Meghan Markle ignites fierce debate after wearing dress called ‘Windsor’ during Nigeria trip: ‘Done as a snub’

Meghan Markle wore a special dress called “Windsor” when she went to Nigeria. This made people talk online. Some people thought it was funny or not respectful because Meghan and Harry left the royal family. Others thought it was just a coincidence. The dress cost $1,350 and is now sold out. Meghan wore it when she visited a school in Nigeria with Prince Harry. They were invited by Nigeria’s top military leader. Meghan chose not to go with Harry to an event in London celebrating the Invictus Games, which he started to help wounded soldiers.

Some people said Meghan is trying to show she still has ties to the royal family by wearing a dress named after them. They think she’s trying to make people think she’s still part of them. Others said it was just a coincidence and that people are making a big deal out of nothing.

People have different opinions about Meghan’s choices. Some people think everything she does has a hidden meaning. They believe she does things to send secret messages. Others think people are overthinking it. They say maybe Meghan just liked the dress and wore it without thinking too much about it.

Photo credit : AFOLABI SOTUNDE/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock

Meghan’s dress was fancy and popular. It sold out quickly even though it was expensive. She looked nice wearing it. Meghan and Harry went to Nigeria for an important reason. They wanted to support the country’s military. Meghan decided not to go to London with Harry for another event. She stayed in Nigeria with him instead.

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