Lisa Rinna Reunites with ‘RHOBH’ Co-Stars

Tommy DiDario from “Extra” caught up with Lisa Rinna in Central Park, New York City, to celebrate her latest movie, “Mommy Meanest,” and surprise some deserving moms with Rinna Beauty products for Mother’s Day!

Since stepping away from “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” last year, Rinna has been fully focused on her acting career. With a playful tone, she remarked, “Thank God!” Although she’s no longer a regular on the reality show, she still stays connected with some of the ladies. Recently, she had a delightful dinner with four of them, enjoying each other’s company. She didn’t disclose who attended the dinner, and there are no pictures because they decided against taking any.

While Rinna is relishing her time away from reality TV, she’s diving headfirst into her acting gigs. In “Mommy Meanest,” she portrays a wicked mother who cyberbullies her daughter with cruel texts. Interestingly, Rinna’s own daughter, Delilah Belle Hamlin, also stars in the movie, but she doesn’t play Rinna’s on-screen daughter. Despite Delilah initially not having aspirations to act, Rinna believes it’s in her blood, seeing her flourish naturally in her roles.

Apart from her acting endeavors, Rinna is also a savvy businesswoman, running her own beauty brand, Rinna Beauty. She’s passionate about her work and takes a hands-on approach to ensure the brand reflects her vision authentically. Rinna emphasized that she doesn’t just lend her name to the products; she’s deeply involved in every aspect of their creation.

As for “Mommy Meanest,” viewers can catch it on Lifetime on May 11th. Rinna’s excitement for the project is palpable as she talks about the film. She’s thrilled to share the screen with her daughter and explore new acting opportunities.

Reflecting on her journey, Rinna expressed gratitude for the chance to pursue her passions and evolve professionally. Acting has become a fulfilling outlet for her creativity, allowing her to delve into diverse characters and narratives.

In the bustling atmosphere of Central Park, Rinna exuded confidence and energy, embodying the spirit of a multifaceted performer and entrepreneur. Her enthusiasm for her projects, whether it’s acting or beauty, is infectious, leaving fans eager to see what she’ll conquer next on her dynamic career path.

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