Packing For Paris in a Carry-On: All You Should Know


Taking a trip by air to Paris becomes more fun and comfortable when you travel with less baggage. Achieving this might be a bit difficult because most passengers want to travel without leaving any of their important items behind.

Even though nobody likes to travel with extra baggage, packing for Paris in a carry-on is a challenging task when you will be staying in Paris for a long period.

Careful planning and consideration of your needed items are keys to achieving this difficult task.

Packing for Paris in carry-on baggage becomes easy if you make a packing list of all your essential items for the trip.

If packing for Paris in a carry-on has been a difficult task for you, then this article is for you! This article will take you through all you need to know about fitting all your essential items for your next Paris trip.

How To Create A Packing For Paris in a Carry-On List

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To make all your travel essential to fit in carry-on baggage effortlessly and well organized without having to stuff your items up to fit it, the first thing to do is to create a packing list.

This list will contain all your essentials written on one piece of paper. To make a great packing list, you have to make your needed items your first priority, then every other not-too-important item can follow.

You have to pack all your items into your carry-on baggage in the same order as listed on the packing list. Here are the steps to creating a packing list:

  • Get your writing materials, such as a piece of paper, pen, or pencil, and you can also use your phone to write out a list of your essential items.
  • Write down all your essential personal care items you wish to have in your carry-on bag. These items are everyday-used and, in most cases, necessities. If you are sure that getting some of your personal care items in Paris is certain and wouldn’t be a hassle, then you can leave them behind.
  • On the packing list, you should prioritize your clothing after toiletries to be sure none of your needed clothing is left behind during packing. To have all your essential clothes fit into the carry-on baggage, you have to select clothes (tops and pants or skirts) that can be mixed and match well.
  • Footwear, accessories such as glasses, hats, baseball caps, scarves, etc., and other important items can then follow.

The season of the year should also be taken into consideration when you plan on packing for Paris in carry-on baggage.

Factors to Consider When Packing For Paris in a Carry-On

Your clothing choices should be tailored to meet your clothing needs only if they will fit into your carry-on baggage.

Clothes that you are not too sure of meeting your clothing needs for the trip to Paris should be left behind till you are done packing other important items in your carry-on. If there is still space in your baggage, then you can pack them based on your preference for each.

Season of the Year: The season of the year in Paris is a crucial factor to consider when packing your clothing essentials. The weather conditions of each season vary, so the types of clothes that are worn also differ.

In a season like winter, putting on thick and bulky clothes is necessary, and most times it is impossible for one to do without wearing them.

It becomes more challenging to make these types of clothes because of their size and weight to fit in your carry-on baggage with other essential items.

But in a place like Paris that has a more friendly winter climate when compared to a significant number of cities in Europe with a more harsh winter climate, packing for Paris in carry-on baggage might seem less difficult.

Carry-on Baggage Size: The size of your carry-on baggage determines the number and size of clothes and other items that you will be able to carry in it.

Carry-on baggage size varies, so it is left for you to get the size that will fit in all your essential items, and at the same time, it should be in line with the airline carry-on baggage size policy to avoid paying excess baggage fees for it on your trip to Paris.

Mixing and matching clothes: clothes are one of the few items you can use to create space for other items in a carry-on, despite their importance.

When you are packing for Paris in a carry-on, you should pack clothes such as tops that can match your pants or skirts, and vice versa, pack fewer clothes that meet all your clothing needs for the trip and create space in your carry-on baggage.

Duration of the Trip: The number of days you will spend in Paris is a very important factor that will determine how you will pack your items in carry-on baggage.

If you intend to spend a few days in Paris, it wouldn’t be difficult to pack your needed items in a carry-on bag, but if you are staying in Paris longer, it is important to take other factors into consideration to make packing your clothes in a carry-on bag seamless.

Techniques for Packing For Paris in a Carry-On

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  • Bundle packing: similar small items, such as toiletries, should be packed together with a rubber band or other binding materials and wrapped around bigger items to create space.
  • Roll Clothes: Roll clothes, especially long clothes, instead of folding them to reduce the chance of them wrinkling and also create space for other items.
  • Use Small Compartment: small compartments and pockets of your carry-on should be made use of. Small items should be placed in these compartments to create space for bigger items in the main compartment of the bag.
  • Utilize Odd Shaped Space: keep smaller items in the small odd shape space created by the packed bigger items to ensure all space in the carry-on is efficiently used.

Packing Personal Care Items in a Carry-on

When packing for Paris in a carry-on, use small, transparent bags to pack your personal care items for easy identification at the airport.

So to maximize the space in your carry-on baggage, don’t bring toiletries and cosmetics that can be easily found in Paris. If you have preferred brands, make sure you search online to see if they are available in Paris.

This will help you have fewer personal items in your carry-on baggage, create space, and maintain the carry-on baggage weight policy of the airline booked.

Packing Footwear and Other Items in a Carry-On

After you have packed your needed clothes and other personal care items in your carry-on baggage, packing your footwear should come next.

You should pack one or two versatile shoes that can well match the clothes you have in the carry-on bag and meet the needs of the weather conditions of the season in Paris.

Pack the footwear in a plastic bag before placing it in the carry-on baggage to prevent it from being damaged. After your footwear has been packed, you can place other items in the carry-on based on their importance.


It is certain that you can travel to Packing For Paris in a Carry-On with all your needed items without carrying any extra baggage while still maintaining the airline’s carry-on baggage policy.

Packing for Paris in carry-on baggage may seem challenging, but it is highly possible if you carefully follow our guidelines.

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