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Are you looking for the best name for your little boy? Or, more specifically, the best Turkish baby boy names? You’ve come to the right place. Turkey has a long and rich history full of tradition and with that comes great baby names with beautiful meanings.

Turkey is a fascinating country bordered by Asia and Europe, creating a unique cultural dynamic that isn’t replicated anywhere else in the world. Turkish boy names are just as unique and impressive as the country itself.

Before selecting which Turkish male names are suitable for your son, it’s essential to know their history and why they are significant. Luckily, we have all of that information (and more) in the article below! Read on to discover 100 of the best Turkish names for boys rooted in the country’s history and culture.

Many of these Turkish boy names come with Persian, Greek, and European influences, too. Let’s dive in

Different Male Names In Turkey And Their Meaning

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These are classic Turkish baby boy names that have something inherently cool about them.

1. Abdullah

A religious choice among our Turkish names for boys, Abdullah means “servant of God.”

Pronounced ab-dool-LA, Abdullah is the Turkish version of the Arabic name Abd Allah. Being a good servant of Allah is very important in Islam, which explains why Abdullah is so common among Muslims. A well-known bearer was the father of prophet Muhammud, Abdullah ibn Abd al-Muttalib.

2. Adem

Adem is a biblical option within our Turkish male names, meaning “son of the red earth.”

Adem is the Turkish version of Adam, which comes from the Hebrew word “ adamah,” meaning “earth.” In the Old Testament, God formed Adam and Eve from the earth. Adem is common in Turkey and Bosnia, with bearers like pro soccer player Adem Buyuk and actor Adem Cejvan.

3. Adlee

Adlee is a Turkish male name meaning “just” or “fair.” Another possible meaning is “he who God judges.” While Adlee is a masculine name in Turkey, its variation, Adley from the U.S., is usually a girl’s name. So, Adlee may not be the best option if your son is Turkish American.

4. Ahmet

Ahmet is a Turkish boy’s name meaning “highly praised.” The Turkish variation of the Arabic name Ahmad, Ahmet, is derived from the verb “hameda,” meaning “to thank or to praise.”

5. Ali

Ali is an Arabic name meaning “lofty” or “elevated.” Ali was the cousin and loyal companion of the Prophet Muhammud.

After Muhammud’s death, he became the 4th caliph (AKA ruler) of the Islamic Nation.

Today, he is a significant religious figure in Shia and Sunni Islam. His name is prevalent all over the globe, especially in Turkey, and ranked as the 11th most popular Turkish name for boys in 2020.

6. Alpaslan

Alpaslan is a Turkish boy name meaning “heroic lion.” It is also spelled Alparslan, is super trendy in Turkey, ranking as the 8th most popular name for boys. This courageous name has a sporty side, belonging to soccer players Eratli and Ozturk. So, it could be a terrific pick if you want your son to be as brave and athletic as a lion.

7. Altan

Altan is a Turkish name meaning “red dawn.” Pronounced AHL-tahn, Altan is a common first and last name in Turkey. While it is thought to mean “red dawn,” it’s sometimes linked to the Turkic name Altin, meaning “golden.” Altan also means “golden” in Mongolian.

This striking name has received little usage outside of its home country. We think it has global potential, on par with trendy “an” names like Sebastian, Rowan, and Nolan.

8. Aras

Aras is a Kurdish, Persian, Turkish, and Urdu name meaning “equal” or “balanced.”

The name is derived from the Aras River, which flows through Turkey, Armenia, Iran and Azerbaijan. In Armenia, the river is named after Arast, the great-grandson of Haik, the founder of the Armenian nation.

Aras is also an unrelated Lithuanian name derived from the Old High German “arn,” meaning “eagle.” Famous bearers are Azerbaijani-Russian billionaire Aras Agalarov and American TV personality and Survivor winner Aras Baskauskas.

9. Asaf

Asaf is a Hebrew name meaning “gather” or “harvest.” Although Asaf didn’t originate in Turkey, it’s very trendy in the country, with two-part names like Omer Asaf, Ali Asaf, and Emir Asaf in the top 60 Turkish names for boys in 2020. Plain-old Asaf is less popular; it ranked #78 the same year.

The Arabic, Persian, and Urdu version is Asif. It was the name of Solomon’s vizier, or top advisor, admired for his wisdom and prudence in the Quran.

8. Balian

Balian is a Turkish boy’s name meaning “master, lord.” Pronounced BA-li-an, Balian may be derived from the Turkish “bal,” meaning “master.” However, its exact origins are unknown. The earliest bearer was a 12th-century crusader of Jerusalem named Balian of Ibelin. An alternative spelling is Barisan.

9. Bayram

Bayram is a Turkish name meaning “holiday.” In Turkey, Bayram is a word for nationally celebrated holidays, such as Halloween (Cadilar Bayram) and Christmas (Noel Bayram).

This festive word is also a name for guys, with bearers like Mughal military commander Muhammad Bairam Khan and Turkish Olympic boxer Bayram Sit.

10.  Bilal

Bilal is an Arabic and Turkish name meaning “wetting” or “moistening.” Pronounced as bee-LAL, Bilal was the most trusted companion of the Islamic prophet Muhammad.

He was one of the earliest converts to Islam, admired for his melodious voice, which permitted him to become the first Muezzin, or Muslim prayer giver, in Islamic history. This inspiring name received a high ranking of #95 in Turkey in 2020.

11. Cavit

Cavit is derived from the Persian name Javid, meaning “long-lasting” or “eternal.” Famous Cavit’s include Ottoman military officer Erdel and Turkish Olympic cyclist Cav. Cavit is a Turkish male name meaning “immortal.”

12. Efe

Efe is an adorable option among our Turkish male names, meaning “older brother.” An excellent name for an older sibling, Efe, pronounced EH-fee, is a trendy choice in Turkey. Its popularity is increased by 20 points from 2019 to 2020, moving from 78th to 58th in just one year.

Efe is also a variation of the Nigerian name Efetobore meaning “achieving wealth,” and a shortened form of the Greek Euphemia, meaning “well-spoken.”

13. Can

Can is a Turkish and Azerbaijani male name meaning “spirit, life, or heart.” In Turkey, Can is pronounced similar to the English name John.

The Turkish and Azerbaijani versions of the name are derived from the Persian word “jan,” meaning “soul.” The Circassians, however, use Can as a nickname for Janberk, alternatively spelled Canberk, meaning “strong warrior.”

14. Cem

Cem is a Turkish name for boys, meaning “twin.” It is the Turkish version of the Persian name Jam, a shortened form of Jamshed or Jamshid. Cem could be an attractive option if you have two babies growing in your belly or if your newborn son looks so much like you or your spouse; he could be your twin! A notable bearer is 15th-century Prince Cem, who unsuccessfully completed his mission with his brother, Prince Bayezid, to become Sultan of the Ottoman Empire.

 What are the rarest Turkish baby names for boys?

Are you after something more unique? In this article, we’ve got you covered with these great choices.

  • Afshin: Ancient king.
  • Burak: Fast and strong, like a lightning bolt.
  • Cahill: Young and innocent.
  • Candana: Sincerity and honesty.
  • Ceyhun: The name of a central Asian river.
  • Hosmunt: Clever person.
  • Kahraman: Hero.
  • Mazhar: Esteemed.
  • Miraç: Muhammad’s ascent to heaven.
  • Nijaz: Desire or wish.
  • Okan: An individual of a noble nature.
  • Ozan: A composer or storyteller.
  • Ruslan: Lion — a perfect name for your strong boy.
  • Safet: Pure
  • Volkan: Volcanic

What are cute Turkish boy names?

Still haven’t found the perfect name? What about something short and sweet?

  • Aagha: Control. A noble name.
  • Aslan: Lion.
  • Baris: Peaceful, quiet and calm.
  • Emin: Self-assured.
  • Ihsan: Kind man.
  • Kaan: King of Kings.
  • Niroop: Sparkling appearance.
  • Taner: Born with sunrise.
  • Timur: Iron man.
  • Ufuk: Horizon.
  • Zehab: Gold.
  • Zeki: Man of intelligence.
  • Zoltan: King or ruler.
  • Levent: Good-looking.

What are cool Turkish baby boy names?

Want your boy to be the coolest kid on the block? These are the Turkish boy names you’re looking for:

  • Aydin: Educated.
  • Barış: Peace.
  • Cemil: Kind heart.
  • Cetin: Tough, hard and strong.
  • Demir: One who is made of iron.
  • Duman: One who is helpful and supportive.
  • Eldar: Person born to fight with fire.
  • Eymen: Blessed and good fortune.
  • Galip: Winner.
  • Hakan: One who rules.
  • Halil: Friend.
  • Hasad: Harvest or reaping.
  • Kadir: Powerful.
  • Murat: A wish that comes true.
  • Neval: New city.
  • Sevket: Power and dignity.
  • Suleyman: Turkish form of Solomon, meaning peace.
  • Tabeeb: Doctor

What Is The Naming System In Turkey?

A Turkish name consists of an ad or an isim (given name; plural adlar and isimler) and a soyadı or soyisim (surname). Turkish names exist in a “full name” format. While there is only one soyadı (surname) in the full name, there may be more than one ad (given name).


In conclusion, in a few words, parents who have different linguistic, cultural, and historical preferences are all bound to find some great potential Turkish first-names for their baby boy in this list.




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