14 Best International Travel Nursing Agencies in US


Looking to begin your career as a travel nurse and want to research all of the top international travel nursing agencies in US? Then we have you covered!

While there are many options to pick from, we compiled data from Indeed and Glassdoor to identify the top-rated international travel nursing agencies in US for 2023–2024.

Best of all, the ratings on these sites are provided by actual travel nurses who have worked for these businesses. So, in this piece, we’ll look at the top-rated international travel nursing agencies in US and learn a little bit about them.

We’ll also provide some recommendations based on our research to help you identify firms that offer the best perks, support and more.

By the end, you’ll have a clear understanding of what each company offers, allowing you to select the best travel nursing agency for your career goals.

Why become a Travel Nurse?

Being a travel nurse comes with numerous benefits. While hospitals and clinics are willing to offer competitive salaries and opportunities for advancement to attract top talent. Travel nurses have the freedom to choose assignments that fit their lifestyle, whether they want to explore new parts of the country, such as Austin or Denver, or spend more time with friends or family.

Until 2032, the Bureau of Labor Services predicts that over 200,000 new registered nursing jobs will be created each year.

This increase in opportunities puts nurses who are willing to travel in a unique position to perform critical roles in exchange for competitive income, excellent benefits and the opportunity to visit new places.

The Best International Travel Nursing Agencies in US for 2024

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Nurses are diverse in terms of skill sets and specialties. Choosing the best travel nursing agency begins with determining your priorities, which may include location, competitive salary or filling a particular function.

Here are the best travel nursing agencies to consider in 2024:

1. Atlas Medical Staff

Atlas MedStaff knows why many travel nurses choose this field of work. Every contract includes an “Atlas Adventure,”  a personalized experience that allows you to enjoy the fun and excitement of a new location.

On your off days, you can relax by going skiing, taking scuba lessons or attending an MLB game. Atlas Medstaff’s boutique approach to travel nursing includes comprehensive insurance and benefits packages, as well as long-term partnerships with your recruiter.

2. Host Healthcare

If you’re new to travel nursing, an organization that offers round-the-clock support can provide you with the extra help you need.

Host Healthcare can be reached via text, direct message, or phone at any time. Additionally, it provides 401(k) matching and medical coverage that lasts up to 30 days between assignments.

3. FlexCare Medical Staffing

A significant advantage of partnering with FlexCare is their S1NGLEPOINT recruiting system. Rather than collaborating with many departments (such as recruiting, HR, and payroll), FlexCare assigns you a single point of contact who handles all of your needs. Flexcare simplifies the entire process for experienced registered nurses seeking hands-on experience.

4. AMN Healthcare

If you’re looking for the top travel nursing firm with the most resources, AMN Healthcare has you covered. AMN Healthcare works with over 20% of the travel nurse industry, allowing them to provide exclusive deals with premier healthcare facilities. AMN offers the most job opportunities for specialized registered nurses.

5. Aya Healthcare

Aya Healthcare is the United States’ leading travel nurse agency. Its website allows you to search contracts in all 50 states, where you’re unlikely to find a shortage of job opportunities with competitive pay.

Aya also provides substantial perks, including scrub and certification reimbursements, as well as PTO and 401(k). Aya assigns a single recruiter to accompany you throughout the process, making it an excellent option for new travel nurses.

6. Nomad Healthcare Travel Nursing

Nomad Health is known for being one of the highest-paying travel nurse agencies and offers a weekly payment structure, making it ideal for experienced travel nurses who prioritize income.

Other reasons to select Nomad include licensing reimbursement, comprehensive benefits packages (medical, dental, and vision), and expedited onboarding experiences. Its recruiters are also less hands-on than firms such as Aya Healthcare or Flexcare.

7. RNNetwork

RNnetwork is the greatest travel nursing organization for RNs that values perks, as the agency’s benefits package is broad. Life insurance, free continuing education  and dental coverage (including orthodontics) are among the offerings. Similarly, RN Network has 24/7 access to physician consulting services, licensed therapists and a free mindfulness app.

8. Travel Nurse Across America

Travel Nurse Across America (TNAA) advertises itself as a travel-focused agency. The strategy extends beyond travel reimbursements, housing assistance and a concierge dedicated to matching you with the perfect location.

TNAA also offers a comprehensive employee aid program that includes counseling services, licensure reimbursements, and nondenominational care to make you comfortable and cared for during your assignment.

9. Trusted Health

Trusted Health, known for its excellent pay packages, aims to do more than simply find you a job.

This service attitude distinguishes it from other travel healthcare companies. Its online database includes a powerful search engine, city guides, and cost-of-living indices.

Similarly, Trusted Health’s emphasis on work-life balance provides access to mental health services, special events and continuing education tracking.

10. Axis Medical Staffing

Axis Medical Staffing is frequently ranked by industry groups as the best travel nurse firm. What distinguishes this firm from the rest is its devotion to client service and quick turnaround on new tasks.

11. Fusion Medical Staffing

Fusion Medical Staffing stands out for its all-inclusive approach to healthcare. It admits fresh graduates, conducts mentorship programs and focuses on volunteering and community work.

12. Travel Nurses, Inc

Although you must have at least a year of experience to work with Travel Nurses, Inc., it is worth considering after you have earned that experience. This agency is highly regarded for its commitment to transparency. To guarantee you get the correct assignment, recruiters conduct a thorough assessment to ensure that a new contract meets all of your requirements.

13. Prime Time Healthcare

If you want to add top-tier healthcare facilities to your résumé, Prime Time Healthcare is the travel nursing business to contact. It’s an excellent travel nursing agency for specialty RNs, with competitive compensation, day-one personalized healthcare plans and referral rewards.

14. Medical Solutions

Medical Solutions wants to provide “the same human touch you give your patients.” Despite its extensive network of 4,000 partner healthcare facilities, the agency maintains a boutique approach to customer service.

Medical Solutions provides an excellent benefits package, which includes 401(k) matching, life insurance and medical, dental and vision coverage. It also provides housing stipends, travel savings for rentals and hotels, and 24-hour customer service.

What is the highest-paying travel nursing agency?

There is no single travel nurse agency that offers the highest salary. In reality, every agency on our list offers competitive pricing. If you want to maximize the value of your contract, you should consider aspects such as location and contract type.

For example, travel nurses can make significantly more in California or New York than in Arkansas or Kentucky. Keep in mind that the former states have a higher cost of living than the latter.

Furthermore, a more specialized nursing career will usually pay more than a generic RN position. So, if you want to earn more money, try obtaining certificates or an advanced degree.

Travel nurse earnings are significantly greater than resident registered nursing salaries, regardless of the agency. The average yearly income for a travel nurse is $106,030, whereas local RN earnings are $82,750.


If you are new to travel nursing, you are likely to have a lot of questions. Take out your notepad and take notes.

Do I need to work with a travel nursing agency?

No. It is possible to acquire travel nurse assignments on your own; however, using a travel nursing service reduces the stress associated with job searching. Finding the greatest possibilities, getting your CV noticed by recruiters and assisting with state licensures are all significant advantages, especially if you change jobs many times a year.

Having a competent recruiter means having someone who is always on your side. They will fight for your needs, provide support from start to finish and assist you in obtaining financial benefits such as housing stipends, sign-on bonuses and travel reimbursements.

What Should I Look for Most When Choosing a Travel Nursing Agency?

Your recruiter is actively shaping your experience. From negotiating the greatest compensation to securing the best travel nurse lodging, your recruiter can make or break your experience. If you are not satisfied with your recruiter, don’t be afraid to request another point of contact or transfer agencies.

What are the highest-paying travel nursing agencies?

It’s always a good idea to shop around and negotiate with recruiters, regardless of whether an agency is known for paying well. Nonetheless, Nomad, Trusted, and Aya are known for being among the highest-paying travel nursing agencies.

Is a Travel Nurse Job Worth It?

Travel nursing provides excellent income, flexibility, and opportunities for professional growth, making it appealing to registered nurses seeking variety and adventure. However, like any other professional option, you should become acquainted with the reality of a travel nurse position. In addition to the highs and lows that all healthcare workers face, regular onboarding, shifting workloads and the loss of long-term benefits (such as retirement) are important potential drawbacks to consider.

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