Miss USA and Miss Teen USA walked away from their roles, claiming they were pushed out by the organization’s CEO, according to insider sources.

The world of beauty contests is turning sour. Earlier this week, Miss USA Noelia Voigt surprised everyone by saying she’s giving up her crown just seven months after winning it because she’s facing mental health problems. Voigt, who is 24 years old, is the first winner in the pageant’s 72-year history to choose to leave on her own.

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Last Wednesday, 17-year-old Miss Teen USA UmaSofia Srivastava, who used to be Miss New Jersey Teen USA, also left.

She said in a statement that her own beliefs don’t match up completely with what the organization is doing anymore.

People who know about it say that Voigt and Srivastava have been going through tough times for months. They had to keep quiet and pretend everything was okay, even though they were facing problems at work.

Someone close to what’s happening told The Post that the bad atmosphere is really worrying. They think it’s important for the leaders to step in and fix things as soon as possible.

This happened right after Claudia Michelle, who was in charge of Miss USA’s social media, left her job on May 3rd.

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On Instagram, Michelle said, “I don’t like how the bosses talk about the titleholders. It’s not right or professional. I don’t support bullying or bad behavior at work.”

She said, “I think Noelia and Uma are feeling really bad, and I can’t stay quiet about it.” Someone who knows all three women told the Post they all decided to quit at the same time on purpose.

Miss USA and Miss Teen USA walked away from their roles, claiming they were pushed out by the organization’s CEO, according to insider sources.

It was a tough choice. Noelia and UmaSofia are really committed and worked super hard for the pageant. They didn’t make this decision lightly.

They all agreed to do it together,” the insider said. “They’re scared to speak up more right now because of the organization.

They don’t want it to hurt their futures. The bullying has been so bad that Srivastava’s parents even stopped the president of the Miss USA Organization, Laylah Rose, from talking to their daughter.”

Her parents had to handle all communication. They meet every week with the Miss Universe Organization, hoping to make things better for Miss USA, but nothing ever changes. No improvements, nothing,” the insider said.

At the beginning of the week, fans on Instagram noticed a secret message in Voigt’s resignation. The first letter of each sentence spelled out, “I AM SILENCED.” Sources say this was done on purpose.

Every day, Noelia feels really worried because she gets bossy emails from the pageant organizers, telling her what to do and what not to do. They’re always watching her every move and it’s really bothering her.

Michelle told The Post that Noelia’s contract, meaning her pay, was used to pressure her. They would say, ‘If you don’t do XYZ…’ For example, following social media rules from the Miss Universe Organization that, as a social media director, I still hadn’t seen.”

Voigt, who became Miss USA in September 2023 after competing in the pageant for many years, said in her resignation post: “I believe it’s important to make choices that feel right for your mental health.”

An insider told The Post that Laylah Rose, the president of Miss USA, was secretly posting on behalf of Voigt and Srivastra. In August 2023, Rose took control of Miss USA and Miss Teen USA. She also has a fashion line called Laylah Rose Couture.

“Noelia and UmaSofia couldn’t post on the Miss USA Instagram anymore,” the insider said.

“Laylah would post as Noelia, making people think Noelia was posting. She posted something with UmaSofia yesterday, saying, ‘I support my Miss.’ But UmaSofia didn’t post that,” the insider said.

Rose said in a statement to The Post: “Our goal at Miss USA is to celebrate and empower women.”

Sources say Voigt’s problems started when she was promised an apartment but ended up living in Florida.

In October 2023, the company that owns the pageant filed for bankruptcy.

The insider also told The Post that Rose dismissed Voigt’s claims of being harassed.

“The last straw was during Voigt’s last appearance as Miss USA. She was told she couldn’t go because her handler had been fired. Voigt went anyway.

Dani Walker, a former Miss Montana and pageant coach, said: “How have we not made mental health a priority for titleholders after what happened to Cheslie Kryst?”

“Noelia was in pageants for seven years. Imagine achieving your dream only to walk away from it. You only have two months left,” Walker said.

Before Rose took over, Miss USA was accused of being rigged.

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