Mom melts down after son snubbed at elementary school award ceremony: ‘Single these motherf—king kids out!’

If mom’s not happy, nobody is happy. 

An Atlanta helicopter mom proved that adage was true on Tuesday as she erupted in expletives at an elementary school awards ceremony after her son was snubbed in spite of his scholastic achievements. 

“His report card says different,” spat the outraged mama bear as the school principal attempted to tame her outburst. “Pull that s—t up!”

Footage of the eye-popping exploit caught viral wildfire, gathering over 6 million TikTok views. 

“You’re gonna single these mother f- -king kids out,” barked the unnamed woman, whose son is said to be in first grade.

Stunned parents and children were seen sitting silently in the auditorium, watching on in horror. 

“Let’s go!” the mom yelled to her little one as they stormed out of the ceremony.

Shocked social media spectators sympathized with the woman’s son, leaving comments such as: “I can’t imagine how humiliating that must of been for that child,” and “He probably felt embarrassed.”

And unfortunately, moms and dad who parent with extreme intensity, strict rules and short fuses tend to impose a great deal of psychological damage onto their tots. 

Research from Ohio State University published earlier this month found that harsh parenting practices lead to a higher risk of mental, behaviors and emotional health issues in children. 

“We have high expectations for ourselves as parents; we have high expectations for what our kids should be doing,” said lead study author Kate Gawlik. “Then on the flipside, you’re comparing yourself to other people, other families, and there’s a lot of judgment that goes on.”

And whether it’s intended or not,” she added, “it’s still there.”

Amy Chua, a self-crowned “tiger mom” who demanded perfection from her daughters as kids, shared those sentiments. 

The author recently revealed her remorse for openly “losing” her cool when the girls, now both young adults, fell short of her incredibly high standards. 

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“I still believe achieving excellence can bring a lot of benefits, and I’m glad I instilled a sense of grit in my kids,” said the reformed helicopter parent. 

“But the things I regret more are the harsh things I said to them and losing my temper.”


“But the things I regret more are the harsh things I said to them and losing my temper.”

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