Is It Safe To Travel From Lagos To Abuja By Road? Pros and Cons of Road Travel


Do you wish to travel to Abuja? Are you thinking of travelling to Abuja by road? Then the next question you would be asking is, “is it safe to travel to Abuja by road?” It is not a weird question to ask; no, it’s not. Due to the increased rate of insecurities, you are right to ask. A road trip is one that can be exciting and totally adventurous because you will enjoy the view. The different landscapes and abundance of rich culture are something that could excite every tourist.

Now back to your question: the determination of whether a road trip to Abuja is safe or not depends on a lot of factors. Some are very much within your control, while others are not.

In this article, we will be weighing the pros and cons of travelling to Abuja by road. This will make it easier for you to come to a conclusion on your own. Let’s go on to find the answer to the question: is it safe to travel to Abuja by road.

The Pros and Cons of  Traveling from Lagos to Abuja By Road

The answer to the question, is it safe to travel from Lagos to Abuja by road?, cannot be answered with  simple yes or no. Your safety is paramount and should not be handled lightly. In the history of road transportation in Nigeria, there is proven evidence to back up the answer ‘yes’ and ‘no’. This means that travelling to Abuja can be safe or unsafe, with concrete evidence. Let’s go on to outline the pros of travelling to Abuja by road.

Pros Of Traveling from Lagos to Abuja by Road

1. It Is Cheaper

Traveling to Abuja by road is very cheap and affordable when compared to the cost of travelling to Abuja by air or by railway. The exorbitant prices of airlines are one of the main reasons why many choose to travel by road. Most times, many people compromise their comfort for the affordability of road travel. You can check the websites of different transport companies to know the cost of traveling to Abuja by road.

2. It Is Very Exciting

The excitement that travelling to Abuja by road affords is one based on interactions. Traveling to Abuja is usually a long journey when you are travelling  from places like Lagos or any other state in the western part of Nigeria, states in the eastern and southern parts of Nigeria. On such a long journey, you are bound to interact with or share your views with someone at some point. These interactions give room for exciting conversations and, therefore, make your trip more fun.

3. It Exposes You To Other Cultures

Nigeria is blessed with a lot of different cultures, languages, beliefs and ethnicities. You might not have had close contact with different cultures before, road trips increase your knowledge about the different cultures in Nigeria. When travelling by road, you are opportune to taste the rich cultures abundant in Nigeria. Depending on the route you take, you might get the opportunity to see the traditional attires of the Edo men and women, the Igbo culture, Kogi people’s greeting culture and many others.

4. You Get To Enjoy The View

Although many people are not interested in the view, it does not in any way diminish the fact that many others are always excited to just watch the view. Nigeria is a place blessed with a variety of landscapes and rich nature. Traveling to Abuja by road can be like a tour for you, as you will be amazed at the sights you encounter on your way.

5. It Broadens Your Knowledge On How The Road Networks Work In Interstate Travels

The truth is that experiencing the road is much more explicit than merely hearing about it. You can be good with roads and know which turn to take at different times only when you travel by road. So one of the pros for is it safe to travel to Abuja by road is that it improves your navigation skills. The importance of navigation skills should not be undermined at all. Having them makes road travels very easy, fast and comfortable because you are sure of almost everything.

6. It Helps You Make New Connections

You would be surprised at the kind of connections you can make on a road trip. Apart from enjoying the conversations while in transit, you can make strong connections that last a long time after the road trip. And no, you don’t have to publicize yourself, a simple conversation can lead to ‘what do you do’ and it goes on from there.

Cons Of Traveling from Lagos to Abuja by Road

1. It Is A Time Consuming Means Of Transportation

Traveling by road always takes longer, which means that the journey might take you the whole day. Traveling to Abuja by road from places in the western, eastern or southern parts of Nigeria usually takes between 10 and 12 hours or more.

Apart from the normal hours it would take to travel to Abuja by road, unforeseen circumstances could also increase the amount of time you would spend on the road. Traveling during festive seasons will also increase the number of hours. This is because there will be heavy traffic during that period, as a lot of people will be traveling as well. So it would be better to travel ahead of that season or wait for it to pass. Surely, it also depends on the purpose of your trip and it’s urgency.

2. The Roads Are Not All Good

Nigerian roads have a long history for being bumpy and rocky. This is not prevalent everywhere in Nigeria but it is in some places. The bumpiness of the road, when added to the long distance, can be very unpleasant.

Apart from the bumpiness, there are places where erosion has washed away the roads. This makes it difficult to use these roads in extreme weather conditions like heavy rainfalls. The water from the rain will gather in the large potholes, making it difficult for vehicles to use the road without splashing water on passersby.

3. It Is Full Of Risks

Traveling to Abuja by road is very risky, especially if you are traveling with your personal vehicle. There is the risk of the vehicle breaking down and running out of fuel in a place that is very far from a filling station. There are a lot of risks; the risk of driving straight into the trap of armed robbers or kidnappers are also there. The news of insecurity in Nigeria is not really new but it has increased recently. Surely there is always a way around it and that is what we will be discussing next.

Safety Precautions To Take If You Want To Travel To Abuja By Road

  1. Ensure that you properly service your vehicle if you are traveling in your personal vehicle
  2. Ensure to have a spare tire, especially if you are traveling in your personal vehicle
  3. Ensure to leave your home very early in the morning to begin your trip. 5am in the morning is usually more preferable because you get to meet up with the first bus if you intend to use public transport. Leaving your home on time will help you get to Abuja in good time.
  4. Ensure to have snacks handy, especially if you have children traveling with you.
  5. Ensure to always drive on the right-hand side if you are driving with your personal vehicle.
  6. Take rest at designated places. There are certain places where public transportation drivers stop to allow their passengers to use the restrooms and also to eat. Take note of them and stop there. Take a few minutes to rest, eat and use the restroom.
  7. Ensure to fill up your fuel tank before the trip. Also, observe how much fuel you have and refill it at the fuel stations you will see on the road.
  8. If you are traveling in your personal vehicle, try to form relationships with the public transport if you are not very sure of the routes. This will make it easier for you to ask questions when you need to.
  9. Always have backup plans, like GPS navigators. These will help you in cases where you miss your way or need to break out of traffic at any time.
  10. Try as much as possible to keep the children entertained or busy. This will help them not to disturb the driver. This is in cases where you’re travelling with children.


Having read the pros and cons, is it safe to travel from Lagos to Abuja by road? The answer is yes, because most of the risks involved in traveling to Abuja by road can be properly managed. Traveling via public transport has a way of helping you avoid some things, even in cases of breakdown. Most public transport companies in Nigeria will ensure that they provide another vehicle to replace the one that has issues. This is easy because most transport companies have locations in most states and it would be easier to send a replacement vehicle.

Public transport companies also ensure your safety with their wide knowledge base of the places that are safe to ply and those that are not. For comfortability, public transport companies have executive options where you have options of air conditioning, food and entertainment.




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