Oprah Revealed Why She Stepped Down From WeightWatchers Board

Weeks after saying she’d leave WeightWatchers’s board, Oprah Winfrey explained why. She wanted to talk freely about her weight journey. She’s hosting a special show on weight loss drugs soon. Oprah joined the weight-loss company in 2015 and was a public face for it. She’s not leaving completely but things will change.

Why is Oprah quitting WeightWatchers’s board? She started taking a weight loss drug in February, which breaks her deal with WeightWatchers. They said her exit would avoid any issues. Oprah said WeightWatchers now gives weight-loss drugs, so she didn’t want any conflicts.

Oprah also wants to talk freely on her upcoming show about weight loss drugs. She plans to donate her shares in WeightWatchers to a museum. Her shares were worth a lot, but their value dropped after she left.

Even though she’s leaving the board, Oprah will still work with WeightWatchers. She wants to talk about weight and health more. The chairman of WeightWatchers’s board thanked her for her work.

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Oprah has had a long journey with her weight. She’s talked about it on TV and magazines. She’s faced criticism and struggled with her weight. But she’s also learned to accept herself and feels better now.

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