10 Best Paris Street Food


Paris is a dynamic and energetic city, as are its history and culture. Aside from the majestic palaces, museums, and galleries, Paris has a fine selection of gastronomic specialties and gourmet treats for everyone.

And this time, we’re not talking about expensive fine dining establishments but rather the incredible Paris street food spread, which promises an unusual mix of colors, flavors and tastes.

10 Best Paris Street Food Items to Delight Your Taste Buds

From snacks and fast nibbles to sweets, here are our choices for the greatest street cuisine Paris has to offer everyone. Have fun chewing!

1. Assorted Cheese

This famous street treat in Paris, known locally as fromage assorti, is tried by practically all food enthusiasts who visit the city of love.

Order a cheese platter and sample unusual cheeses such as goat cheese, blue cheese, ripe cheese, Camembert, Munster, Reblochon, and Époisses.

You may get this bizarre experience at any of Paris’ greatest street food stalls. To improve your culinary experience, pair it with a decent rose or red wine.

2. Crêpes

pancakes, pixabay, 8105547_1280.jpg

This renowned Paris street snack, which originated in France’s Brittany area in the 13th century, is now available practically everywhere in the city.

These light, thin pancake-like delicacies are baked in a big pan or griddle and typically served with Nutella or jam.

Aside from the numerous street vendors scattered around Paris, the city’s parks and outdoor markets are also popular places to eat a simple crêpe.

While the general assumption is that they are better served without a knife and fork, some of the more sophisticated types can be found at restaurants. Needless to say, you can’t visit Paris without trying delicious street food.

3. Gaufres

waffles, pixabay, 8046373_1280.jpg

Gaufres, a delicious waffle from Belgium, are a great snack for both winter and summer. While they can be topped with a variety of sweet and savory ingredients, they are best served with a dab of Chantilly cream to lighten the dense pastry.

Surprisingly, these delectable, thick waffles could be the oldest Paris street dish on our list. In reality, they have been mentioned in French poetry since the 12th century, when they were sold at fairs and religious festivals.

Although you may find packages of them on the shelves of local stores around France, it is preferable to eat them fresh from street vendors in Paris or at one of the many bistros that serve them.

4. Bao Burgers

Bao burgers (or gua bao) are soft and fluffy steamed buns generally stuffed with slow-cooked, braised pork belly, pickled greens, powdered peanuts and coriander.

Expats commonly refer to them as Taiwanese hamburgers. Cousins to dumplings, these delectable Asian delicacies gained a great trend in New York in 2009 before spreading to Paris shortly after.

The contrasting textures of the rich and delicate pork and the light and airy bao make this a huge hit with both visitors and locals.

Fortunately, you won’t have trouble obtaining this excellent Paris street food across the city, as various outlets are providing it.

5. Galettes

The substantial and versatile galette, which originated in the Brittany region, is another classic Paris street food that you will come across while exploring the city.

However, unlike the classic sweet crêpe, which is prepared with wheat flour, the galette is made with buckwheat flour, giving it a richer and more savory flavor, as well as a darker hue.

The beauty of this substantial French snack is that it may be filled with a variety of delicious and nutritious ingredients, including ham, cheese, and eggs.

Galettes are a famous late-night street dish in Paris. They are huge, oily, cheesy, and sometimes meaty. You may locate them along the pedestrianized Rue Mouffetard, one of Paris’s oldest and most scenic streets. If you wish to keep the French tradition, wash it down with a pint of cider.

6. Falafel

falafel sandwich, pixabay, 7414511_1280.jpg

Falafel is the most popular street snack in Paris’s Marais neighborhood. This Middle Eastern classic, which consists of deep-fried chickpea patties wrapped in flatbread and served with vegetables, hummus, and other toppings, is delectable enough to bring carnivores and vegans together.

Throughout Paris, you may find various sorts of falafel, including Israeli, Lebanese, and Syrian. And they make a delicious and substantial snack while you’re out touring the city.

One of the most popular places to get this delectable Paris street cuisine is on Rue des Rosiers in the Marais district’s ancient Jewish quarter.

Every day (except Saturdays), a large line forms outside L’As du Fallafel, which provides the most famous falafel sandwich in France.

7. Kebab

kebab meat sandwich, pixabay,7414529_1280.jpg

Kebab, whether as a midday snack or an evening starter, is a must-have on the list of Indian street food in Paris 2024.

If you’re looking for a way to satisfy your hunger after sunset, nothing beats kebabs. There are numerous variations to choose from, including baked and charcoal-grilled kebabs.

8. American-style cookies

France may be well-known for its multicolored macarons, madeleines, and simple shortbread sablé.

However, when it comes to the city’s cookie culture, conventional American-style cookies are equally popular among Parisians.

In fact, in recent years, specialized shops offering the renowned US delight have sprouted up all over the city’s arrondissements.

Cookie fans can choose from a variety of unusual and innovative tastes, like matcha, toasted pecans, caramelized banana and pistachio with white chocolate.

They won’t have trouble finding them either, for the French are so obsessed with these flaky American delicacies that they have no translation for them; they simply call them cookies.

9. Pastrami sandwiches

This exquisite Turkish dish has found its way into the mouths and stomachs of Paris residents. Kayseri, a town in central Turkey, produces the most well-known kind of this highly seasoned and cured beef. Pastrami translates to ‘being pressed’ in Turkish. This relates to how Central Asian nomad Turks used to preserve meat by placing slabs in leather bags on the sides of their saddles while riding.

Fortunately, it is considerably simpler to find today, particularly in Paris’ Marais region. Several establishments that offer the classic dish claim it is the best in the world!

10. Croque monsieur/madame

The croque monsieur is much more than your usual grilled cheese sandwich, and it has been a French institution since 1910.

It first debuted on the lunch menu of a Parisian cafe, where it was provided as a quick yet hearty lunch for local workers, thus its rough translation as a ‘snack for the men’.

Made with crunchy bread, melted cheese, and smokey ham smeared in Béchamel sauce, this delightful snack is still popular today.

However, for a true croque monsieur, cafés and kiosks throughout Paris use the delicious Swiss cheese known as Emmental, which possesses melting characteristics suitable for a sandwich.

The croque madame, its feminine counterpart, is a lighter, vegetarian variant topped with a poached or lightly fried egg.

Surprisingly, this is also known as a croque à cheval in certain regions of Normandy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the cheapest street foods in Paris?

Falafels, crepes, baguettes and sandwiches are some of the most affordable street food options in Paris. They are readily available on every street in Paris. The greatest part? These Paris street food costs are under $5.

Where are the street food markets in Paris?

Marché des Enfants Rouges is the oldest of Paris’ street food marketplaces. Aside from that, explore Marché d’Aligre, Marché Mouffetard, Marché des Enfants Rouges, and Marché Monge for traditional French street food.

Is there a Paris Street Food Festival?

Yes, there are several. To sample the best street food in Paris in 2023, attend Epiphany, Paris Cocktail Week, Scallop Festival, or the Omnivorous Food Festival.

What are the top locations to visit in Paris?

The Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, Palais Garnier, Moulin Rouge, and Place de la Concorde are among the must-see attractions in Paris.

Where are the finest spots to eat street food in Paris?

If you want to try some delicious street cuisine in Paris, go to La Droguerie, FTG, Agapi-Greek Street Cuisine, and more places.

What are the greatest souvenirs to buy while visiting Paris?

Scarves, Béret, champagne, macaroons, miniature Eiffel Towers, postcards, key rings, and other items are available as lovely keepsakes for your friends and family back home.

What is Paris’ most famous shopping street?

If you’re seeking amazing buying alternatives for your friends and family in Paris, go to the Avenue Montaigne side street on the Champs-Elysées Avenue, which is a well-known and elegant retail area.

What is the cheapest time to visit Paris?

The cheapest period to visit Paris is between June and July, and the cheapest month to fly to Paris is January.

How many days should one stay in Paris?

If you are considering a vacation to Paris, you should allow at least 4 to 5 days to fully explore the city.

What are the best places to try gelato while in Paris?

While in Paris, you must visit Pozzetto, Amorino, and Gelato del Marchese for their delicious gelatos.




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