grant

Agriculture is a sensitive part of all countries because it has a way of influencing the economy, the finances of citizens and our day-to-day activities.

Moreover, every citizen or organization that has keyed into this can attest to the growth and changes experienced in their agricultural business.

How to Access An International Agricultural Grant

1. Understanding The Type And Fund

Before applying for a grant, there is a need to first understand the type of agricultural funding that is available at that time so as to make the right choice.

2. Identify The Agricultural Business

For you to be offered an international agricultural grant, you must be able to identify the type of agricultural business you want to invest in.  Identifying helps define the scope of your business, its purpose, and how you intend to achieve your goals.

3. Make Research

After identifying the type of agricultural business you want to go into, there is a need to do important research relating to it, especially on the grants available and suitable for your agricultural business. What you are able to achieve determines what you will walk on; this is why you need to research everything you need to know before applying for a grant.

4. Prepare A Comprehensive Business Plan

There is a need to make an analysis of your agricultural business. This analysis can include market demand for your product, your financial budget, your competitors, how to sustain the business, etc.

5. Apply For a Grant

Now you can apply for the grant of your choice. Note that it is important to view and review over and over again so as to understand every requirement needed.

Furthermore, ensure you fill in the right information about you and your agricultural business so as to be considered for the grant.

Final Word

The world becomes insignificant without agriculture, which is why we keep emphasizing and ensuring continuous agricultural practice in the world. As a result of the idea, an international agricultural grant has been introduced for all farmers.

Therefore, as a farmer, you are not left out; rather, you are expected to read through it and apply for a grant.


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