10 Top Pacific Island Cruises 2023


Have you travelled by sea on a standard cruise ship that has a length of about 900 to 1,200 feet and  a width of 110 to 200 feet? How secured and excited were you, along with the amazing and charming view of the endless ocean?

Imagine yourself on the largest Pacific land cruise, the Ovation of the Seas, which is owned by Royal Caribbean International. A 1,184 feet in length and 154 feet by width ship with about 4,905 guests and 1,500 crew members aboard. Imagine the scenario and how it will feel for you.

These Pacific Island Cruise ships have some generic enchantment and breathtaking feelings they bring. As these ships are better defined as floating luxuries, as passengers enjoy benefits like:

  1. Luxurious accommodations
  2. Fine dining
  3. Diverse onboard activities
  4. Relaxation and adventure.

Pacific Cruise in Pacific Islands

The most popular Pacific Island cruises in 2023 allow it’s travelers to explore the stunning islands in the Coast of South Pacific like;

  1. Tahiti
  2. French Polynesia
  3. Fiji
  4. Vanuatu and more.

As far as their destinations are concerned, each of these have different features that set them apart from the rest. As we talk about existing Pacific Island cruises in 2023, it is also important that we talk about the top 10 cruises that envoyage the Pacific Island’s waters.

In this article, we will clearly state 10 Pacific Island Cruises ships and discuss their features, accommodations, and unique aspects that make them stand out. And finally, talk about a few celebrities who are involved in the business.

10 Pacific Island Cruises 2023

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You get a luxurious experience when traveling on one of these cruises, which includes:

  1. A sense of mature and professionally stylish accommodations
  2. Mouthwatering gourmet dining
  3. And exclusive amenities for you as a passenger.

Here are our top 10 Pacific Island Cruises for 2023.

1. m/s Paul Gauguin (Paul Gauguin Cruises)

Hence, the m/s Paul Gauguin is a giant vessel that was specifically built for the South Pacific alone. It has a capacity of about 332 guests in total.

It stands elegantly being beautified with the Polynesian-inspired arts and decorations, which create a captivating atmosphere onboard.

Key Features

  • Built for the South Pacific, which helps it enjoy smooth navigation through the region’s waters because it was built for that region.
  • Each room on the cruise ship has a balcony where guests who want serenity can stay to enjoy the breathtaking views of the ocean.
  • There is an onboard watersports marina that carries accessory paddleboards, kayaks, and snorkeling gear.
  • And also, the ratio of the ship crew to guests is nearly 1:1, which ensures exceptional service and good enough attention.

2. Celebrity Solstice (Celebrity Cruises)

Another cruise ship is the Celebrity Solstice (cruises), with a capacity of 2,850 guests. What celebrity stands for goes beyond just luxurious accommodations and can also include innovative entertainment options. Celebrity Cruises can play the sea from 10 to 18 nights after takeoff. After it departs Sydney, it sails into Auckland, or Honolulu and then visits the lush South Pacific.

Key Features

  • It has a lawn club, a real grass-covered outdoor area that provides that charming space for relaxation and recreation.
  • It has special restaurants, like the Qsine and Murano, that give the taste of different dining experiences.
  • It also has AquaClass staterooms that possess spa-inspired amenities and an exclusive Blu restaurant
  • This cruise has a live music band performance. It is called the Solstice Theater.

3. ms Oosterdam (Holland America Line)

In the year 2023, Holland America Line’s ms Oosterdam sailed to the Pacific Islands with a capacity of 1,964 guests. Ms Oosterdan has an elegant appearance that gives this ship a classic cruise look with modern vibes.

Key Features

  • The ms Oosterdan has a Greenhouse Spa & Salon that brings a serene atmosphere for relaxation.
  • It has a Culinary Arts Center where guests are given Food & Wine Magazine. And it also offers a practical cooking class and some demonstrations.
  • The ms Oosterdam has a spacious verandah outcourt and luxurious Neptune Suites.

4. Pacific Princess (Princess Cruises)

The Pacific Princess, which is operated by Princess Cruises, has a capacity of 670 guests. Princess Cruises sails from Tahiti to the Tuamotu Archipelago and other South Pacific islands as well.

Key Features

  • It has a small size, which allows it to explore remote destinations.
  • The Pacific Princess has an adult-only retreat-like party called the Sanctuary.
  • Passengers and guests enjoy a good collection of good dining options without formal assignments by using the ship’s signature “Mix” program.

5. Regent Seven Seas Explorer (Regent Seven Seas Cruises)

The Regent Seven Seas Explorer is a 750-guest capacity ship.

Key Features

  • It has a Culinary Arts Kitchen, which is a practical cooking school at sea, where you can learn from master chefs while onboard.
  • This ship has a groundbreaking length of over 4,400 square feet. It has a good number of rooms, a personal butler and 24-hour dining.

6. Crystal Serenity (Crystal Cruises)

This is a 1,070-capacity guest ship. Which offers an experience of luxury at the highest level while still maintaining the vibe of private and personalized services.

Key Features

  • The ship has compelling lectures and cooking demonstration programs for its guests.
  • The Crystal Spa & Salon provides guests with an atmosphere for relaxation and rejuvenation.

7. Norwegian Joy (Norwegian Cruise Line)

Norwegian Joy is a large cruise that has a capacity of 3,998 guests and offers a range of accommodations to suit all travelers.

Key Features

  • The Observation Lounge gives an amazing view with a live music performance band.
  • It has a category of exclusive suites like the Haven and Observation Tower Suites.
  • It also has a virtual reality and interactive racing game center on board.
  • The ship’s diverse dining options, like
  • The Tex-Mex-inspired Q Texas Smokehouse
  • The contemporary Japanese restaurant, Ocean Blue.

8. Silver Spirit (Silversea Cruises)

Silver Spirit sails to the Pacific Islands with a capacity of 608 guests. A free bound luxurious cruise that is comfortable enough for all guests.

Key Features

  • The ship has the added benefit of unlimited Wi-Fi, beverages and gratuities.
  • The Silver Spirit has a variety restaurants, like: The Italian-inspired La Terrazza, and the contemporary French hotspot Spaccanapoli
  • The ship conducts a spa and wellness program while onboard called Spa & Fitness.

9. Seabourn Encore (Seabourn Cruises)

Seabourn Encore is another sizeable cruise ship that has a capacity of 604 guests, including an ultra-luxury cruise experience.

Key Features

  • The Seabourn Encore’s spacious accommodations assure guests of large balconies and personalized butler service onboard.
  • It also have a collection of diverse dining options, like; The intimate Earth & Ocean restaurant, and the casual, alfresco Sushi restaurant

10. Star Breeze (Windstar Cruises)

Windstar Cruises (Star Breeze) has a capacity of 312 guests and also offers small ship cruises to;

  1. Australia
  2. Tahiti
  3. New Zealand
  4. Indonesia
  5. Singapore
  6. Bali
  7. The Cook Islands.

Key Features

  1. The ship allows its guests to enjoy kayaking, paddleboarding and some other water activities.
  2. The ship has a collection of dining options, like the elegant Compass Rose restaurant and the casual, alfresco Star Grill.

Prices For South Pacific Cruises In 2023

You can consider purchasing one for your personal values. Hence these prices for South Pacific Island cruises in 2023. They vary, though, depending on the cruise line, itinerary and cabin type.

  • Carnival offers South Pacific cruises departing from Sydney or Brisbane for $1,099 AUD per person.
  • Celebrity Cruises offers South Pacific cruises for $899 USD per person.
  • Princess Cruises offers cruises from
  • Tahiti to the Tuamotu Archipelago
  • Other South Pacific islands: $1,299 USD per person.

Most Luxurious South Pacific Cruises in 2023

Now note that the prices for South Pacific cruises are generally expensive but here is a list of the most expensive ships to book. Their prices can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars per person.

We will recommend that you check with the specific cruise line to get updated information about their prices.

1. Norwegian Spirit

This 12-night South Pacific cruise from Sydney to Auckland has stylish cabins, nice restaurants, bars and lounges. Has a starting price of $4,926 AUD per person.

2. Celebrity Edge

Celebrity Edge is a 10-night South Pacific cruise ship that sails from Sydney. The ship has one of the most luxurious cabins, a specialty dining table, and an exclusive suite area and restaurant. It has prices starting at $2,484 USD per person.

Popular Celebrities Who Own a Pacific Island Cruises Ship

While big companies are known to own cruise ships, there are not many celebrities who directly own Pacific Island cruise ships. Yet some celebrities have been associated with cruise lines or have shown real interest in making a name for themselves in the industry.

And as the industry continues to change and grow, it is possible that more celebrities may later become more involved in owning or investing in Pacific Island cruise ships in the near future.

Some of these popular celebrities who have already ventured into Pacific Island Cruise Ships include:

1. John Candy

In the 1980s, the late Canadian actor John Candy was known to have been associated with a Pacific Island cruise ship. He did own a share in the Tahitian Princess, a cruise ship that sailed to the South Pacific.

Although he is no longer connected to the ship, due to his past involvement in the Pacific Island cruise, he made our list.

2. Richard Branson

Richard Branson is the owner of the luxury cruise line Virgin Voyages. He is a British entrepreneur and the founder of the Virgin Group.

Although the company shipped out first, it did that with the Scarlet Lady. But then, even though the company does not specifically sail to the Pacific Islands, his little involvement brings him to our list as well.

3. Tom Hank

In 2018, actor Tom Hanks, along with his business partner, bought a majority stake in a cruise line called AutoEurope Cruises. Hence, the company does not operate any Pacific Island cruise ships anymore, but his involvement in the cruise industry is still enough to make our list.

4. Kevin Costner

Actor Kevin Costner is another personality known for his love of music and how involved he was in the entertainment industry for many years. In 2014, Kevin co-founded the Country Music Cruise, which hosts country music-themed voyages.


These cruises have unique features that give guests different experiences while boarding. From the purpose-built m/s Paul Gauguin to the luxurious Regent Seven Seas Explorer. You can visit the individual Pacific Island Cruises websites to look up any advanced information, like your bookings or customer care line.

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