NY correction officer shares ‘racist’ biscuits and gravy post about Georgia jail, sparking investigation

A veteran Westchester County corrections sergeant is under investigation for a “racist and offensive” social media post ridiculing Georgia jail guards, officials told The Post.

Sgt. Michael Bourhill’s off-color post shows a group photo of the Georgia Department of Corrections – most of who are black and some appear overweight, with the title, “Damn!!”

“They must serve some good biscuits and gravy at the Georgia Department of Correction,” the caption under the image reads.

The post came to the attention of county officials last week, prompting a probe.

“Last week the Department of Corrections became aware of an inappropriate social media post and launched a formal investigation,” county communications director Catherine Cioffi said in an email.

“Posting or reposting inappropriate images is a violation of Westchester County employee policy,” Cioffi said. “Employees who violate this policy will be subject to formal disciplinary charges.”

A Westchester County black corrections officer group took even more umbrage, calling the post racist.

“The Westchester Correction Association strongly condemns the racist and offensive social media post shared by a Westchester Correction Sergeant,” the group said on Facebook.

“Sharing this post is not only unprofessional and inappropriate for any law enforcement supervisor as well as deeply racist and demeaning,” the group said. “To merely share such a post is offensive to this supervisor’s colleagues and co-workers.”

The association called on county officials “to take immediate steps” to address the incident.

Bourhill and the corrections supervisors union that represents him did not immediately return a call from The Post seeking comment on Wednesday.

A spokesperson for the Georgia Department of Corrections also did not return a request for comment.

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