Keith Urban talks about his daughters’ special time at Nicole Kidman’s award event.

Keith Urban is gearing up for some exciting ventures! He’s about to drop a new album and kick off a residency at Fontainebleau Las Vegas!

During a chat with “Extra’s” Melvin Robert, Keith spilled the beans on what fans can expect. He also shared some sweet moments about his daughters Sunday and Faith, who recently joined him on the red carpet to celebrate his wife Nicole Kidman’s AFI Lifetime Achievement Award.

When asked about his daughters’ feelings seeing their mom receive the prestigious honor, Keith simply said, “It’s great.” He also mentioned how wonderful it was to have their whole family, including Nicole’s sister, her husband, and their kids, at the event.

Reflecting on fatherhood, Keith expressed how hard it is to put into words. He admitted, “I continue to have a different way of looking at my parents and what they went through. This isn’t easy, and they did a really good job, so I’m very grateful to them.”

Keith’s journey to success has been remarkable. From his early days playing in clubs to becoming a global superstar, he’s seen it all. Growing up in Brisbane taught him to handle the spotlight and criticism with honesty and grace. He recalled how people in Brisbane were brutally honest, never sugarcoating their opinions. This upbringing helped him stay grounded and real in the face of fame.

Speaking about his upcoming residency in Las Vegas, Keith expressed his eagerness to get started. He said, “I wish it was now, actually. I’ve got to wait till October.” His enthusiasm for the show is palpable, and fans can’t wait to see what he has in store for them.

Throughout his career, Keith has remained authentic and true to himself. He’s not afraid to take risks and try new things, which is evident in his diverse musical style and stage presence. As he embarks on this new chapter with his album release and Las Vegas residency, fans can expect nothing short of excellence from the talented musician.

With his family by his side and a passion for music driving him forward, Keith Urban is ready to conquer the stage once again and leave his mark on the entertainment world.

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